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1A State Championship: Adams Central (14-0) vs. Lutheran (12-0)

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38 minutes ago, BendNotBreak said:

Will b a few 1A teams licking their chops next yr.... wide open

Was interesting hearing the broadcast announcers talking about AC's departure from 1A North like they were in the Ft. Wayne Diocese.

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Thank you Jets seniors! It was a blast watching you guys from youth all the way through. A talented and gritty group as the state saw in the 4th quarter. 

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Proud of the AC guys for not giving up. That game went from potentially being a blowout to a one score game because of the determination of those young men. Watching this 2A game, it is clear to me that 1A was quite a bit stronger than 2A this year. AC beat Bluffton 24-0, Luers beat them 15-7. Luers is dominating North Posey. I think Lutheran, AC, South Putnam and Providence would all have won 2A this year and I don't know if a super strong argument can be made otherwise.

I can say with strong confidence that neither of these 2A teams would've given Lutheran a game at all.

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