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    Many of my coaching pals knew I had this opportunity come my way and now I can OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE to tune in on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11th, 2017 for the 1st episode of the 35th Season of WHEEL OF FORTUNE!! I was selected for Teacher Week and filmed back in late JULY!! Check your local listings !!!
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    How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?... Yeah... Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.
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    If you're not, then you are clearly only here to be a troll, considering this entire forum exists for the sole purpose of discussing a high school athletic competition.
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    I know he's not supposed to talk about winning or not, but there's leaked footage of @Coach Nowlin in the bonus round. The camera makes him look more cartoonish ... kind of like a young Peter Griffin.
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    I'm a believer in God, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit - and I believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for the Triton community as we deal with the death of Junior two-way starter Cameron Scarberry, who was killed in a car accident today. It will be a tough week for the Trojans.
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    I'd have been in the pros if I'd been bigger, faster, stronger, and better.
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    PCS rankings - Week 5 I've been compiling the PCS rankings (similar to the old BCS) as time permits for the past 10 years, and I'm happy to announce the Week 5 PCS rankings are now online! http://www.almanacsports.com/article.php?news_id=2017091301 Here are the No. 1 teams in each class: 6A: Ben Davis (4-0) 5A: Roncalli (4-0) 4A: Evansville Reitz (4-0) 3A: Gibson Southern (4-0) 2A: Eastbrook (4-0) 1A: Pioneer (4-0) Remember these are for entertainment purposes only Thanks and enjoy, Dan "Rudy" Engler AlmanacSports.com 2017 PCS Rankings - Week 5.pdf
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    Agreed. Which is why I voted for Scecina.
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    I'd take a second to mention Linton's presence on the GID, but they'll be here shortly to remind you.
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    I hope Eastbrook/Scecnia play in tournament. I don't care who wins or by how much I'll just want to creep on the thread for a week and upvote all the funny parts and probably stir the pot with comments I don't even mean.
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    I can top you all. I know of a coach who claims to have been on Wheel of Fortune!
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    Is that really an embellishment?
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    For the first time ever, Linton beefs up their schedule to where they play tough teams....and you want to brag about it lol? Years of beating up on north central and Dugger got to your head. Sullivan's schedule has always been the same. Depends on how tough the WIC but with 12 teams it's competitive. We have always had a tougher schedule than the Miners...ALWAYS. So I commend Linton's coaches and AD for increasing their SOS. I believe that's why they lost many postseason games including the 08 game to Ritter is because they beat up on weak 1A teams over the years and weren't used to playing tough teams. Their new SOS will play dividends and the best Miner teams are yet to come. I have nothing but respect for the Miner coaches and especially the youth league. It's posters and fans like you is why almost every school in the wabash valley you play doesn't care for your poor and arrogant attitude. That's why the T-birds dropped you and why eastern doesn't like you. The Linton fans on here are for the most part great. Miners have more posters than many 5A and 6A teams and they provide real insight. I will continue to comment when I feel I can add value. Thanks for your concern though.
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    Whether NC gets WC this week or not, cannot say enough about the quick change of belief that Coach O'shea and staff has added to the Panther program. Rooting for them for continued success!!
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    I would be perfectly happy to go 15-0 and be known as the worst state champs in history
  20. 5 points
    An adjustment like the whole state moving to Central time (as it should be)?
