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  1. Definitely by committee. The leading rusher has just over 500 yards. Two guys could easily be over 1,000 yards this season, but that isn't how they are being used.
  2. Since Jaylon has already been said, I'm gonna go with Vaughn Dunbar.
  3. In regards to Dwenger, I would say yes. Below Valpo, above Harrison. I don't know much about DC.
  4. Well, they are no more relevant today than they were Thursday....
  5. Too bad a good performance by Homestead on the field is overshadowed by an absolutely disgusting display by their student section. I hope some of them in the pics and vids are over 18.
  6. And the staring center, at least 2 more O linemen, and the second leading rusher (700+ yards). And last year's leading rushing is spending most his time at LB so far this year. Lots of new faces have to step up.
  7. Dwenger had huge losses to graduation last year, on O and D. Not a huge number, but a huge impact. We will see where they are Friday.
  8. Too early, the lot is still full from school and other practices. Get there between 4:35 and 4:45 and you should be good.
  9. Howe closed at the end of last school year. They stopped playing football 5 years ago or so.
  10. Overall it was great. The atmosphere was electric. Maybe a little too much so as the Saints took about a quarter and a half to settle in. Everything seems to be functional, but there is still a little work to do. Construction fences are still up, and I'm not sure but it didn't look like the walkway to the visitors side is finished. I thought parking would be tight, and it was. I was lucky to find one campus at 6:10. It looked like the elementary school was full and I could see people parking at the strip mall. I don't know if the strip mall is "approved" parking or how full it was. It's going to be crazy when Homestead shows up. I've heard that temporary seating will be set up on the visitors side. It will be needed for Homestead and Carroll.
  11. I'm pretty sure they were 6A based on enrollment. When it looked like Snider was in 5A this year, Warsaw was the smallest 6A school, except for Columbus East. So when Snider went back up, Valpo went down.
  12. OK. Seems like a pretty low bar for a 6 month old chirp. lol
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