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    Lincoln. Jasper’s biggest rival. In a conference that is falling apart in front of everyone’s eyes. Uncertain future if they stay, but willing to step up and play “the big boys” unlike another that has been discussed here. Makes sense. Gibson Southern. No affiliation with Jasper in football. Conference is stable and strong. Showed no inclination of wanting to move until the last hour. I personally could care less which school the SIAC took with Jasper. I like both schools that were mentioned here. So to me, I’ll go to Lincoln and Jasper when Reitz has games there, and you know what? I won’t gripe about them being brought into the conference. I am ok with driving an hour to see a game. Heck, been doing it for a very long time, and won’t be stopping anytime soon.
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    Per Barr-Reeve basketball Twitter the teams will play a 2 year series beginning in 2019-20, First game will be at Heritage Hills and likely before Christmas. As far as I know the two schools have only played twice in Varsity basketball. 1983-84 Season Heritage Hills defeated the Vikings 44-42 1984-85 Season Barr-Reeve beat the Patriots 49-39. Patriots have a major upgrade to their schedule and most of the additions are before New Years. Patriots will also be in the HOF playing Silver Creek and a 2nd opponent, Not official yet but heard they will also play Bosse and a game in the Forum Tipoff Classic at Southport. Cant wait for the entire schedule to be released but sounds like major overhaul to prepare them for the post season run for a team that won 42 games the past 2 seasons and will have a 4th year starter, 2 3rd year startersw and a 2nd year starter returning.
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    Don't know if this is here nor there, but just spent several months working in Frankfort. Need some happiness shined down in that place.
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    Not many schools have won state in Basketball, Football and Baseball and with exception of Football which has always been classed Jasper did it before Class Sports.
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    Not sure I would agree wit that statement but that is what is good about this forum. I stiil dont think the SIAC is a great conference overall but it is a good conference. I would have rather seen it stay at 8
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    I just looked at this entire thread a couple of things come to mind: 1) Let he among us who hasn't wondered into a White Castle at 3:00 in the morning after a night of bar hopping cast the first stone. 2) Muda, I bet you are fun to hang out with at IT conventions. 3) When you make it to the big city if you're looking for a good time, I'd call @Lysander he has intel of all the best dive bars.
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    So all the equipment in that over-expansive weight room will be moved to make room for a robotics competition? How much are the taxpayers paying in manpower for that task? And no, I am not good with that "investment". $10,000,000/$40,000 = $250. A lot of money.
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    I just dislike watching taxpayers get fleeced, that's all. And the property values argument is a shell game, just wait until the next recession/depression................ Yeah, Like a small park near Frankfort's downtown that started at $4 million, then went to $7.5 million, and now when actually under construction total cost estimates are at $12 million. Also a city pool that the mayor/city council says needs to be replaced at a cost of around $8 million. Add to that a police chief who says the police headquarters building needs replaced, another multi-million project in the works. Where will the $ come from? My property values haven't risen in over 10 years.
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