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Section 24 Thread

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22 minutes ago, DumfriesYMCA said:

A lot of this probably comes down to the draw.


i see it as Reitz vs the best team on the other half of the bracket.  And at that point it might be an interesting game whether it’s memorial boon or Jasper.  

if all 4 of these teams are on the same side we riot 

Why do I think it will be like that 

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Regarding who wins this sectional…while i would love the free dunk of Boonville beating all the SIAC teams…..I think I like Jasper as the dark horse to steal it.


2020 they ran into the buzzsaw of Central until they choked in regionals and finished 12-1.

2021 they were on a roll themselves but then got upset by Northview I believe and Memorial went on to Semi-State 

This year they have had their ups and downs but I think they also had a lot of turnovers in their losses.  If they can clean those up maybe they can string games together. 

their game against Castle this week really shows how up and down this team can be…they could be winning 35-13 or something on great teams…or they could be fighting to just not lose the game and losing a half 35-13.

this team has a lot to prove to themselves I think and these last few years are not sitting well with them 

if they get a favorable draw and can just get to the sectional final…I would think it’s a 50/50 shot unless it’s Reitz…and even then I would give them a 35/65 split 

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52 minutes ago, DumfriesYMCA said:

2021 they were on a roll themselves but then got upset by Northview I believe and Memorial went on to Semi-State 

Northview rolled into Jasper and forced around 5 turnovers in a 28-14 win, their Defense locked down Jasper in the 2H and Jasper never scored again. I was really hoping for a Jasper/Memorial matchup in the Final, but that didn’t happen. Maybe a Reitz/Memorial matchup is possible, unless Boonville upsets Reitz (if they face each other)

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1 9 Evansville Reitz 92.88 72.73 24 83.26 23 111.19 1
2 27 Evansville Memorial 81.59 71.49 29 71.63 54 100.58 7
3 43 Jasper 75.92 71.22 30 64.85 81 96.23 8
4 82 Evansville Harrison 63.78 76.89 18 49.50 139 90.38 15
5 98 Boonville 60.15 51.76 112 62.67 91 55.48 104
6 119 Evansville Bosse 54.55 75.16 23 39.59 189 74.87 43
7 150 Evansville Central 46.33 75.39 20 24.97 247 72.85 49
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With so many SIAC teams, this Sectional is somewhat anti-climatic to me. I always enjoyed seeing new teams in the post-season when we were in 3A. Although it would be a tough, tough path, I hope we get to play Boonville in Round 1 to give us a new opponent, and then Jasper and Reitz again to see if we can get different outcomes than the first time around. 

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5 minutes ago, Alduflux said:

This is what the brackets will be.

Top Bracket

Bye- Central

R1 Bosse vs Boonville


Memorial vs Harrison

Jasper vs Reitz

Jasper vs Reitz will be the new R1 matchup for a little while, just like Central vs Reitz a couple of years ago

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