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1 hour ago, Bash Riprock said:

I did read Bell's interest.  Great character guy, playing for his home town team and catches everything that comes his way sounds awesome.

I agree there are some comparisons with Harrison in terms of hands and route running.  But they are very different physically.  Bell is much bigger than Harrison, but Harrison was timed in the 40 at 4.38 while still at Syracuse.  He could definitely stretch the field.  The 4.65 40 Bell ran at the combine does raise eyebrows, and would seem to be more of a possession receiver.  It would be great to have him, but I hope the Colts find that receiver that makes the safeties respect and play deeper.  I hope that is Campbell.....and he can stay healthy.  I like Bell a ton, but hard to compare him now to a HOF player.

Campbell is that receiver, IF he stays healthy. I'm hoping that the Colts will draft Bell, a speed receiver, and a TE. Bell can always replace Pittman if Pittman becomes injured or demands far too much money, and we all know cheap Ballard can be. Ashton Dulin is a pretty fast receiver too if he ever develops. I just don't see the point in skipping Bell if he's there because he's just been so darn productive at every level, dominating with his route running and hands. 

14 minutes ago, Bash Riprock said:

Not questioning David Bell at all.  I have personally seen him play a ton of football and basketball games during his WC days.  Great athlete and great young man.  I know what he did at Purdue.  So I don't question he will be a success.

The question I am raising is that having both he and Pittman would be having 2 of the same type of receivers.  They are both excellent, but I question their abilities to stretch the field and force the safeties to play deeper.  This is where we may disagree that speed matters.  Perhaps it was a bad day for his 40.  Pittman ran a 4.52 for his 40 (considerably faster than Bell) and he is not considered a field stretch type of receiver.  To ignore Bell's 4.65 40 would not be wise.

Reggie Wayne ran a 4.45 40.  And yet Harrison with a 4.38 was typically considered the deep threat.  All I am saying is that I am not sure to compare Bell to Harrison (a proven HOF guy) is a good comparison...at least yet.  

Colts have a pretty darn good WR coach.....my guess is that Ballard and Reich will certainly listen to his input.  But please know I am a David Bell fan....and not saying the Colts would be wrong for drafting him.  Just hoping they can find a WR with great hands that puts fear into a secondary.

I'm not sure if Bell will be as productive as a pro due to his lack of speed, but barring injuries, I really don't see how he won't be productive, since he's been extremely productive at every level so far, without a doubt. 

I'm a Purdue diehard and I am really rooting for Bell, so I'll be overjoyed if he's drafted by the Colts. 


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1 hour ago, Irishman said:

Great points……I do think if you put them opposite each other, it could help. What the Colts have to look at as far as putting defenses in a bind is the TE. The dominant teams feature really good TE’s. I thing Tyreek Hill benefitted from how good Kelce was. Hill will not be anywhere near as effective in Miami because he won’t have that. He sill see a lot of coverage combos that will limit him, even with his speed. 
I do think the deep threat may be overrated some. Green Bay has not really had one. Adams was really good, but he did not have that breakaway speed. He did have multiple receivers who were great possession guys, and a TE before he was injured, that kept defenses honest. In fact, I have said for a couple years, the Packers deep game has not been good. 
As the West Coast Gurus Walsh and Holmgren would say, just keep the chains moving. 

Great thoughts....

we pretty much align...I totally agree about having an excellent TE.  Speaking of GB, sure hope the former Indiana State guy Robert Tonyan comes back 100%.  Seems he and Rogers have a nice connection.

No doubt Tyreek Hill benefited from Kelce.  But I also think Kelcey benefited from Hill.  Hill kept safeties honest, while opening up the underneath for Kelce.  LB's can't hang with him.  Guess we shall see how Kelce does this year as clearly the #1 target.  

Hey, we see the importance of speed differently for a WR corp.  If I am an offensive coordinator, and I can stretch the field, I will absolutely do it.  Opens up the slot, TE, short to middle routes, and the running backs sure appreciate it as well.  I don't need all of my WR's to be blazers....but I would sure like one or two to get some attention.  I just hope Campbell can finally be that guy for the Colts.

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3 hours ago, gonzoron said:

Hope they don't wait too long to address OL.

That was quick. They've signed Brandon Kemp a 2 year veteran (originally an undrafted free agent) who has never played a down in a game.

Geez Louise, Ballard. Please just resign. 


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Colts sign Super Bowl winner Nick Foles as backup quarterback




A move that has always made too much sense to not happen is finally official.

The Colts are signing veteran quarterback Nick Foles to a two-year deal, a league source told IndyStar, to back up starting quarterback Matt Ryan, a move that fills one of the roster holes that hurt Indianapolis during the 2021 season.

For most of their four years together in Indianapolis, head coach Frank Reich and general manager Chris Ballard have preached the importance of having a capable backup quarterback on the roster, although the team’s decision to open 2021 with unproven second-year passer Jacob Eason in the No. 2 role did not match those words.

Foles, 33, is a fix familiar to both Reich and Ballard.

One of the few quarterbacks in history whose résumé matches Reich’s reputation as a backup. For a variety of reasons, Foles hasn’t been able to make good on his multiple opportunities as a starter in the NFL, but he left an indelible mark on the city of Philadelphia.


Another Eagles castoff signs with the Colts.


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