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    Being the main TW guy on the site, I would say it’s a good call to take it down for now. I know both families involved and it is tearing these communities apart (especially on Facebook). This could really go either way. For some reason, Tyler has really dug in and decided to fight these accusations. Most guilty teachers usually take a deal and walk away to avoid prolonged publicity. I must confess that it doesn’t look good, but he deserves due process. Ultimately, I think he will not be charged with a crime and will eventually resign. This is really not even a football issue anymore. Coaches have adjusted and the program has moved on. I am 99.99% sure he will not return to his coaching duties. Discussion on here only serves to worsen Tyler reputation further. Probably not something GID wants to be involved in. Now you will probably have to take this thread down. LOL!
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    I make judgment calls all the time. I get it.
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    Muda. I can't really answer that question. I make judgement calls the best I can. If I feel a thread is going too far, I will take action. Other than that. Have fun. Sorry I can't give you a more defined answer. Somethings I just decide based on the current circumstances which change by the hour.
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    After a two year hiatus from the sideline former Andrean and Lake Central 2004 3A state champion head coach Brett St. Germain will join coach Phil Mason's staff at Michigan City. He has also taken an assistant principal position at the school. Very impressed how coach Mason has been able to hand pick and attract several successful former head coaches and athletic directors from other such as St. Germain, Roy Richards, Ken Bye and John Maurek to Michigan City and also the school administration for hiring them. https://www.thenewsdispatch.com/sports/article_51f1e435-8e9e-511f-8496-604a7baeff95.html
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    I just got around to watching this weeks episode. Wow. The last 20 minutes. Maybe the last 3 of the season? Yep.
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    Summit City Sports streams all SAC games every week 😙
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    Pike Central's coach told me yesterday he thought he would end up with 30 kids. I'm not sure what they normally have but hopefully this will keep DT from circling Petersburg.
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    I don't care who gets exposed in all this, and I am sure the details will be sickening, but they need to be brought to light; at least the names of anyone involved. Yeah it sucks he is dead now as it may limit who does get exposed; but the fact is he was a rotten piece of s**t, who had the money and connections to flaunt his perversion. Hopefully, him dying will not hinder anyone getting exposed for the crimes that have been committed.
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    Memorial's C&P Preview: https://www.courierpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/08/10/memorial-football-has-big-shoes-fill-but-still-has-talent/1972083001/ And did anyone go to the Watermelon Scrimmage last the night? The team looked pretty good!
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    Epstein commits "suicide" hours after documents that Trump was on his plane to Pedo Island. https://www.insider.com/donald-trump-jeffrey-epstein-flight-logs-unsealed-2019-8 Hmmmmmm
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    Did you watch the preview at the end? "What do we do about 'em Dad?"................"We kill 'em son"
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    Beck overplayed his hand in this one. What a great episode. And even Jamie shows some redeeming quality....might even like him after this lol This was a great episode. The previews said there were only three more episodes of Yellowstone left. Is this the final season of it?
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    Maybe Muda should start up their own high school football web site so those threads can be openly discussed and presented?? Muda just needs to move on.
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    Let it go. Yes, I feel that TA would have made a similar decision. Its also a distraction for the victims involved.
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    Poor old Joe..... https://nypost.com/2019/08/08/latest-biden-blunder-poor-kids-are-just-as-bright-as-white-kids/ Gaffe-prone presidential hopeful Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth during an Iowa campaign stop on Thursday when he told a group of predominately Asian and Hispanic voters that “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.” Biden committed the stunning blunder while speaking about education at a town hall with the Asian and Latino Coalition in Des Moines, where he’s campaigning and fundraising for the 2020 Democratic primary. “We should challenge students in these schools and have advanced placement programs in these schools. We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it,” Biden said at the event, according to video of his remarks. “Poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids,” he added. Biden almost immediately went into damage control mode, quickly adding: “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids, no I really mean it, but think how we think about it.” But President Trump’s campaign quickly seized on the tongue slip, with his “rapid response director” Andrew Clark tweeting out a video clip of the remark. “Yikes…have fun mitigating that one,” he tweeted. Biden walked out of the Democratic primary debates last week red-faced after he accidentally told donors to “go to Joe 30330” when he meant to tell them to “text JOE to 30330″ to donate. On Monday, the befuddled 76-year-old bungled the locations of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings when he expressed sympathy for the “tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before.”
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    People's careers and personal reputations are at stake. Regardless of the legal outcome, individuals can be severely damaged by random comments made on unaccountable messageboards. This is the primary role of the moderator. To evaluate and determine what is and what is not appropriate for further discussion. I again endorse and applaud the decision to remove the thread.
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    Thanks! Yes it’s 9-12... we are looking to improve on the foundation we started last year and be competitive with everyone we play this season... it is a process to turn a program around and we are still pretty young (the bulk of our team is Sophomores and Juniors) but our guys are buying in and working really hard. Our staff is extremely excited for this season and the future of Frankfort football
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    Bremen has been dealing with lowering numbers for years. Give the staff credit, they coach up the kids that want to be out there.
