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  1. I was told this morning they have already moved the Jr. High game to Sheridan and considering moving the varsity there as well.
  2. I'm assuming it's a money thing. Carmel just got by with it in wrestling. 8 kids and coaches got caught cheating. What's their punishment a couple forfeits and a go ahead and wrestle in the sectional. If these 2 things happened at a small school its see you later and the book thrown at them. But no not Fishers and Carmel because its revenue for the ihsaa. Its absolutely sickening what that kid done. Well done Bobby Cox you're doing a great job. What a joke. Time for you to go
  3. I think Max and Casey will go both ways covering the loss of Deetz and Patrick and Cortez and Connor will go both ways
  4. Western Boone boys won their sectional Saturday ( My son is on the team). Bowling is getting very popular in high school. You can check out all teams at Indianagobowl.com
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