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  2. Because of the type of work I do, I spend a lot of time in hospitals and physicians’ offices. I confess, i don’t understand how, on the one hand, health care providers complain loudly over the niggardly reimbursement system of Medicare -and the insurers who take their lead from it - while on the other hand, every hospital I see has got significant construction underway, is building freestanding outpatient centers in the community, is buying up physician practices, etc. They’re obviously making money somehow.
  3. Im a little surprised when I see some of these successful retired coaches come back for another stint, regardless of the level. Things seem to be so much different now than they were 10, 20 , 30 years ago. Seems like nothing but problems. * Dwindling numbers * Program apathy * Poor administrative support * Influence of lay coaching * Declining game attendance * The negative impacts of specialization * Bad parents * Referee shortages Maybe Coach Jensen feels like a move from a big school to a small school will rekindle some of those old time feelings. Reminds me a little of Brad Smith, who went from big schools (Portage/Highland/Crown Point) to small schools (Attica/Fountain Central) Its rare indeed that we see this type of move. Best of luck to Coach Jensen and hope that he finds lots of small school spirit at Whitco.
  4. Former Warsaw Coach takes Whitko job. Here is the link https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/jensen-tabbed-to-lead-whitko-football-program/1954247005
  5. I imagine the aliens who seeded humans here originally could probably answer those questions. I wonder if they also seeded other worlds? If they had an environmental "package" they used to determine where to begin?
  6. What is the ideal temperature of the Earth? What is the ideal level of the oceans of the Earth? What is the ideal CO2 level of the Earth?
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  8. Avon is turning into a D1 factory. Is this all natural talent or does Mark Bless have something to do with this? You've got to think that Avon has a 6A title in its future sometime very soon.
  9. Congrats to Nathaniel, but wasn't the rumor that Sampson switched to IU so that he could play with his brother? Thought it was interesting to see him go out to the west coast.
  10. If Whitko were a stock, its value just increased. Good luck, Wildcats! Warsaw was a basketball school pre-Jensen, and people started talking about Tiger football in the late 90s and thereafter. WCHS also saw more basketball players add football to their wheelhouse.
  11. Maximizing Profits....its what corporations do. Not sure why you keep using the word "evil" Unfortunately Subaru is 20 years late to the hybrid vehicle market and instead of focusing on vehicle emissions (a MUCH bigger environment issue that solid waste) they choose to pound their chest over reducing solid waste. By refusing to address climate change in their corporate vision they have turned a blind eye to the real environmental issue of the 21st century while still looking like a responsible corporate citizen. Very slick of them. Maximizing Profits....its what corporations do. Of course, your recent posting of articles from climate change denying sites makes me think that this line of argument will be lost on you.
  12. @Coach Nowlin might need to do an update soon! Hard to stay away/out of the game
  13. Wow... according to Mark Howe (sports writer for the Warsaw, Indiana newspaper Times-Union) tweeting out that former Warsaw head coach Phil Jensen is being introduced as the new head coach at Whitko High School. Congrats Coach Jensen! @NRRaider2001
  14. It doesn't surprise me. I recall when I had heart surgery that the bill was some ungodly amount before insurance and by the time insurance had done their part and the hospital had done its deductions and everything else, it ended up being easily manageable. It's been a long time, but I'll see if I can track down ballpark numbers to give an idea.
  15. The hospital's charges have little to no connection to their cost for the services, so those figures honestly don't tell us whether the hospital is still making a profit at that level of payment. The "window sticker" charges at hospitals are almost never paid by anyone: private insurance companies aren't paying anything close to those charges, and most poor uninsured people don't pay full boat because the hospitals just write off the charges. Because of the way our health care system works, the hospital's charge list exist mainly just to (a) be the place to start the negotiations with insurers (public and private) over discounts and actual reimbursement rates, and (b) get over in those rare cases where a wealthy person is willing and able to pay out of pocket.
  16. @SBFootball1 Completely missed that on the original document! Thanks for pointing it out.
  17. Evil in Indiana: https://www.scientificamerican.com/custom-media/scjohnson-transparent-by-design/zerowastefactory/ https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2018/07/27/indiana-subaru-plant-hasnt-taken-out-trash-14-years-saves-12-million-lafayette-landfill/825735002/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2018/07/27/indiana-subaru-plant-recycle-landfill-free/847847002/ https://www.treehugger.com/corporate-responsibility/subaru-celebrates-10-years-zero-landfill-manufacturing.html
  18. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Enrollments & Classifications/football schools 19-20.pdf The 2019 classifications are listed first and then the 2020 at the bottom.
  19. I thought it was going to be related to the old joke about something else that bears do in the woods. 😀
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