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    1.) As I enter into another year of time spent mostly away from TGD and high school football in general. The last few weeks of activity to the forum has almost in short, rejuvenated a passion that was slightly… lost. I was thinking about this. How did this happen? Is this from the new generation of the forum not having an appeal? Is this due to moving away from a program you were apart of that’s altered? I challenged myself to find which one is the correct answer. Coming around here and recognizing hardly anyone who posts it is difficult to have an appreciation for their work and time they put into their thoughts and harder to enjoy the arguments and the laughs that presented themselves. Ahhh, indeed they were the glory days. Just sitting back, trying to recapture. I chose to go the Carmel / North Central game last week. The result was about expected and I did not really have a preference in the result. Friday nights never get old. Let’s go home to Batesville which has not truly been my home in about 8 years. I don’t know this coach. I don’t know this system. I don’t know these players. I don’t really even know this program. This was the same as the Carmel game with more of a small town feel and a few close friends. Then it hit me. The answer is easy. Simply put… both are correct. I was a lost DAWG… Until. 2.) Last week I loaded up TGD and saw it. “DT’s Week 5 Upset Special – North Central over CG.” I saw the score and said humbly, “it’s nice to see DT back.” Not that I had a say in allowing this ;)... I will give credit where credit is deserved. DT really brings out the best in conversation and I personally cannot wait to see the reaction to his first DD in about 10 years. I would generally hope time heals all wounds and egos – perhaps to see 12 of his thoughts from the years away compared to the “current events” of IHSFB. Who’s coming next? That hack Jim Rome? 3.) I also want to personally give a thank you to the 2007 Gridiron Digest Most Valuable Poster, THE TW… and Coach Nowlin who appeared to have kept the spirit of the forum alive. This is not a “quick filler” as much as highlighting a well deserved number for you both. My appreciation is there. REAL recognize REAL. BTW – One could assume the lady judge from the GGG/Canelo fight was also the person who tallied up the 2007 “MVP” votes. It all makes perfect sense. 4.) Recently stumbled across a video of a post game speech by Ben Davis head coach Mike Kirschner after the Warren Central game with a message I would describe as extremely powerful. As an adult now – I hope these kids were and are able to take this message and use this to take the right paths in life. Really important to note here this is all putting the kids first. For anyone curious here is a link to the full post game speech 5.) From one powerful message to another. I couldn’t help but have to take a step back recently and think about a Cleveland Indians baseball team who won 22 straight Major League Baseball games. My thought process as an Indians fan in short is “this is meaningless unless they win the World Series.” While I do believe that to an extent, I cannot help but take a breath and understand no matter what happens… it was history. 6.) This thought process takes me back a few years. If I recall correctly it was after the 2004 season where Heritage Hills lost to Andrean in the State Championship. My good buddy HHPatriot04 made a post about celebrating the accomplishment that was a terrific season and something I would hope those guys involved are proud of. An old Chatard jabroni champ7 chimed in with his personal belief. “Life is determined by the amount of state championships you have.” I'm not sure he physically was apart of any. In most cases I would go for 12 but I’m choosing to hold onto some ammo for next time while also not wanting to get too off topic. I realize Coach Nowlin might get a little too jelly of the DAWG and relegate this thread to his own personal playground, the Out Of Bounds forum, or as I like to remember. The Gridiron Nation. I am extremely proud to have created this alongside TA and am even more delighted to have given Muda a place he finally feels comfortable enough to come out – with his political views. Until next time which I hope to be soon - Always and forever – your favorite posters favorite poster. -DAWG
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    Good points. I must be old, dumb or both. I've seen NW, Rockies and NR in person. I would take the Rockies over NR any day when healthy, but NR beat them. I think, and I am likely wrong, having so many kids going both ways will eventually catch up to you. Like I said, dumb and old is a bad combo. :) good luck next week hope you win.
  23. 5 points
    Shoot I can top that. If I had a voice and some dancing skill...oh and a band, I could be famous. I 've been around here too long and have heard several people say they played football forgetting that I have been watching Peru football for 30 years. "Back when i played...." I know who has played and who hasn't. It really is a true and funny topic. I just give them a glance and a nod. These arent coaches just fans.
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    I would have to say a distant second to the MIC.
  25. 5 points
    Don't call him Shirley!!!
  26. 5 points
    Actually I thought you done well for someone from Rensselaer !
  27. 5 points
    Until they lose a game to a 3A school, any 3A poll that doesn't have Bishop Chatard at the top isn't worth much in my opinion.
  28. 5 points
    What is the use of polling if not to rank teams in their respective classes? Chatard was an early exit losing in the Sectional Championship last year. You do realize, don't you, the Chatard had previously not lost either a Sectional or Regional in 3A since 2001? As often as not, they had lost 3-4 games each of those years and were ranked somewhere outside the Top 5. They won 9 State Championships during that same 15 year period add that they were in 4A for 2 of those 15 years. Per the IFCA, this year, they just played the #2 team in 6A (lost by 8 which is 1 less than Warren Central just lost to them), lost to both the #1 and #2 team in 6A. Your point makes no sense. It appears you just want a poll that ranks teams based on who hasn't lost a game rather than just how good a team is relative to those others in their class. Edit - they lost to the #1 and #2 in 5A....though they also lost to the #2 team in 6A.
