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  2. "When you throw a pass three things can happen to it, and two of them are bad.” - Darrell Royal or Woody Hayes (depending on who you believe)
  3. I personally love watching spread offenses. WW runs exclusively from shotgun and still had a 2000 yard rusher 2 years ago. Last year was more balanced but still run 1st. WW ran a wishbone when I was in HS. I prefer the spread. If you prefer the other then I dont think it's wrong. Just enjoy the game. I dont think this is an RPO hate thread as it is a passing game hate thread. I enjoy balanced. Just as some dont wanna watch 70 passes I dont wanna watch 70 runs. But also as stated in original post indiana has a ton of guys ready for D1 in the OL....but maybe that's because they are quicker, leaner more spread oriented guys. Would the ratings be as high if looking for 330 pound road graders?
  4. Is this thread only anti-RPO but also anti spread, tempo, read option? Many offenses are a combination of old school counter and power blocking schemes with a more modern mix of formations. I don't think 11 men in a phone both is necessary harder to defend than getting formationed to death...or any more entertaining.
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  6. I have to agree if I was a QB...brohm makes a really appealing case. Just needs to keep the recruits coming and the results will be there. Purdue has been fun to watch...even when the wins are not there side note....highly unlikely coan is the starter this upcoming season imo
  7. https://babylonbee.com/news/cnn-publishes-real-news-story-for-april-fools-day
  8. Health Insurance Premiums Could Rise by Over 40% Due to Coronavirus, Study Warns: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/26/health-insurance-premiums-could-rise-by-over-40-du.aspx Even more reason to end this economic shutdown, so people can get back to work and consumers can start consuming again.
  9. Dr. Fauci credits Trump's China travel ban opposed by Joe Biden and mainstream media outlets. https://www.theblaze.com/news/dr-fauci-credits-trumps-china-travel-ban--opposed-by-joe-biden--with-preventing-italys-disaster-in-us Joe Biden and CNN calling Trump a racist and xenophobe for China and Europe travel ban.
  10. That moderation history screen shows that DK unlocked a Topic, not Pin it. Two different things. Sometimes being "childish" is the only response to your "childish" actions, Irishman.
  11. You know full well he did. But, just to show others how childish you are being....here ya go.
  12. The Private Sector Heroes Leading the Fight Against COVID-19: https://reason.com/2020/04/01/the-private-sector-heroes-leading-the-fight-against-covid-19/
  13. How do I know he pinned that topic, Irishman? It could have been any GID users with that level of access. It could have been YOU. You may be able to see the history behind such actions, Myself and other GID scrubs can't.
  14. Says the guy who reacts by unpinning a topic the OWNER posted and pinned. DK is not a moderator; his time, effort and financial commitment to this site earns him the right to pin whatever topic he sees fit.
  15. lol, pretending to take the high road after you've been down in the weeds with the rest of us is quite amusing. As for "precise execution and discipline", many sports require that. And many other football offenses.
  16. When you start your response with a dictatorial ultimatum, then it's no use trying to have a rational discussion with you. The late Tim Adams would be so proud of you.
  17. Don't like it, you can leave. We have had plenty of conversations about pinning topics. Not getting into that whole discussion again. Want to pin your own opinions, do it in your own club. Pinning an opinion implies that it is the opinion of the administrators and moderators on the GID. While many may hold a similar opinion, it is not an official stance.
  18. Although it appears that a few posters wanted to exchange in potshots and attacks because it’s what they do, I’ll stay on point: the option attack requires precise execution and discipline.
  19. Reposting here the End the Coronavirus Shutdown story, because an over-controlling GID adminstrator did not like me pinning such an important subject into it's own thread so he hid/deleted it. For some reason pinning such a story automatically means that the GID administrators and owners support and agree with it. 🙄 https://mises.org/wire/end-shutdown
  20. Indiana offered Bishop Dwenger's Vinny Fiacable today (4/1).
  21. Wabash High School will have an opening for a business teacher and potentially more coming available in the next few weeks. Wabash is looking for a high school school assistant coach on the defensive side of the ball. If interested please contact Adam Handley at handleya@apaches.k12.in.us
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