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    I thought it was somewhat interesting that at the media day yesterday, the Central HC simply said "no comment" when asked about the roster. Maybe that simply means he wasn't going to answer a bunch of questions about the kids in question at this point. From the player comments, the coach seems to be a disciplinarian, which could make things interesting going forward. I also get a little tired of hearing excuses about "tough life". Last year Central had kids who had well-publicized circumstances that were far-more challenging and those kids played within the structure of a team that was one break away from a state title. And Central is not alone. Every school - public or private - has kids who grew up with less than ideal situations. As Panther86 said, the proof was in the pudding - it was only when Central had a coach who instilled discipline and self-responsibility that they climbed to the top of the mountain.
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    Frankly, I'm not even sure if you are referring to Moore or Sharp. If it's referring to Brock Moore, the Indystar article noted that he transferred (I am not sure which school he previously attended) for academic reasons & then stayed behind 1 grade for academic reasons. Makes perfect sense if a student is struggling academically, dealing with his mother's serious illniess, etc. This change has obviously been very good for him both in the classroom & on the baseball field too. After the transfer, it appears that he was allowed to participate in athletics immediately. For IHSAA member schools, each student-athlete is eligible for 8 semesters of high school sports. Based upon the ruling of the IHSAA Review Committee, Moore had used up his 8 semesters of eligibility at the end of the 2017-18 school year. Please let me know if any of those facts are incorrect. As you suggested, I did some more research & found that the connections leading up to the Reese Sharp transfer is pretty darn interesting. Lots of facts below. Chris Estep has been the Head Baseball Coach at University HS for 11 years. Estep is not a teacher, he is the founder (1993) & owner of the Roundtripper Sports Academy in Westfield. According to his bio on the Roundtripper website, "Chris is currently the Head of Player Training and Development for the Indiana Mustangs baseball organization, while also serving as a coach." Also from that same website, "RoundTripper Sports Academy is home to several local sports teams in Westfield, IN. These teams include the Indiana Mustangs organization, the University High School baseball and softball teams, the Colts Baseball Club, the San Francisco Giants Scout Team, and PBR’s Team Indiana." Roundtripper's facilities include a 40,000 sq ft indoor facility, youth baseball & softball fields & a regulation high school baseball field. The University baseball team practices & plays its home games at Roundtripper. (Opinion here-- I bet that no other 1A baseball program enjoys those kinds of facilities...in fact, maybe no other team in the entire state.) All Mustang players are provided with a Roundtripper Academy membership that includes unlimited cage use, mound use, and indoor field use. Mustangs players will also have access to some of the finest baseball instructors in the midwest. Reese Sharp has been a member of the Indiana Mustangs Elite Travel baseball club for at least 7 years. I found this May 2016 article when Sharp was a varsity pitcher for Noblesville HS as a freshman: https://millermedianow.org/3123/sports/pitching-the-way-to-varsity/ From that article, "In Sharp’s seven years of playing baseball, a moment that has stuck with him took place during a travel game for the Indiana Mustangs, the only other team Sharp has played for besides Noblesville." https://www.mustangsnation.com/alumni - Sharp is listed as a Mustangs alumni who has committed to play at IU. From MaxPreps, here are Sharp's stats during his 3 years playing varsity at Noblesville. (Hmmm...only 14 innings on the mound as a Junior) https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/reese-sharp/_VjrL0AiEeW-8KA2nzwbTA/gendersport/baseball-stats.htm Lots & lots of facts there. Unfortunately, I can't confirm that as a fact but, at the state title game, I overheard a University parent say that Sharp had a falling out with the Noblesville Coach. So, based upon those facts & a bit of spy-work, my conclusion is this-- after the 2018 season, Reese Sharp wasn't happy in his role at Noblesville. Based upon many years of training at Estep's Roundtripper Academy & playing elite travel ball for Estep's Indiana Mustangs, Sharp already had a good relationship with Chris Estep which eventually led to a discussion about transferring to University for his Senior year. With a solid squad returning after being 1A runner-ups in 2018, it was a great fit for both the student-athlete & the baseball program. Obviously, it would have worked out even better if Noblesville had signed off on the transfer or the IHSAA gave their approval so that he could have played the whole season. But he was still able to practice every day at Estep's first-class facility until the 365-day ineligibility ended plus he had already committed to play at IU. Based on being drafted in the 28th round, professional scouts surely stopped by to watch him workout too. After University clobbered each Sectional opponent, he became eligible to play starting with the Regionals-- Sharp started on the mound in all 4 of their remaining tournament games, he was the winning pitcher in 3 games, threw 21 2/3 innings (out of 28) & allowed just 2 runs total. As you correctly pointed out, there are personal & family issues which I am completely unaware of. In your first post, you mentioned gun violence. Are you referring to the May 2018 shooting at the Noblesville Middle School? Assuming those personal & family issues were pertinent to their athletic eligibility review, the student's family & legal counsel certainly submitted that information on their transfer application & to the IHSAA Review Committee. In both cases, the Committee ruled against the transfer applicants-- because facts often outweigh feelings.
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    Donald Trump. With a gun. In the middle of 5th Avenue. We playing Clue, right?
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    Abusive? You call that abusive? Mom’s on the right don’t raise sissy snowflakes....they actually raise independent adults.
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    Correct, they don't have to. But there is something, although dying in our society, called common courtesy. And I appreciate Jimmie taking the time out of his busy schedule to address my question promptly and honestly. So will other future threads about this subject, about other coaches at other schools, also be unceremoniously deleted/hidden? If so, and if this is now the official GID policy, IMHO it needs to be added to the GID posting guidelines.
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    And the GID would be much the poorer for it.
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