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  2. Yes. Linton Stockton and EMD is essentially the semistate game. Scecina, WeBo, Triton Central, and Heritage Christian are just not good enough to compete with that level of football.
  3. Final predictions before the tournament starts: 6A: Avon over Homestead 5A: New Palestine over Valparaiso 4A: East Noble over Mooresville 3A: Chatard over Heritage Hills 2A: Cass over Western Boone 1A: South Adams over Lutheran
  4. I believe another mine out in that area is closing down too. I recall seeing a thing about 200 or so employees learning they are laid off. meanwhile just south in Gibson county, Toyota continues to grow and the surrounding areas are developing. Gibson Southern theoretically will see the most of the growth but Evansville North is literally 10 miles down the road on 41 and princeton is only 4 miles away if that
  5. Pike County is a tough situation. About the only industry that was ever there was agricultural and coal mining. The mining dried up in the 80’s, about the same time Pike Central was incorporated. Petersburg is literally a town stuck in another time. I would think socioeconomics dictate here as much as anywhere in the state.
  6. Martinsville was a charter member of the South Central Conference which formed in 1936. They withdrew in 1938 and were readmitted in 1941 (per the 1966 edition of the South Central Conference handbook). I don't think the Arties joined the Mid-State Conference until the mid-2000s. Greenwood, Mooresville and Plainfield are the only founding members of the Mid-State who have been in the conference since the beginning and never left.
  7. Consolidate the posts, we all know its coming, here we go.
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  9. You know that the DEFENDING CHAMP is in! Temptation -- If you need some help, I will volunteer to check 1 or 2 classes.
  10. I think itll be close like last time. Wouldn't shock me if Pioneer won. I picked cass to win the first match up but stated whoever won the first match up won't win the 2nd. I still feel that way.
  11. I mean yeah LC is definitely the 2nd or 3rd “worst” team in the MIC this, but with LC beating BD and LN I wouldn’t say it isn’t a good win. It’s impossible to read the MIC this year. I would have said North Central was the best team prior to last week. Now I have no clue
  12. 3 players with a D1 offer on the DLine alone, if Merrillville has a good passing game they will have a real chance at winning, if they are run heavy it does not bode well for them. Hoping it will be a great game. I really don’t think Jeff will have a problem scoring 30-40+ points, but they will no doubt rely on their D to win this one
  13. Sorry.. should have quoted you. Just kind of expanding on things. We're on the same page!
  14. Lol, funny thing is they won the MIC and technically won the tiebreaker that doesn’t exist. MIC is bad though, contraction must be near.
  15. Bye week 🙂 I agree that their chances of being in the playoff are fading fast, BUT if Georgia can beat Florida and Alabama, it could help. Funny thing is that just like in years past, the chips are falling in favor of the Irish moving up. Had Georgia not lost to SC, who knows? 🙂 I look for Michigan to give the Irish a tough game, but am counting on Shea Patterson being Shea Patterson. I am think Harbaugh is regretting the loss of. Brandon Peters at this point.
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  17. You guys will threaten us for the All-Sports title. Although, our Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming, Track and Field, and Baseball teams are all really good this year.
  18. Stinky, Stink, Stinik, 1.2.3 Last Friday was full of TD's! Looks like Dawgie will be donating and we can finally stop saying......#freeZ!!!!
  19. I've watched a ton of both Pioneer and Cass film. I personally don't see Pioneer winning this game. Cass played about as good on defense as you can play against WL who has a couple more weapons on offense than Pioneer does. Its no secret when Pioneer snaps the ball who's going to carry it. One of the twins is going to end up with it. I don't think the twin playing quarterback has established himself as a serious threat throwing the ball. I also don't think there is a defense in 2A that can handle all of the weapons Cass has. Eurit is a straight up beast and gave WL fits all night running the ball which opened up the pass game for Zeck, Humphrey, and Good. Pioneer is a great program that is well coached, so it will be a ball game but they have to play a near perfect game in my opinion. I think Cass wins by at least two touchdowns.
  20. No worries.... Pioneer.... JINXED THEMSELVES......... 😆
  21. No doubt Cass and Pioneer are ready to strap them up and go head to head again. I would compare this game to the regional showdown a few years ago between the Kiser brothers Pioneer Panthers and Cronk and Anthrop's LCC Knights. Can it just be Friday already!!!
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