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  1. 170 at New Castle Trevor Weakley of Western Boone
  2. Interesting thought here or question I guess does Joe Strickland goes easy on Brady Allen if he has chance to hit him hard since they will be teammates next year?
  3. Tri-West is a totally different team from that game. I think it was either their 1st or 2nd game
  4. Josiah Smith's field goal to beat Luers last year.
  5. We are blessed to have him as our coach. The team and the community is 110% behind him and would go to war for him. He is a class act on and off the field.
  6. Webo is so upscale that students drive tractors to school.
  7. Is there a list of schools that have/will have turf and schools with grass?
  8. Maybe it's me being stupid but why don't they go by the number of computers the school issues out to their students? I'm sure there is a list of who has them
  9. Lebanon has the litter box because they are full of sh*t LMAO. Go stars 🌟
  10. In the article it reads he shouldn't have done in public, that leaves me to believe that this has happened before. Should have been arrested no matter what the mom said. For the all the parents that didn't do a dam thing thats a problem. If I would have been there this piece of sh* t would not have walked off the field under his own power and no I don't care what everybody thinks about that comment. Thats who I am.
  11. What I didn't get was gates were supposed to open at 10:30 they didn't open them up until 10:45 and game started at 11. I got in the lobby as national anthem was playing. I had family members not get in their seats with 7 minutes to go in the 1st quarter. RIDICULOUS WHEN WE ARE THE FIRST GAME AND HAD A WEEK TO PREPARE.
  12. I heard that our community will be able to purchase tickets. The last 2 years Western Boone has sold 3,000 tickets each year just through the school, no clue about box office sales. The tickets are for 1 game only and are reserved(not sure what that means or how that will work).
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