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    Pffff. Jack Kiser absolutely deserved to be named Mr. Football. Kid never really left the field and played lights out. if there was ever a chance for a 1A player to win it, it was Jack.... No 3A player has ever been named Mr. Football I believe and I think only 1 2A has been named....that being Jaylon Smith who is a star Linebacker for the cowboys. 26/27 years of Mr football....2 were for small schools. 1 of those 2 has proven to be one of the best linebackers. gimme a break *steps down off soap box* sighs*. Some of y’all schools need to chill with being entitled to awards and what not.
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    I believe in 1997, DuJuan Daniels won and he was from 3A Chatard. However, point taken that larger class schools have historically won the award. I'm not sure I have an opinion on that part, just wanted to chime in on the 3A comment Jack Kiser was more than deserving this year. Complete package and a beast
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    I doubt if the rich and famous indicted/arrested in this case will actually serve real jail time, but I found this amusing:
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    This kind of thing illustrates a point I have tried to make for some time about "privilege". There are privileges every person in our country has available to them; but the people caught up in something like this, are on a different level entirely when it comes to privilege. Sure there are even privileges that are raced based, but again, the privilege these people have lived with are at the root of even racial privilege.
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    Jake did finish 3rd in Mr. Football in 2005, he may have been able to steal the show at State if that pesky Jimtown team didn't snag us in OT!! As far as IFCA: Open to all coaches in Middle and High School Must be paid member to vote I believe it to be a good thing, that is coming from a coach who has been at a 2a school coaching since 2003. with anything these days, if you try hard enough, you can try to poke holes into everything to find potential flaws or reasoning that can be molded to think one way or another. I sat in that meeting, I believe strongly this proposal was simply to allow another reason to have our members have a voice into the biggest award IFCA provides.
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    As you may know, and my men Irish and IO can attest, I am the resident TWD geek. That is absolutely Negan, but I did conclude through my hours of research, that TWD writers interviewed Bernie for his thoughts. Of course, that’s per my “sources.”
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    This is just a prime opportunity for someone on the internets to do a bad lip read to this video.
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    3A. http://www.ihsaa.org/Sports/Boys/Football/200910/200910Class3AStateFinalsRecap/tabid/740/Default.aspx
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    Looks like Linton won in 1975! http://www.almanacsports.com/football/series.php?team1=WHIT&team2=LIN Dan
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    yeah yeah... I get what you are saying LOL! I know we are officially 2A size now...and have to move forward. Both the 2017 and 2018 teams would have been a factor in southern 1A... the 17 team more so.. I would have loved a Linton rematch with EG in '17 and to see how we'd of stacked up with N.Central both years. NOt to mention the senators!! In my current research for Miner Football..I've been through the folder with all my old W W Info..... there have been some battles!!!
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    Thanks to everyone for the help! I will be checking all of this out!! Oh.. and I can seem to recall Linton playing Whiting way back.. maybe 70's... I think the oilers came to Linton... I gotta check up on that!
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    Maybe the college board needs to go; keep in mind the reach of the CB includes AP courses.
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    While it is US government based, if the ASVAB became THE test, how long would it be before that test might be compromised in some way or another? There's certainly something to be said for College Board being a profit-based, although ACT is non-profit. Nonetheless, the potential issue is less the motives of the administering company and more the value of the outcome in how it's used in college admissions. If no one used the SAT, no one would be paying the kind of money that these folks paid. Then again, if not the SAT, then probably whatever test carried that weight. As we saw in this scheme, it's not even the scoring only as there were folks involved, even tangentially in the recruiting process, that most likely had a big impact on the admission process ... the coaches who were willing to take in people, skill unseen, for scholarship or admission positions. In some of those cases, I'm sure all they needed was a bare minimum SAT score when a coach says, "I need this person in my sport."
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    Possibly. It is used in Indiana as an alternative for kids who cannot pass ISTEP.
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    what a fun matchup: Could it possibly be marketed as the single longest trip possible in the state of Indiana of 2 team playing each other? Whiting to Evansville!! So fun
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    I'm not sure who Jacon is. Sounds like bacon.
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    Looks real nice Jenn. Good job. Bit of a travel I see on 8/31. Appears to be a great match-up for the Oilers.
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    I will admit to growing weary of some of these threads and don't even look at them.
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    That's what she said
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    Any word on David Hogg's involvement? We could tie up two threads.
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    Jacon and Ab were pretty good ball players back in the day, but I wasn't aware that either had won Mr. Football.