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    Wow. Let. It. Go. This thread isn't about you. Love the NLC thread, long time reader, first time poster. Great teams in Northern Indiana this year, look forward to our Sectional 19! And yes, this is my real name.
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    BTW CIC World...... Can someone give me some darn props on my prediction last week????? I said the running score for last week would be 197-25. The actual running score when the clock hit all zeros was 192-25. That is a pretty good prediction if I dont mind honking my own horn. Get those silly kickers better and maybe I would have been perfect!
  32. 5 points
    I believe that Steele has already established himself as the real deal. How many other 14 year olds have you seen run over Warren Central and Carmel in their first 3 high school football games?
  33. 5 points
    WOW... A 3rd of the REGULAR Season is done after this week... Sad!!!
  34. 5 points
    Wow, that is freaking awesome! I am totally going to flame you if you bought vowels!!!
  35. 5 points
    Isn't this the case every year you guys don't play in the 6A tourney? Play one of the toughest schedules in the state then roll over every team in either 4A or 5A tourney.
  36. 5 points
    Best of luck to the CIC teams this year. This will be my only post, but I'll be reading each week. HBP and the rest of you keep the banter up and jokes flowing. Two reasons I read, first for HBP predictions, second for those who get worked up and give me something to smile at. Have fun fellas!
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    Grid, better team won. Extremely well coached team. Congrats to you and your community. Great environment and old school football. Comcord keeps rolling.. impressive. warsaw with a shutout.. tiger d! Rockies win, but hearing some horrible news out of Plymouth. Hope it's not true. Enjoy Saturday football
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    I have to say this is one of the most enjoyable threads I have ever read here on the GID. No one is arguing and no one is pooh poohing what someone else is doing. I have seen no one say, "we do it the right way or you are doing it the wrong way". I hope you'll forgive me a couple of moments to share a couple of things. Since the youth leagues are all volunteer, it reminds me of when I was in the Navy. At my last command before I retired, we were stationed overseas in Spain. All of the military children went to a Department of Defense school on the base. Grades 3 - 6 played together and were put in a pool for a draft. We had 6 teams. There were 6 volunteer coaches (all military members) who would meet a week before practices started for the season and would draft their teams from the kids who wanted to play. There were no tryouts so you drafted only on the names of the kids. They did list the kids sizes so one team wouldn't end up with all of the "big" kids on one team. The league was all flag with no pads. I was a volunteer coach for 2 of the 3+ years that I was there. It was mostly about fundamentals but some coaches had fairly elaborate play books. At any rate, most families were only stationed there for 3 years so one team never got stacked for a dynasty and the coaches changed due to their being transferred to other places in the world. I do know of one kid left Spain and went back stateside. We lost contact with him and his family but found out years later that he played at Clemson on a scholarship and was the starting center for Clemson. Talk about a shock! I believe he ended up being a 3rd or 4th round draft pick for the Rams. So having said all of that, I appreciate ALL of the volunteer coaches who give their time to this great sport. Lastly my son played one year (he was in 6th grade when we moved there) in the Linton youth league back in the mid 90's after I retired and we moved to Linton. It was really quite different seeing them in pads and playing tackle than playing flag and no pads. Thanks for letting me ramble for a couple of moments. I am waxing nostalgic reading this thread. My sincere thanks to all who coach and/or are involved!!!
  39. 4 points
    I just want to say Pioneer and Triton are really showing that they are super cool and respectful institutions for moving the game to Thursday. They have reminded us that there are far more important things in this world then football. I tip my hat to both programs for being honorable and classy. It has to be a process to move the game because of people working it. Gate concessions lights refs booth and way more. Thank you
  40. 4 points
    Talking Jasper up earlier in season for doing better then others slowing down Memorial offense and now they are mid level ?? By end of season Jasper and Posey will most likely both be 7-2: it's not like we lost to bad teams.
