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    then there was the Patriots Room
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    Twin Lakes will travel: 97 miles to Hammond Clark 1.7 hours 91 miles to Hammond High School 1.6 hours 80 miles to River Forest High School 1.5 hours 75 miles to Hanover Central 1.5 hours 86 miles to Calumet 1.5 46 miles to Knox 1hour 48 miles to Benton Central 50 minutes Plus ALL but BC are on Central Standard time. The GREAT thing is that we are in the tourney, playing schools we seldom see, and it is a great opportunity for the kids. Don't worry about travel or other things. Let the kids enjoy the moment and opportunity. That is what is important. Enough said.
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    The off season can bring us to do some astonishingly boring things, huh? Lol
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    Harrison High School in West Lafayette
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    Thought they installed turf. my bad. Yeah... put Jeff and Laf Jeff.... lol meant to only write Laf Jeff down and I had East Central and Avon on my list.
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    Jeffersonville (Jeff) does not. To add to the list for 4A, 5A, and 6A schools, the following have it: Lake Central, Avon, Crown Point, Portage, Perry Meridian, Homestead, Southport, Warsaw, F.W. Northrop (I believe is getting it?), Valpo, Chesterton, LaPorte, Indy Arsenal Tech, Anderson, Zionsville, Goshen, FW Snider (I believe is getting it?), Whiteland, SB Adams, Kokomo, McCutcheon, Decatur Central, Michigan City, Elkhart Central, Greenfield-Central, Munster, Mooresville, Hammond Morton, Jennings County, Richmond, East Central, Hobart, East Noble, SB Riley, East Chicago, Logansport, Mt. Vernon (Fortville), Greenwood, Roncalli, Plymouth, New Pal, Jasper, FW Bishop Dwenger ?, Marion, Northview, New Castle, New Haven, SB Washington If any of those schools are incorrect, please comment.
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    Plainfield, Avon, Brownsburg, Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, HSE, Fishers, BD, WC, Col North, Col East, East Central, Eville Reitz, Eville Central, Eville North, Eville Harrison, Eville Bosse, Seymour, Center Grove, Franklin Central, Franklin, Merriville, Penn, Martinvsillve, Bloom North, Bloom South, Jeff, NA, Laf Jeff, FC, Castle, North Central, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, Pike. Idk I think I did a pretty good job to start things.
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    violation occured during the sub varsity game, how could that cost the forfeiture of the Varsity contest ? That makes NO sense. the game where the player played more than the allotted number of quarters would be the game that if called out on by the other team or self reported would be the game that would be deemed a forfeit for the infraction made by the team.
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    As opposed to several on "the other side" ... https://psmag.com/news/new-study-confirms-again-that-race-not-economics-drove-former-democrats-to-trump
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    Nowadays they are disguised as “news stories”
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    Someone still has a blog? Love blogs....could you send me a link? They are rare but I am into reading them.
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    R.I.P. Peter Mayhew, Star Wars' Chewbacca: https://news.avclub.com/r-i-p-peter-mayhew-star-wars-chewbacca-1834489871 A sad day. Truly an American icon, Mr. Mayhew will be missed.
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    yeah...i think they were exaggerating...lol
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    Frankly, the judges I know have to listen to so much crap, if I were them I’d be hitting Happy Hour every day.
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    you refer to someone as a liar (forked tongue) and then whine about receiving a personal attack.....Along with your tossed salad comments...Dude...kind of like that kid on the playground that pushes another kid, then runs away and tells the teacher he's being mean to you. Typical and expected.....
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    Almost all of our Frosh/JV games are on Saturday mornings. Opposite locations. We love it....easier for most parents to make. Less long evenings for kids during week. Our entire program (coaches and players) is at practice MTWR. Even easier if you agree to just wear Varsity jerseys again Saturday morning (unless you had a mud bath Friday night). Different strokes for different folks, but we are very happy with it.
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    Saturday JV games are the WORST! Move them all to Monday nights!
