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  1. If there are football coaches telling their kids to play just football, O believe they are in a very small minority. It has been my experience over the course of the last 25 years of coaching the game that every coach I have met will encourage their kids to do as much as you possibly can as these four years go by far too quickly. There is also too much evidence that will point to the fact that multi sport athletes are the ones being recruited. That said, I do believe there are influences like private trainers or companies that will assemble 7 on 7 teams as well as other showcase events like combines that may have people “coaching” kids to focus on the training and just one sport. In those cases, it is more about commission or profit for them to be able to work with a kid more often. I would agree there are a LOT of baseball and basketball coaches who ARE preaching this, and it is sad to see kids being forced to choose.
  2. Keith Jackson Has Passed

    I love this story about where "Whoa Nellie" came from.
  3. What is missed is the fact that Vince Lombardi was a nobody. Tom Landry was unheard of. At some point in his career, Chuck Knoll was unheard of. Locally, when Dick Dullaghan first took charge of the Chatard program, he was unheard of as a coach; just as Bud Wright and so many others.
  4. They actually earn a decent amount of money, and I am not sure other tracks have the required 8 lanes in the conference. As far as sectionals though; my thinking is once you give it up, it is hard to get it back.
  5. We host both track conference and sectionals.
  6. But to qualify for ISSSMA, or whatever the association is, it has to be on turf. So, like scrimmages in the Summer, there could be events outside of the sanctioned events.
  7. I would add it overlooks the fact there were more kids trying to pull their teammates away than there were players actually fighting.
  8. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    2 solid performances in a row.......have they turned a corner? Hopeful, but we will see.
  9. As stated before, whoever oversees band competitions, requires turf to be installed to host competitions. The amount of use that Physical Education classes get out of it goes up tremendously. Add to it the number of community events and youth activities that will be able to use the fields. You ignored the fact that it will actually be a savings to the district over the life of the turf and that by doing all of them at once, will provide even more of a savings to the district, as one of the fields is basically free.
  10. Let's make sure we are careful about speculating and posting rumors here. Nothing is out of line at this point, but please be careful. Thanks
  11. Physical Education classes; we will have a soccer field on it as well. Marching band competitions require a turf field, there is a new possibility.
  12. Maybe others from schools who have turf in already, but I do know that in the long run; over the course of say 10 years, the turf ends up being a savings. The amount of time and money involved in maintaining the grass; cutting, watering, seeding, aerating, etc. costs quite a bit more over that 10 year period than the maintenance of the turf does. I would add that getting the 4 fields done at once provides a significant savings to the district; to the point that we are basically getting a 4 for the price of 3 deal.
  13. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    In my opinion, this loss at Wisconsin is a horrible loss. I have refrained from saying anything to this point in the season. I wanted to give Archie some time. But the complete lack of effort was just pathetic. This team has a few HORRIBLE losses; games that talent like this SHOULD win. There are a number of issues, but the big one just seems to be something in the locker room that keeps these kids from competing consistently.
  14. 2017 Schedule

    Next time in the Fort Wayne area, I would recommend VooDoo. It is part of the Winner's Circle OTB in New Haven. Great Cajun food.
  15. I think people get way too caught up in the star ranking system. Going back a couple years when the Seahawks met the Patriots in the Super Bowl; looking at the rosters of the two teams, there was not a single player who was a 5 star recruit.
  16. While success is not comparable between the two, the drastic pay cut he would have to take, along with the benefits he would lose, would make it a lateral move at best.
  17. Officials as independent contractors?

    I was labelled as such when I coached at Cathedral. That label is a killer when it comes to taxes. Getting a 1099 Misc. for a measly $1,500 a year would have had me paying $400. I had to go back and count my mileage just to break even.
  18. As far as the stipend goes, keep in mind that the Summer rules changed dramatically while many of the veteran coaches were at the helm. Shift from something like weights and conditioning 3 times a week to actual practices and competitions that go all day or even all weekend; and with literally no change in the stipend for coming close to doubling the time commitment. That is a factor, whether anyone wants to accept that or not.
  19. 2017 1A All-State

    welcome back SG....been a LONG time. Great seeing you back.
  20. LC job opening

    Great list, but I am willing to bet that some of the names on that list are already in ideal situations, and are not interested in moving anywhere.
  21. That was one thought I had. And the Tight End did cover the tackle, so it could have been more difficult to see it.
  22. That is exactly what happened.
  23. No discussion on the most critical play of the game is allowed? Seriously? Yep, you ARE being too sensitive; WAY too sensitive. There is nothing I have said that has diminished what Southridge has accomplished snowflake. I have said time and again, congrats to Southridge; they took this championship; stayed focused, and got it done. Nothing can take away from that. The ONLY way you or anyone could be offended by anything I have said is because you allowed yourself to be offended.
  24. As the wing went in motion, the RT put his hand down to get in a 3 point stance.
  25. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    Tee does make sense. After all he did what Peyton Manning could not do.