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Based off of our 2nd most popular forum. It is a place where our football community can talk about politics, social issues, and modern culture. Violence will not be tolerated, decorum rules of all our forums are in effect (language).


Indiana, United States

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  2. https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/how-washington-is-ramming-real-id-down-our-throats/ More security theater. And of course the real threat is to U.S. citizens and their freedoms.
  3. Interesting accusation coming from somebody addicted to posting "Look! squirrel!" drivel from facebook.
  4. Sorry that I'm not the OCD reader of the GID OOB forum that you are.
  5. Try to keep up. News story about this was posted yesterday in this thread.
  6. Here's a current Dem that doesn't prescribe to Hillary's character..... https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/tulsi-gabbard-sues-hillary-clinton-defamation-over-russian-asset-remark-n1120176 And you poke fun at Howe?? LMAO!!
  7. You're the one who made the argument if anyone wanted Windows they wouldn't be giving it away. Do you even read anything you post? And this forum is free! I would pay for this level of entertainment.
  8. Samsung paid Microsoft $1 billion in Android patent-licensing royalties in 2013: https://www.zdnet.com/article/samsung-paid-microsoft-1-billion-in-android-patent-licensing-royalties-in-2013/
  9. How much did the upgrade to XP cost? That wasn’t free, and neither were any other previous upgrades to Windows.
  10. So, Samsung pays Microsoft over everything other than the OS? I also did IP law as an online class.
  11. What part of the statement " thanks to its wide range of patents." did you not understand? Your intellectual property teacher/professor in school must have been awful. The Android operating system itself is open source, so if you want to download it, compile it, and install it on a piece of hardware that will run it then go for it. There should be no cost for that. It's the services and software built to run on android where companies, primarily Google, make their money: https://www.feedough.com/how-does-google-make-money-from-android/
  12. What within a Samsung phone is generating royalties? Apple still uses Samsung as a chip contractor. Who makes $$$ off of Android itself?
  13. https://mises.org/wire/why-one-man-one-vote-doesnt-work Agreed. "One Man, One Vote" doesn't work in a country as large and as diversified as the United States of America.
  14. Did Trump Just Admit To Withholding Material From the Impeachment Process? : https://reason.com/2020/01/23/did-trump-just-admit-to-withholding-material-from-the-impeachment-process/ The White House has since denied that this was a reference to withholding documents, saying he only meant that the evidence was on his side. But it is hard to believe that shortly after an extended Senate argument about whether the impeachment trial rules would allow new evidence and testimony, Trump was merely speaking generally about his defense. Trump has been charged with withholding relevant information in a way that undermines Congress' power to investigate him for the purposes of impeachment; his statement yesterday looks very much like an admission that he withheld relevant information in a way that undermines Congress' power to investigate him for the purposes of impeachment. That may or may not be cause for removal. Probably the best defense of Trump, or at least the most honest one, is that the charges are essentially accurate, but do not warrant being forced out of office. Politics and personal gain inevitably seep into presidential decision making, this argument goes, and even bad presidential decisions do not necessarily justify removal. Or, as Mulvaney put it: Get over it. Still, it is telling that Trump and his allies have all but admitted to the basic charges against him, and that the best defense of Trump involves admitting his guilt.
  15. Easily: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2015/11/01/microsoft-android-patent-income/#b4f4fc95c6cb Talking intelligently about technology really isn't your forte, Dante. Maybe you need to stick to social studies and socialism.
  16. Yes, I remember the MS antitrust case. What about it? Comparing hardware products like the Zune of Microsoft phone to software the Windows Operating Systems is apples to oranges. Nice try, although it is true that MS hardware products are a mixed bag. Yes, an upgrade to Windows 10 is free, if you already have a paid and licensed earlier version of Windows currently running on a computer. Try purchasing Windows 10 for free if you are building a brand new PC.
  17. Depends on what you label "news." What do you label "news", Night Hawk? Also I admit the term "love" in my statement was probably not the best choice of words. Probably should have used something like "admire in a journalistic sense".
  18. Night Hawk=leftist/socialist stooge. And interesting how I can somehow be a "Trump Stooge" when 1) I never voted for him and 2) The vast, vast majority of my comments concerning Mr. Trump are negative in nature. If you can find links here on the GID to the contrary then by all means please post them. Criticizing the tactics and methods the Democratic side of the uni-party used to impeach Mr. Trump is not a tacit approval of Mr. Trump. Someone of your supposed intelligence should know that. But of course what your statements reveal is your blind, leftist hatred of our current POTUS. Such hatred clouds your intelligence, and your judgment. I would be using the same criticism if the Republican side of the uni-party had used similar methods and tactics to impeach Mr. Obama during his presidency.
  19. So you are not a lover of news. It all makes sense now.
  20. I never said I would personally miss him. Please learn reading comprehension, especially in a written medium like an internet message forum where concise statements matter. The only fraud around here is you, Night Hawk.
  21. Compared to your social studies greatness, probably. Will you please teach me all you know? Again, why should government automatically provide the free cake? I personally like cake, but I realize it's my responsibility as an adult to purchase it, not have it given to me, paid by the forced largesse of taxpayers.

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