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    inside look Colts Draft Room: Good Stuff
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    Now boys let's get along, lol
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    I get the problem people have with the NYT’s cartoon given the context of the long, evil history of anti-Semitism that has existed in the world for millennia and I also know its resemblance to some of the Nazi propaganda 80 years ago is very eerily familiar. I get it. That said, when I take a step back, would we have the same reaction if the NYT had a cartoon of President George Bush being led on a leash by Margaret Thatcher with a Union Jack emblazoned on her? I might not like that cartoon of Bush/Thatcher and disagree with the implications but it doesn’t necessarily make me anti-British if I do favor the cartoon. Whether that cartoon was ever drawn, I don’t know but it certainly wouldn’t be that controversial if it were. The Star of David is on the flag of Israel just as the Union Jack is the flag of the UK. Do I think there is a strain of anti-Semitism that has found a growing foothold in the American Left - both with “legitimate” politicians and thinkers as well as on US campuses (students and faculty)? Yes, I do. But, without a doubt there is also a strain on the “Right” that is clearly anti-Semitic but I do think it is rejected wholly in every sense by “legitimate” politicians and thinkers there. Do I think that Ilhan Omar is anti-Semitic? I, personally, suspect so - but her simply not liking what the State of Israel might do in the context of Palestine doesn’t by definition make her anti-Semitic. Do I think that many others do take that position simply to hide their own anti-Semitism? Yes, but simply criticizing Israel by no means makes you anti-Semitic. I happen to disagree with Ilhan Omar regarding Israel and its policies…but its just that…disagreement. Although I didn’t care at all for the NYT’s cartoon (and maybe the cartoonist actually is anti-Semitic…I don’t know anything of his history), I am just concerned that the quashing of it is much similar to the quashing of any conversation regarding issues where there is disagreement. Which is all too common today. As long as everything we say or do in this country is automatically a “dogwhistle” (how I hate that word) then we can never have a discussion or give anyone the benefit of the doubt. That's my fear - despite what I might think of the cartoon.
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    I think they should have done this before instituting a mandatory mercy rule.
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    It’s 1:30 from Vincennes. 1:15 from Petersburg and 1 hour from Washington. All on I-69. You can probably crank the bus up to 70mph too.
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    Wait what? Not even close.
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    What am I missing here. Google shows barely over an hour from each of these schools to Edgewood. Is I-69 not open that way yet? Excuse my ignorance, don't get down there too often.
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    The shtick is serving slop to national champions. Everyone expects him to be a classless boob in personal interactions....
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    Keep rationalizing the lowest bar of class imaginable....the new normal for Trump apologists.
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    haha. You used the word systemic first. I was merely calling out your double talk. My point was that your claims of MSM failing to address anti semitism, you are effectively saying there is a systemic problem and now your forked tongue is trying to back out. Im glad you raised the white flag. It was pretty clear from the beginning that your only intention was to attack MSM. Otherwise you might actually denounce the white nationalists that attacked Jews in Pittsburgh, Christchurch, and California. A much better case can be made that Trump's alliance with the alt right whackos has much more to do with the uptick in violence against Jews then MSM. There are good people on both sides.....
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    Staying true to your roots. A hypocrite to the core. My manhood has nothing to do with it. You said you would stop posting and you lied about that. Your very action of continuing to post on this topic reinforces your hypocrisy. The hole will soon be deep enough for you, the white flag and the forked tongue.
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    No white flag, no forked tongue, and no shovel. And if a "man" like you want to label me with non-flattering words....then I must be doing something right. Yea, I can live with that......
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    Not sure, but it may be this: https://gizmodo.com/for-sale-massive-blogging-platform-lightly-used-1834483960
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    It is hilarious to ridicule and laugh at these ridiculous libtards after two years of non stop lies. Most career democrat politicians and their mainstream media fake news propaganda machine are the scum of humanity. Their libtard minions are easily manipulated, gullible fools.
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    stick it where the sun don't shine
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    "We" in this particular case also means the citizens of Clark County, who elected them to the position of judge in the first place. Methinks Mr. Adams and Mr. Jacobs face some explaining to do to those citizens who elected them, regardless of some disciplinary commission's ruling.
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    You said you were done yet you keep coming back and digging your hole deeper. Forked tongue means you are being duplicitous which you clearly were. In any case is is a direct reflection on what you typed about MSM's culpability regarding a supposed uptick in anti semitism. I just mentioned personal attacks, you try to claim I am whining. It is your typical response to go all middle school and call me a "bratty kid" or the "the last one picked at sports". Very adult of you. As for tossed word salad, that is just another reference to you duplicitous take on this issue. Not sure if you if you understand the meaning of word salad or if you were thrown off but the the word tossed. You continue to flatter me with by repeating my witty retorts. Thank you. Keep the white flagged up and the forked tongue in your mouth like you said you would....or stay true to your hypocritical nature and respond after twice saying you were done.
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    Is that like the writing on your supposed blog?
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    Clinton mocks: ‘China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns?’: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/05/01/hillary-clinton-china-tax-returns-1296868
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    Everything that has massive government regulation has increased in price...who would have thought?
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