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  1. One advantage I see for private schools is that they can say who is in or who is out. They can control their numbers to stay in a certain class unless the success factor is in play. A public school can cap but they also have to let everyone attend that's in the district.
  2. Just like the bad call when Eastbrook's qb was stopped before the goal line but given a td.
  3. The controversy calls come out even. Westbrook's qb should have been ruled down before the goal line but given the td witch evens out the no call on the lateral that they could have possibly scored on.
  4. Yeah that was crazy that QBs knee was down before he crossed the goal line.
  5. When did they throw? My signal messed up at the beginning of 3rd quarter and came back with 7 minutes to go in 3rd
  6. I think if Triton Central dont have a passing game it could be game over. I believe they didn't throw the ball once today in regional game.
  7. Western Boone's is done by all students for grades through the radio and TV class
  8. Webo has several injured players also. I believe I counted 11 on the sideline against Southmont Friday night and I know we had at least 2 go out in the game Friday
  9. It doesn't make sense. I also think they could not only have a break for physical injuries but also a mental break.
  10. I agree with this. Western Boone has about 10 out with injuries last few weeks. Lot of young kids have stepped to the challenge. They should be trickling back in by regionals then we will back at strength again
  11. I was told this morning they have already moved the Jr. High game to Sheridan and considering moving the varsity there as well.
  12. I'm assuming it's a money thing. Carmel just got by with it in wrestling. 8 kids and coaches got caught cheating. What's their punishment a couple forfeits and a go ahead and wrestle in the sectional. If these 2 things happened at a small school its see you later and the book thrown at them. But no not Fishers and Carmel because its revenue for the ihsaa. Its absolutely sickening what that kid done. Well done Bobby Cox you're doing a great job. What a joke. Time for you to go
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