  41. 4 points
    I'll explain this to you when I have time. Right after my enshrinement speech in Canton.
  42. 4 points
    After a year and a half of following everyone on here I've finally decided to sign up. Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading what everyone post on here. Some of it good and some of it is way out in left field. lol. But still fun to read and follow.
  43. 4 points
    That's what makes this country great- If Texans want to spend millions on a high school stadium, they're free to do it. And folks in Indiana don't have to like it.....
  44. 4 points
    What about the band and choir? Should we do away with those as well? I mean we spend tax dollars to build the auditorium where they perform. We have to build purpose built rooms for them to practice. Does basketball, wrestling, volleyball get a pass because we have to have a gym for PE? Or should we do away will all of it. Our community also uses the pool, can we keep that? The difference between you and I are I see extracurriculars as part of the education process, I have no idea what you see, given your stance on football, I'm not sure why you're even here.
  45. 4 points
    Oh yeah...saw NR grad Issac Zickafoose play for Bluffton today....just as big of a stud as I remember! Garza from Wawasee kicked the ball well for us! Love getting to see our conference represented for 4 more years!
  46. 4 points
    Great ballgame to be at last night. Great venue. Best of all, we have plenty of room for improvements. A game like this in week four is a great tool for both staffs to get their teams ready for the tournament. Hats off to Henderson county, their kids fought hard for 4 quarters.
  47. 4 points
    Big ups to the Alexandria Tigers for a nice win over Oak Hill last Friday. If you would have told me a month ago that Alex would be undefeated while the Golden Eagles were winless I'd have assumed you were talking about volleyball. Frankton walloped MG in predictable fashion. Eastbrook hung 50 on Elwood before most folks had gotten their popcorn. Ole Miss continued their march but not before Blackford squeaked out a sweet field goal. It looks like this week brings us a couple of legitimately watchable games. Alexandria at Frankton I like to think this will be the game of the week. Alexandria's 3-0 is shocking to all of us. I was admittedly skeptical of the Wes-Del and Wabash victories but seeing them go on the road and beat a well-coached Oak Hill team last week really has me believing in them. Third place is wiiiiiide open in this league. Frankton is feeling pretty good about itself as well after a 59-8 shellacking of Madison-Grant on Friday. The Eagles are tough to put a finger on as they haven't played a single game within 40 points of their opponents yet. Whipping up on APA and MG makes me yawn but there really isn't anything to be ashamed about in losing to a quality Lapel team. The Eagles boast one of the best QB's in the conference and a stat sheet that would make Russell Westbrook blush. As much as I want to see the Tigers emerge victorious, I just think the young Eagles will be too much to handle at home. Eagles 34-20 Blackford at Oak Hill The Bruins took a whoopin at home last Friday but there isn't much to be ashamed about in losing to Ole Miss. This Blackford squad has life and I'm really excited to see how they fare tomorrow night. If they can hang tough with Oak Hill, Hartford City should throw Sehy a parade. This athletic program has been in shambles for far too long and this conference is a helluva lot more fun when the Bruins are relevant. On the other end of the optimism spectrum lies winless Oak Hill. There were whispers of a down year looming for the Golden Eagles but I refused to listen. This team was too well-coached to fall that far out of the upper echelon, I thought. It appears the boo-birds were right. This is the worst start I've seen from Oak Hill since they joined the conference back in '06. That being said, Oak Hill's scraps are still better than most teams prime rib. I think the losing streak stops on Friday. This is too proud of a program to start 0-4 with an L to Blackford. Remember when Charlie Strong lost his job last year shortly after the Longhorns lost to Kansas? If the Golden Eagles lose to Blackford tomorrow I think Coach Ozman should be relegated to coaching girls basketball for at least a year. Golden Eagles 38-14 Elwood at Mississinewa I probably shouldn't waste too much time with this game. You don't need me to tell you that Mississinewa is a terrific football team and that my beloved Elwood Panthers already look ready for swim season. To add salt in the wound, I'm hearing that several starters will be out this week with injury. Thankfully Coach Funk is a classy guy and will stop the fight early instead of pulling a Frankton and dropping a hundo on the red & blue. Indians 60-0 Madison Grant at Eastbrook Here's another game that probably doesn't need much ink. Madison Grant barely has enough kids to warrant taking a regular sized school bus to the game. If I were the black & gold I'd petition for an immediate running clock so they could at least get to Ivanhoe's before closing time. Eastbrook gets plenty of work for their 2's and 3's in this one. Panthers 72-0
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    negative, Bosslady knows in fall she sadly is trained to be single mommy, not the greatest but part of the awesomeness of her!!!
