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SIAC Week 3

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8 hours ago, oldtimeqb said:

It seems Harrison's win over Jasper might have quieted the PAC is just as good as the SIAC crowd.  At least temporarily.

From what I've read in the paper Jasper's QB didn't play the whole game and they lost Bair and then his backup during the game. Running a triple option offense with injuries to two out of three is really bad, no matter what Meatloaf said.  

I've always felt week 3 was the turning point in a season. Maybe that's a carryover from the 8 team/7 conference game mentality. All code of conduct players will return and we start to see more connections for SOS type discussions.  I have known one team who had a goal to start the season 2-0, but that was a rare exception.  

Hopefully Jasper will be full strength this weekend and come into the game like a bat out of hell. 

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Magistrate Judge Ryan Reed of the Vanderburgh Circuit Court entered an order this morning reversing the decision of the Ind. Dept. of Education's Case Review Panel upholding the IHSAA's decision to only allow limited eligibility at Memorial until Oct. 29. As a result, this young man will be immediately eligible to play tomorrow night for Memorial in their game against, you guessed it, Evansville Central.

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Central at Memorial

A bitter rivalry of these two schools over the last few years. While both of them are 0-2, it is starting to seem like Memorial has nearly returned all of the starters. Central has had the best offense this year at all, but statistically decent in the defense. But, the Tiger’s Offense might be shaky at first, but the Tigers finally find the end zone in this matchup. Tigers by 3-4 scores.

Bosse at Castle

I expect the Knights to come out first hot after a last week's lost to Mater Dei in a very good game. Bosse does feel pretty well after a nice win over Central. But Knights will be too much for the Dawgs, Knights by a lot.

Mater Dei at Vincennes 

In the preseason, it’s a game Mater Dei should win, however, that is not a guarantee. As Vincennes has surprised many across the SIAC and currently holds the top spot in rushing yards allowed. However, I think Mater Dei ends up pulling away in the 4Q to win it by 14

North at Harrison

The Warriors not only raised eyebrows in the SIAC, but across the state with an upset over Jasper last week. North ran over Memorial in a defensive slugfest. But with QB1 back for the Huskies, I think they ride on the momentum to quiet the Warriors by 3 scores.

Game of the Week:

Jasper at Reitz

Coming over an disappointing loss against Harrison, Jasper might be looking down the barrel at 1-2. But the season isn’t over, and lots of time to reform. Reitz is riding high after a last second victory over an interesting Vincennes team. And appears to be positioning themselves in a title matchup against Mater Dei. This game could either way depending on a few things. Friday Night Lights in a Top 15 matchup in the Bowl? You know the Panther fans will be loving this one. Give me Reitz by 7

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