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33 minutes ago, Irishman said:

From the Dolphins game today in the parking lot....damn



I imagine that the wife of at least one of those burned cars' owners turned to him after the opening kickoff and said, "Are you sure you locked the car?" to which he replied, "Quit nagging me ... nothing's going to happen to the car.  You're always worrying." 

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This is well written. Albert Pujols has been a Cubs killer for a LONG time. But rivalries are trivial at best in moments like this. Any fan of sports can be happy for him reaching this milestone. The reception he gets from the LA crowd and team is great to see as well.


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Years ago, I remember people, not here, just in general, ripping me for saying the story behind Jordan's first "retirement" were because he had a gambling problem. Stern came up with this plan to keep it under wraps. No way could the greatest player of all time be doing something like gambling on his team. There are just too many stories like this for it to be a myth. At the same time, it appears Roenick had a problem too. 



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