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    Probably part of the reason I’m out of the game. I firmly believe kids need MORE time off during the summer to be kids, instead of adding more to their plate.
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    This was done years ago when I was in school brown county need a game so we played them but we only use B team players for the extra game. This might an idea for schools in need of a JV or freshman game to do is get a hold of bigger schools and see if they want to play as B game for them, I would think this is a win win the school that needs a game gets one and the bigger school get a chance to have more kids play in a game
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    Just curious which airport is being fought for here? 🤣🤣🤣
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    So if a kid wants to be called Mike or Bob, stick to Michael or Robert no matter what? I had a student last year with a foreign name. His friends called him Steve though...have for years. So, go against that? Had another student who was a 3rd ( gpa was senior, dad was junior). The common name they had been called going back to gpa was Bob. That name is not on the record. If the students wants to go by Bob, and I refuse, it creates more problems than it is worth. I have had multiple transgender students the last few years; great kids as well, and solid students. It is no issue for me to call them by the name they want. Again, I am not willing to insert my personal beliefs where they do not belong. As far as this case goes, the teacher was even told by his association and the ISTA legal rep that he had no leg to stand on in this case.
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    I think the biggest problem oldtimeqb and Coach Nowlin have is fall sports have a week where there can be no coach involvement what so ever but winter sports that do have Xmas break do not have restrictions like that during their break. Travel basketball, travel Baseball and travel Vollyball most times are coached by high school coaches and have many players that play for that coach during the school year on it. I feel that the Summer should be for kids to enjoy.
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    I have so many kids that work and play other sports, I try and keep summer as simple as possible. We workout 3 times a week for an hour and a half to two hours. They can come to a morning or evening session. We have our 1 week camp coming up next week, where we practice 4 times and on Friday we go scrimmage someone else. We will also go to Jasper for their 7 on 7 tournament in a few weeks. That's a fun time. I look at the workouts as preparing themselves for the season so injuries can be prevented. In camp, I just focus on teaching the drills we want to do during the season and teaching some basic offense and defense just so there is some base knowledge. The 7 on 7 tournament is just a good time. Some of the stuff other schools in our area do makes me wonder how kids and families make time.
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    Wholeheartedly agree. That is the #1 reason I left coaching.
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    still waiting on these so called restrictions that basketball/baseball etc will have to be put in place such as what Football has in our summer rules........ going on 7 years I think..
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    For what? Calling all kids by their last name so as not to embarrass any identity challenged kids?
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    14-Year-Old Posts Picture of Airsoft Gun on Snapchat, School Suspends Him for 3 Weeks: https://reason.com/2019/07/05/airsoft-gun-suspend-school-zero-tolerance/ Safetyism indeed. Today's parents and the educational institutions can't allow children to fail nor can they allow them to feel uncomfortable. Why has doing so now become a kind of cardinal sin?
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