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Week 6 Scores

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Gibson Southern 32

Heritage Hills 14




Gibson Southern had 4 turnovers tonight but the defense held steady the entire game and held HH on 45 carries for just 115 yards while forcing 2 turnovers themselves. 

This defense really has been the difference maker this year.  DL doing a great job through 6 games now 

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6 hours ago, DumfriesYMCA said:

I feel like we should have known @hhpatriot04wouldnt post the week 6 score thread this week.  He’s probably at the Heritage Hills vs Gibson Southern game lol

Anyone can start a thread, but it does take an admin to pin it and/or 'feature' it so it stays on top of the Forum list. I've started Scores threads before, as have others. As long as someone does it eventually, it's all good. You're welcome.

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9 hours ago, Grover said:

Center Grove 63

Lawrence Central 41



9 hours ago, DumfriesYMCA said:

104 points Lordy 

Anyone have beaucoup on the over/under?

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