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  2. I tend to criticize the IHSAA often but not in this case. I was there for every pitch of all 4 games & honestly didn't notice any difference in intensity or fan support. (I haven't compared attendance to typical numbers.) At times, the crowds were quiet but that could be due to some of the dominant pitching performances. If you want to point a finger at somebody, blame the International League. As they always do, the Indians asked to be on the road this past weekend but the League gave them a homestand this past weekend instead. Besides, Indy got 3.5 inches of rain along with some nasty storms on Saturday so it's likely that 2 or 3 Saturday games would have been moved to Monday anyway. Not sure how you can complain about watching THREE walk-off wins with some wacky plays in the 7th. And the 2A finale was as heartbreaking as you can get.
  3. University of Minnesota Food Service Worker Says 'Hello' in Japanese to Asian-American Student, Who Files a Bias Report: https://www.thecollegefix.com/campus-food-service-worker-hit-with-bias-complaint-after-saying-hello-to-student-in-japanese/ Ahh, the scourge of "microaggressions", aka "you hurt my widdle feelings, so I'm going to cry to somebody about it." Honestly college students, grow up.
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  5. Well I guess Great Britain ought to make a law to force the weather to be like you want it to be, right?
  6. I don't want to live in the America you want to live in, Dante. Any individual who values freedom, personal responsibility and abhors authoritarianism would feel the same.
  7. Epic fail by all those involved in moving games to Monday and Tuesday. Felt more like a late midweek legion game instead of a state championship game.
  8. I have schedules done please PM so I can make sure it gets to each of you please.
  9. I doubt the IHSAA will move Carmel out if sectional 4 and risk not having two high profile Indy area schools in the title game. I could see them moving Fishers or HSE to 5 and keeping Carmel in #4. The best bets for North team this year has to be the usual suspects. Carmel and Penn as 1A & 1B, then either Snider & Westfield
  10. If dental hygiene is indicative of their free healthcare.....I’ll take a pass.
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  12. Nothing against hunting, I'm all for it, just not my thang. The insurance industry is the one pushing the agenda for more and more deer being harvested. The insurance industry, as Muda alluded to wants the deer gone. I believe we harvest too many deer in Indiana. I am vehemently opposed to the late bow/doe season. If you look at data on deer harvest between Indiana and surrounding states, our harvest are smaller and lower quality. I listen to Jim Strader quite a bit, https://www.jimstrader.com/index.htm , and he's of the opinion our management system is flawed as well. We have a customer who literally feeds his family with what he catches and kills, he often brings me stuff, the venison summer sausage is KILLER! At any rate, he was in a couple of weeks ago and this subject came up, obviously he has no data just his opinion, but he maintains his kills aren't the quality and the size they were, 10-12-15 years ago. One thing to keep in mind we live in different areas, and I'm sure you're not hunting in your back yard. In this area, there are MANY special programs for day/weekend deer harvest. Brown County State Park has/had one, Jeff Proving Grounds has/had one, there are several state and federal lands that had lotteries for non-standard deer stamps. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
  13. Spuller I guess we lost the edit option.
  14. Shame IO...I'm proud to be part of the 4%. Ethical hunters absolutely believe and practice conservation. You lost me on the insurance industry thing....I think the DNR does a marvelous job managing deer populations in Indiana. Do you spend much time on their website or read their annual harvest reports? Also disagree on your harvest comment.
  15. So if the tournament "solution" to breaking the 120 Pitch limit is a 1-game suspension for the Head Coach & Pitcher., what happens if a Coach decides to keep his Senior ace in there for 130, 140, 150 pitches in a State Championship game that goes into extra innings?
  16. In 2014, LaPorte & Cathedral were both 4-5 in the regular season but both made the title game. The tournament is working well. I don't understand why so many people around here want to blow it up. The Indiana HS Basketball tournament was easily the best HS sports event for generations & that was an all-in format.
  17. Yes. The 2 Point minimum Success Factor rule ONLY applies to teams which are currently playing in a higher class after being bumped-up for earning 6 or more points in a cycle. The most extreme possible example would be if a team earns 5 Points but, by enrollment, drops into a lower class. This could have happened to ANDREAN Baseball-- their Enrollment figures have dropped them from 3A to 2A but with last year's State title & this year's Semistate title (& possible State title tonight), they will move up to 4A in Baseball.
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