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    I CO SIGN!!!! Fruitful conversation
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    You will if, and that is the questionable, you make regionals
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    That would be very cool coach.! In fact, I just went through my old filing cabinet.. and sorted all 5 drawers full into opponents. Course you recall when I did the SW7 and even after that, I kinda wanted to be the documentarian of our local small school teams. So I had NK, ND, NC, Sullivan, EG, Linton, Wood Memorial , Union..and usually WWash, Tecumseh,Springs Valley and Perry Central send me their stats every week so I could keep record. And I did the same with teams we played a lot such as West Vigo.. but it's all changed since the schedule has changed... just can't keep up. But I just went through the NK files... next step is to get them in order by year.. and see what I'm missing. I definitely don't have anything from 1991-1995... If you have any Linton-NK stuff from those years I would love to have a copy of it!! THanks in advance!
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    You DBasers think it's DBase or die!
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    Time to Put the College Admissions System on a Rocket and Shoot It Into the Sun: http://reason.com/blog/2019/03/13/college-bribery-scandal-defund-loughlin
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    Fair statement Fox....I shouldn't label Hollywood based on a couple of actors. Just a bias on my part with past attacks, when "some of Hollywood" have their own messes to clean up. But you are correct...seems more like a money issue. Just glad is was identified. Also good statement about FBI vs. college boards nailing this. Kind of like the FBI busting college bball coaches for recruiting issues, and NCAA seeming clueless. ESPN's take on this issue....coaches and sports administrators bribed..... http://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/26238811/feds-allege-coaches-bribed-school-admission
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    And another convo devolved into a mind numbing, ad hominem, straw man, goal post shifting cesspool. Thanks for staying true to your school. #MyManMuda
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    I could not pass this one up. The resemblance is scary 🤣
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    Being a coach I agree with the sentiment above. Coaches preach to players "never give up, fight till the end". Going to a running clock no matter how out of hand the game is makes you feel like a hypocrite. Having been a coach on both sides of a blowout I think it's a respectable way to get games over with and having a rule to enforce it would take it out of the coach's hands. Though I think there would need to be some discussion on how it's implemented. Ohio's rule is that at any point during the game if a team gets up 30+ they go with a running clock. I saw a game where this hurt a teams chance to come back. Running clock went into effect near the beginning of the 3rd and basically ran off the entire quarter on two consecutive drives. The losing team closed the gap stopping the clock, started to come back and literally ran out of time. Would like to think if that time hadn't ran off would they have had an opportunity to tie or win. I few years ago when Bobby Cox was pushing this I heard someone suggest no running clock in the first half. Running clock would only begin when leading by 42+ in the 3rd and 35+ in the 4th and would end if the score was brought back within those ranges which I think makes more sense.
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    I’m in agreement with taking it out of being a choice. 35 points seems fair to me. If you have a coach choose you will have a number of issues. Some coaches as you said won’t want to give up on their team, or be perceived as doing such and others will refuse because they will want to play all their seniors. Just make it a set rule out of control of anyone on the field at the time. The refs will have to enforce it and cannot change it and the coaches will have to accept it. There are drawbacks from this of course but from what I have seen, the majority of the time if a team is refusing to run the clock it’s because the coach doesn’t want to give up or wave the white flag and it only makes the outcome that much more worse
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    I think there needs to be a standardized mercy rule. When I was in Florida it kicked in with a 35 point lead and went back out to standard timing if the lead dropped below 35. Everyone knew how the clock was going to play out and there was no debate nor arguments about . I am in South Carolina now. We had a team ask for it last year when we were up 21. They got the ball after the half and scored on the first drive. Their head coach still wanted the running clock, the officials wanted the clock to go back to normal timing rules, our head coach just wanted to know what the heck was going on. When I was in Indiana, we played a team and won 74-6. It was an away game three hours away so we only dressed 30 players. The other team's coach refused the running clock and we ran dive every single play with our worst skill player and it still got out of hand. Without a rule you are asking a head coach to agree to what many feel like is giving up. A lot of guys won't do it because they don't want to quit on the kids or they don't want their community to feel like they gave up on the kids. I would be open to many different solutions, but I think there needs to be a standard that everyone understands and I think the solution takes has automatic indicators so it's not left to human judgement.
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    https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/03/destroying-history-confederate-statues-christopher-columbus/ Agreed.
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    Thank you for your support, NightHawk.
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    Ok. Thank you for that concise explanation.
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    Of course Muda...science only applies to Global Warming.......
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    https://mises.org/wire/next-step-social-security’s-ponzi-scheme Yep, it's time for the Baby Boomers to get paid as more and more and more of them become eligible for Ponzi Security.
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