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  1. Been a while since I've been there (back in the late 1990s when my uncle was the HC), but I always loved Ames Field in Michigan City.
  2. Like I keep saying: All hail the tournament. 😂
  3. 4A is a fun one, with the top 6 all finishing within 3.82 Sagarin points of each other. Plenty of drama with undefeated records and "quality wins" in the regular season, to boot. Going off of where they were at the start of playoffs, one would assume: (1) Evansville Memorial, (2) East Noble, (3) East Central, and (4) New Prairie. I'd have to vote Hobart (who was 10th in the IFC poll after Week 9) at 5 thanks to 2 losses and a close victory over CMA, but then in real life they end up knocking off New Prairie. All hail the tournament system.
  4. Co-signed. We in Indiana are lucky to have access to some outstanding college programs, and Manchester is definitely one of the best examples of that. Great facilities, great coaches... This camp is definitely worth the investment.
  5. I don't normally post a lot on here, but this has me triggered... How is PABLO SANCHEZ a 5-seed? Pablo was a character in the OLLLLLLD Windows video game "Backyard _____ (fill in the sport)", and he was literally nicknamed the Secret Weapon. He was basically Bo Jackson. Also, check out that belly. He was promoting positive body images for us fat guys two decades before it became a big deal.
  6. Prayers to the East Central community during this difficult time.
  7. Thank you for sharing! I've been re-tweeting the heck out of this. The empirical evidence appears to support all of the changes. Coaches should be printing this article and including it in their parent information packets.
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