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Plainfield 35 Harrison 28.  Final.  Harrison with at least four turnovers on the night including two on last two possessions... one of which resulted in the game winning scoop and score for Plainfield.

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57 minutes ago, Azi said:

A not-so-massive HCC update from Beaver (aka Miller) Stadium: Zville’s second string scores on Nville’s third/unclassified string.

35-10, Noblesville. Final  

For the sake of relativity, the last time the Millers dominated an opponent like they did tonight, one would have to go back to 2017, when they beat HH 45-0; but an in-conference domination like they displayed tonight goes all the way back to 2014. 😮 Tonight’s game being a not-insignificant reversal of a 39-7 drubbing mere weeks ago. Hats off 🎓to coach prep + physical/mental conditioning of the players. 

Edit: this comment doesn’t belong here, but I’ll throw the 🥊 down anyway: the HCC is the preeminent football conference in IN. 


I heard that Z'Ville was racked by injuries the past month. Is this true? They got off to a 4-1 start, the only loss a close one at Westfield.

As for the HCC, I agree. Five of the eight HCC teams won tonight over non conference opponents. FC barely lost to CG. he other two, Noblesville and Z'Ville played each other. Meanwhile, Carmel and Ben Davis both lost big. 

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Owen Valley is going to end Gibson Southerns streak of 22 straight win.


their defense after the 1st Qtr just came alive and they might have honestly finished with 10+ sacks…..which is so impressive.

Hats off to Owen Valley!  Most people gave them no chance but 6000 people from OV showed up tonight believing in them and they pull it off.


Owen Valley 28

Gibson Southern 21 


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