  49. 4 points
    Week 2 came and went and we're left with a little more clarity on the hierarchy of our beloved CIC. Eastbrook and Mississinewa (even in defeat) continue to show the rest of conference that they ain't messin' around. Alexandria moves to 2-0 against Indian-related mascots this season. They're an October win against Ole Miss away from renaming their stretch of Hwy 28 the "Trail of Tears". Blackford showed signs of life against a Southern Wells squad that got a little Honorable Mention love in 1A. Congrats, Coach Sehy. Frankton took one on the chin against arch rival Lapel. Elwood rolled over against Tipton for the 156th consecutive time. Oak Hill is ready to press the panic button after another demoralizing defeat. Madison-Grant is rumored to be signing girls off the powder puff squad after their shellacking at the hands of perennial cupcake Eastern 72-0. Week 3 looks about as exciting as Bob Dole reading the Old Testament set to Jazz music but we're dorks and we're gonna talk about these games anyway. I'm going with all road teams this Friday. Eastbrook at Elwood I heard all summer that my beloved Panthers might surprise some people. I was a little skeptical at first but I went into this season with an open mind. After two weeks of putrid offense and a secondary that looks like they'd rather be out there catching butterflies, I'm ready to throw in the towel on my dream of a .500 season. Week 3 will almost assuredly be another similar drubbing. Luckily in week 4 the schedule gets a little bit easi...wait, what's that? That's Ole Miss's music?! Bah Gawd. When does this madness end? Eastbrook 66-13 Frankton at Madison Grant The football gods answered my prayers and the Eagles were dealt a butt whoopin. Maybe losing by 41 at home to your arch rival will be humbling for the red and white. Maybe Coach Ryan says "Naw, the schedule handed me lemons for a reason and we're about go all R Kelly and make lemonade all over the Argylls and their 13 players." Boost those stats for Mcguire and the boys and beef up that Hudl portfolio, big dawg. Eagles 87-0 Mississinewa at Blackford I was extremely impressed with the Indians when I saw the box score on Saturday morning. New Haven is a terrific 4A ballclub and Ole Miss gave them all they wanted. I hate to wish my life away but September 15th at Eastbrook is about to be lit, fam. I'd like to extend another standing O to the Bruins and Coach Sehy for a two score victory on the road last week. I didn't give them much of a chance in that game and they made me look silly. It's nice to see this program slowly making strides. Unfortunately a big 4A bully is coming to town this week to dunk their heads back in the toilet. Dry off that hair, Bruin faithful. The CIC is top-heavy and there's plenty of W's out there this Fall...just not this week. Indians 56-0 Oak Hill at Alexandria We should all be thankful for this matchup as the first three games I listed will likely be over shortly after the National Anthem. These two teams couldn't have started any differently. Oak Hill looks to be stuck in the mud so far this season. The talent pool has leveled off a bit lately for the Golden Eagles and the vultures are starting to circle their wagon. Next on the funeral march will be the undefeated Alex Tigers. Undefeated & Alexandria go together like orange juice & toothpaste or John & Yoko. Weird as it is, the Tigers technically are undefeated. Beating teams like Wes-Del and Wabash isn't exactly much to beat your chest about but a dubbya is a dubbya. Beaming with confidence and facing a downtrodden opponent you'd think the Tigers would be primed to continue the winning streak. In the words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast, my friends". Bud Ozman is still a quality ball coach and the Golden Eagles aren't dead just yet. I look for them to right the ship on Friday and grab their first victory in a slugfest. Golden Eagles 26-24
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