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  2. No, I mean the inflated numbers that are being presented of which many are simply jobs that were lost during the pandemic.
  3. Yep, and demanding they piss on a stick upon request after being pulled over also.
  4. Some are and some of these laws have been shot down by the court. However; abortion is now a state issue. I think the supreme court made that clear. The absurdity is that "republican states" have law enforcement waiting at the border with pregnancy test...I HIGHLY doubt this is happening. Now, as with most things, this could occur, but to advertise that this is common is ridiculous. Scenario - a married woman decides to abort a baby at 6 months and does not tell her husband. She lives in a state where abortion past 3 months is illegal. The neighboring state allows abortion up to 9 months. The woman crosses the state line to get an abortion. Did she murder her husbands child? Scenario #2 - a married (or unmarried) woman who is 6 months pregnant is driving down the road and is struck by a drunk driver. Did the drunk driver kill one person or two? Gavin Newsome isn't going to win more votes on the abortion issue this year, it is an attempt to provide a distraction from the disasters occurring in his own state.
  5. So Republicans in certain states are not trying to criminalize the act of a women leaving a "no abortions" state in order to get an abortion?
  6. Just when I thought I had seen it all...(and no this is not satire). The left is throwing Hail Marys right now because they are losing on every single issue.
  7. But, but, but look at all of the jobs that have been created under this administration...
  8. Why the US Debt Is Unsustainable and Is Destroying the Middle Class: https://mises.org/mises-wire/why-us-debt-unsustainable-and-destroying-middle-class This is the future the boomers are leaving for our children and grandchildren. A future of serfdom and debt to the state.
  9. Yes, but FTA: Sounds like Vinton is the guinea pig for this kind of change. We will see how it goes.
  10. Aren't the schools in Indiana required to have a specified amount of school days and hours each year? Wouldn't this mean longer days, or less summer break?
  11. I am always hopeful for change, but I feel like this will backfire.
  12. https://fox59.com/indiana-news/lafayette-elementary-school-to-become-first-in-indiana-with-a-4-day-week/ Hmm. I assume teachers and administrators will still make their full salary as if they were teaching 5 days a week, and now they even get more time off during the calendar year. And support staff that gets paid hourly, like custodians and cafeteria workers, will make less. Nice. And the real losers will be the children. The dumbing down of the government school system. Maybe this will make more parents decide to home school their children.
  13. https://mises.org/mises-wire/social-security-and-decline-employer-pension-system Yes, it will harm future generations. SSI is scourge on the American Dream.
  14. NPR's Uri Berliner Has Shown That DEI Is About Punishing Heresy: https://reason.com/2024/04/17/nprs-uri-berliner-has-shown-that-dei-is-about-punishing-heresy/ Indeed they are.
  15. They Said They Didn't Want War With Iran. Now They're Cheering on War With Iran. https://reason.com/2024/04/17/they-said-they-didnt-want-war-with-iran-now-theyre-cheering-on-war-with-iran/ All these war hawk hypocrites should be voted out of office. How much war can this nation afford, both in blood and in treasure?
  16. My guess is it won’t really matter, Israel will once again deal with nuclear proliferation in the region.
  17. IDK - SF feels pretty confident because President Biden said that not a single dollar released by the US to Iran is being used to purchase any of their Military's equipment......I base that confidence on the the fact that President Biden sees Hunter Biden as the "smartest guy he knows".......
  18. IDK - Anyone else connecting the funds from the Obama administration released to Iran and the amount of sophisticated missiles they are throwing at Israel that the US is now aiding in the defense of? Probably nothing to be concerned about...... https://www.the-sun.com/news/11092635/israel-iran-missile-attack-catastrophic-escalation-war-middle-east/ Iran threatens ‘1,500 missile’ strike if Israel launches revenge attack as Middle East risks ‘uncontrollable war’ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/obama-administration-acknowledges-1-7-billion-transfer-to-iran-was-all-cash/ WASHINGTON D.C. -- The Obama administration is acknowledging its transfer of $1.7 billion to Iran earlier this yearwas made entirely in cash, using non-U.S. currency.
  19. https://mises.org/mises-wire/lets-be-honest-economy-not-doing-well Agreed. All of this printing of money in the face of COVID and just continued unabated. And the results are becoming clear: a huge recession is starting. But gold. And seeds. Your ability to service may depend on it.
  20. It was pretty cool. The city of Frankfort was literally right on the line of totality. If you were on the northwest side of town you were out of the zone while if you were in the southeast side of town you were in the zone. We ended up driving a few miles east and south and found a good quiet spot near Kirklin, surrounded by fields. After the event the traffic going north on U.S. 421 north between Kirklin and Frankfort was very, very, very, busy. Easily the most traffic I have ever seen on that road.
  21. Remember when this woman was going to “break glass ceilings?”

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