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Based off of our 2nd most popular forum. It is a place where our football community can talk about politics, social issues, and modern culture. Violence will not be tolerated, decorum rules of all our forums are in effect (language).


Indiana, United States

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  2. Mueller commits another felony. Lies to Congress again. Aggressive Progressive
  3. I support a U.S. Military as defined by the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8. I don't support a U.S. military that IMHO has strayed way, way beyond the bounds imposed by that great document. Do you?
  4. I hate falling for your bait.....but you are just so darn irritating. You have quoted the poppy field thing over and over and over like a broken record. Its like a dog chasing a parked car. To answer your question, it depends on strategy. If it is to keep money source out of the hands of the enemy, then it makes sense. No different that keeping the enemy away from oil fields or any other potential source of revenue to fund their war effort. I take issue with your excessive posts of how bad the military is....in this case, finding a source to call them loafers. Its junior high man. Anything you can find negative and its on this forum. Shock me and say something positive once in a while about the young men and women that invest so much in protection of our country, and then you'll get my attention. But until then, its the same old agenda. Again, don't say thank you to a soldier if that makes you feel better. But why the excessive posts stating your positive over and over. Just simply walk by a soldier, ignore them, sneer at them, or whatever. But why do you need others to validate your disdain for the military and the people in it? I am sure many feel the way you do. We get how you feel.....we really do. You need to look in the mirror when it comes to tone. insults, condescending words, etc. I admit...I find your constant attacks at the military in such poor taste....and as such, its hard for me to find respect. But hey, you slept outdoors in the cold....if only those "loafers" in the military ever had to deal with such tough conditions.
  5. House investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/18/politics/house-investigating-trump-lying-to-mueller/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0tQQtb60X3f514FjlsMklmZz1qzefbLrfHth_8efqJwHyLYNgFCOMO2Zg
  6. https://reason.com/2019/11/18/an-off-duty-indiana-police-officer-was-fired-after-needlessly-harassing-black-shoppers/ It is refreshing to see the chief in this matter acting quickly and forcefully by firing Mr. Jones. Good riddance to him I say.
  7. 'We Vape, We Vote' Crowd Got Through to Donald Trump, Advisors Say: https://reason.com/2019/11/18/we-vape-we-vote-crowd-got-through-to-donald-trump-advisors-say/ Good! The New York Times is framing this as Trump caving to "lobbyists" at the expense of children, because its editors have never encountered a destructive moral panic they didn't want to exacerbate. But this is very good news for all the adults who enjoy nicotine vaping products in flavors other than tobacco, the countless former cigarette smokers who used these products to quit, and, yes, even The Children too. For those who do still find ways to inhale something they shouldn't—and of course some will, as some teenagers always do—it's profoundly less dangerous for them to be sneaking a mango Juul pod or some other known-source and ostensibly accountable brand and not whatever crazy crap a black-market, random-origin nicotine vaping products may contain. The vaping-linked illnesses everyone's been panicking are a result of synthetic vitamin E filler (and maybe other substances) that people were inhaling from mostly black-market THC vape pens. So dialing back plans to drive more nicotine vapers to the black market is not only a good political move; it's the most prudent way to protect public health.
  8. Where did I ever say guarding poppy field is all the U.S. military does, TD? Do you believe guarding such fields is a legitimate use of the U.S. military? Why or why not? Interesting that you only believe the words and insights of the "sons and daughters of family and friends that currently serve" and automatically dismiss the words and insights of other servicemen and veterans. And you chastise me for only writing/stating what you "wish to align with". Isn't there a world for that? Oh yeah, it's called hypocrite............ You said it yourself TD, the U.S. military is a large organisation. Yet you seem to believe that "sons and daughters of family and friends that currently serve" represent that entirety of the U.S. military, therefore any other conflicting viewpoint must be a lie and have zero credibility. What an incredible, myopic view. And I know I have won the argument when you descend into insult after insult. Just like an adolescent. Please tell us all about the "warm computer room" you sit in to hurl invective and insults at others. BTW, I spend this past weekend outdoors, sleeping on the ground under a tarp in below freezing conditions. Why? Because I enjoy being outdoors and the challenge such conditions present. Did you even leave your warm computer room, TD?
  9. LOL...yea...that's what all the military does...guard poppy fields. Your insight and knowledge is tremendous. 😆 The military is a large organization...just like in industry, there are plenty of overhead, support types for the ones that actually do the fighting. I will tell you this idiot didn't serve in a forward combat unit and use the word "loafers" with an ounce of credibility. But I get he wrote or stated what you wish to align with. I will take the word of my son and the sons and daughters of family and friends that currently serve when it comes to insight. You go ahead and use the article's quote for gospel. "We" refers to our country...I am grouping myself as a member of this country.....go back and try reading again. I am glad our country doesn't depend of the courage and fortitude of people like you. Is that clear? Living vicariously through my children? If that means being proud and knowing my son has more qualities as a man than you can ever hope to possess in a thousand lifetimes.....well, then according to your definition..guilty as charged. I think your are a sad, disgruntled little man that just loves to sit in a warm room behind a computer and yell the same stuff over and over and over and over and over....on a high school football forum.....so knock yourself out.....I'm done.
  10. Democrats Are Conjuring Up New 'Rights': https://reason.com/2019/11/17/democrats-are-conjuring-up-new-rights/
  11. Frankly I don't understand how a principled individual can join the U.S. military, be shipped out to the Middle East to basically guard oil and poppy fields and the behest of the M-I-C, and not become completely disillusioned. Rah-rah patriotism, "call of your country" rhetoric can only take you so far, just ask our Vietnam war veterans. Then why don't you contact that 'idiot', who surely seems to have more boots-on-the-ground military experience than you do, and tell him his comments hurt your widdle feelings? Who exactly is "we", TD? Sounds to me like it is just you once again living vicariously though your children.
  12. I’ve always stood behind the writers/show runners and understand pay comes into many decisions, but really? Kill Carl to build up Siddiq, then that??????
  13. The answer is no. Trump should pardon them all with the exception of Manafort. Mueller was supposed to be in charge of finding evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. As was evident in the Mueller hearing, old weapons of mass destruction had little knowledge of the Mueller investigation. He is simply an establishment cover man who hired a bunch of Democrat lawyers and let them run wild. None of the people charged would have been investigated had crooked Hillary won the election. It would be interesting to see a special prosecutor investigate the whole Mueller team and unleash the same tactics on them.
  14. Ok...all those are asides, and still do not answer the initial question.
  15. Mueller charged several people with "crimes" that had nothing to do with Trump colluding with the Russians. The Russia/Mueller hoax pissed away $34,000,000 of taxpayer money. Mueller should have charged Manifort when the crimes actually occurred and Mueller was the Director of the FBI. Trump should pardon everyone else. The liberal media fake news had all of the libs whipped up into a big frenzy. They thought Mueller was their super hero. The whole thing was a big joke. https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2019/mar/26/mueller-investigation-cost/
  16. I get it.....but that does not answer the question. Regardless of personal feelings about Mueller, or what has been proven about him, there still have been multiple convictions and even guilty pleas.

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