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  2. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/09/politics/judiciary-committee-impeachment-hearing/index.html The House Intelligence Committee's Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman walked through the committee's investigation during his presentation, laying out the Democratic case that Trump directed the effort for Ukraine to investigate his political rival while withholding US security aid and a White House meeting. Goldman said that senior officials were all "in the loop" about the effort, as US Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified, and he argued Trump's "determination to solicit of foreign interference in our election continues today." "It did not end with Russia's support for Trump in 2016, which President Trump invited by asking for his opponent to be hacked by Russia," he said. "And it did not end when his Ukrainian scheme was exposed in September of this year." Republican counsel Steve Castor laid out his own pattern — one that he says shows the Democrats were working to impeach the President since the day he took office. Castor pointed out all of the Democratic investigations into the President across the House committees, from the testimony of Michael Cohen to the lawsuit to obtain the President's tax returns, to argue the impeachment inquiry has been long in the making. "The record in the Democrats' impeachment inquiry does not show that President Trump abused the power of his office or obstructed Congress," Castor said. "To impeach a president who 63 million people voted for over eight lines in a call transcript is baloney." Castor argued that Democrats provided "no direct evidence that President Trump withheld a meeting or security assistance in order to pressure President Zelensky to investigate former VP (Joe) Biden," pointing to testimony from special envoy Kurt Volker to argue witnesses did not testify to a quid pro quo. "Witnesses who testified in the inquiry have denied having awareness of criminal activity or even an impeachable offense," he said. "On the key question of the president's state of mind, there is no clear evidence that President Trump acted with malicious intent." In other words - There is no "There" there.......
  3. It's definitely a real thing. There are guys like Usain Bolt and all those other world class sprinters who nobody on a football field is going to touch in a linear race, but football ain't a linear race.
  4. I have, just never believed in it. Honestly me of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard...no offense intended towards you at all as I’ve heard others say it too. The second part of “changing directions on a dime” meets the definition of agility far more than speed
  5. Never heard of football speed as opposed to track speed? There's a lot of guys who have straight line speed who can absolutely fly, "track speed". There's others with exceptional short bursts of speed and the ability to cut and change direction on a dime. This is referred to as "football speed".
  6. Did it ever dawn on anyone he wants to attend IU and this is an opportunity to use his football skills to do that?
  7. What does this story have to do with the President? This company is going out of business not because of a poor economy, but because the principles broke the law and got caught.......
  8. What in the HELL is “football speed?” Speed is speed.
  9. Indy Star typically announces as the title sponsor of the award the Week of Christmas.
  10. I've never seen a CG QB throw the ball like this young sophomore did during the comeback against Carmel. Is he playing football just for fun to fill time before hoops season or is he thinking about playing at the next level?
  11. 2 former CGers are on scholarship on the IU roster currently............
  12. Purdue had hopes for this JUCO, chose Maryland instead https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/johari-branch-255279
  13. Just saw IU got Dylan Powell, OL who originally committed to Hazel's Boilers, went to Stanford, then transferred out now to IU: I believe 2 years left to play.
  14. Noted and thanks. They were awful not long ago.
  15. LB on campus this past weekend: With hiring of Lane Kiffin, not sure if they can officially flip him or not https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/daylen-gill-234423 This guy coming in this weekend https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/damarcus-mitchell-255247
  16. The Sycamores cracked the top 25 in the 2018 rankings and barely missed the FCS playoffs. They finished 5-7 this year in the toughest conference in FCS....not great but hardly near the bottom. Curt Mallory has done a great job moving the program forward.
  17. That is with only playing 2 Quarters in most games the last 2 years
  18. Tens of thousands of players have played at the professional level. The vast majority were highly ranked in their high school years. There will always be players who are overlooked or flat out missed by the scouts. But they are getting more rare by the year because scouting and drafting have become such an exact science. Frankly, Charlie would have a better shot at the NFL if he went to Kent State and rushed for 6000 yards during his varsity career and became a UFA. The likelihood of him putting up big numbers in Bloomington is quite low.
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  20. Not sure. Check with his agent Captain Hook. ISU is absolutely scraping the very bottom of the D1 barrel.
  21. Indiana State is absolutely D1.....D1 FCS. Now I know why you don't work for college football recruiting services....qualifications.....
  22. Be willing to bet in about four years both schools will be going thru this process again. Culture change needed at Harrison and Bosse will never have the numbers to compete in the new SIAC.
  23. Was Spegal offered a walk on spot at Wisky?
  24. Should we talk about all the 3, 4, 5 star recruits that didn't fare so well at a Power 5 team? You have way more confidence than I do in an assigned rankings. I'm just glad folks like Brandon Bulsworth, Gary Bracket, Brandon Weeden, Logan Mankins, Jordy Nelson, Adam Archuleta, Rashad Johnson, Colt Brennan, JJ Watt, Santana Moss, Levi Jones, Baker Mayfield, Luke Falk, Hunter Renfrow, Clay Matthews, Joe Schmidt, etc. didn't attend one of your motivational speeches. I won't argue that it would have been a safer bet to have attended one of the other schools that offered. But those ranking systems don't measure work ethic, heart, how a person has been raised, etc. Army offered Charlie...they were ranked in the top 25 last year at season's end and I believe have won bowl games the last three consecutive years....I know a number of Power 5 schools can't say that........ Give 'em hell Charlie!!!!!!!
  25. Does anyone know when the overall Mr. Football results are expected to be announced?
  26. Actually, I was thinking of Lawrence Phillips, IM Hipp and Mike Rozier when reminiscing about the vaunted Nebraska I formation. Maybe Frost should turn back the clock and go back to those days. He doesn't have the athletes to make the RPO look like Baylor does.
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