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    Fishers is getting one hell of a coach and an even better person. Coach Nowlin couldn't have been more correct when he said that "Coach Funk easily one of the best guys in the state!!" I was on his staff when he first started coaching at Mississinewa after serving as an assistant at Mooresville. He completely turned the culture of the program at Mississinewa around. Prior to Funk's arrival in Gas City, Mississinewa was known as an undisciplined team that would always have a few personal foul calls against them . It took him a few years, but he turned the program into a team known for high powered offenses that played with discipline. HIs defenses were pretty good too! For the longest time, the Central Indiana Conference was dominated by Eastbrook and coach Jeff Adamson. After Coach Funk's arrival, the CIC title alternated between Eastbrook and Mississinewa. Coach Funk is a man of character that truly cares about his players and team. He has a wonderful, supporting family who have represented the Mississinewa community with class. This is a huge loss for Mississinewa but a great hire for Fishers. The HCC is big step up from the CIC, but I know that Coach Funk will be up for the challenge and will continue to put hardware in Fishers trophy case. I think it's awesome that Coach Funk will play every year against Avon and coach Mark Bless, who he coached under at Mooresville. Coach Funk has the utmost respect for Coach Bless. It will be fun watching them coach against each other. Kudos to Fisher for a great hire. I know that it was very hard for Coach Funk to leave Mississinewa, but this is a great opportunity for him and his family. I wish him nothing but the best at Fishers. Thank you Coach Funk for all that you've done for Mississinewa.
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    Coach Funk at Mississinewa ran multiple offensive packages. He built the program back up to where they have been ranked consistently since 2015 season. He won 2 Sectionals in the last 3 years. One of the few coach's that have a winning record against Eastbrook's long time coach Jeff Adamson. He is big on weight room. He also encourages players to be multi sport athletes. He also did 2 different stints as wrestling coach at Mississinewa. At Mississinewa he ran a spread offense and is a mastermind on shutting down wing-T offenses. He has coached at least 1 player since 2016 that played in the North-South Game. Loves a big offensive line. Mississinewa's line in 2016 averaged around 280lbs, would have been more but the center was 215 who happened to be the #1 long snapper as a Junior in the Nation in one of the ranking systems. His offense scores a lot of points and I mean a lot of points. Typically had at multiple games a year where 60 plus was scored, even against very good teams. He adapts offense to the talent of his players. The offense package at Mississinewa had well over 200 different plays that could be used. Runs mostly no huddle offense. Against Marion this year in the sectional final put up over 400 yards rushing with 300 being by 1 player. He will run a Wildcat offense when needed. Fishers has hired a very good coach. Mississinewa hates to lose him but he deserves a big program like Fishers. Good Hire Fishers. I would guess that Mississinewa and Fishers will do some summer scrimmages. To learn more about his style of play look up the games on youtube on TribeTv which is the student ran TV station at Mississinewa. They recorded all the home games and presented them live. They also do road games if the wifi at the host school was good enough.
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    Actually he is 5-6 against Coach Adamson's mighty Panthers...
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    Great get for Lewis Cass. Always love seeing talented coaches come back home. https://www.pharostribune.com/sports/article_ddcdd928-4e13-11ea-9ff4-637aaeba01dd.html
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    If that makes him feel better. It's not up to us who plays and who doesn't. Buy your popcorn, sit down, and shut up...
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    Its official tonight, Curt Funk has been hired at Fishers, Much love to my buddy on his new opportunity. Coach Funk easily one of the best guys in the state!!
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    I thought your deal was to do away with government schools and their associated sports programs?
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    Big changes to the MLB playoff process are being proposed now. What does that have to do with Indiana high school football? It just confirms something that some of us have been saying for years. If you want to make the regular season games more exciting, ignite fan interest, keep people and teams engaged to the greatest extent possible, you take steps to make those regular season games more meaningful with respect to post-season opportunity. MLB has obviously realized that changing the playoff protocol is a legitimate and effective way to do that. In order to make regular season games more meaningful, they are proposing changes that would keep more teams fighting for more playoff spots. It would increase playoff participation from 10 to 14 teams. The stated purpose is to make the stakes for regular season games higher, to make for more competitive games, greater "buzz" and, of course, the increased revenue that flows from that. This teaches us that the most sophisticated minds in sports see using the playoff structure as a way to improve the regular season … just what we should be doing in Indiana with at least playoff seeding, and better still, a playoff qualification format.
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    Some people are missing the point. This thread is not about the wisdom of the changes MLB is contemplating. It’s about the fact that a multi-billion dollar organization decided that an effective way to bring more meaning to their regular season is to manipulate the playoff format to make more regular season games have meaningful consequences for the post season. As long as we have an all-in, unseeded tournament, we are denying ourselves the use of the tool that MLB has decided is the most effective way to generate greater interest and excitement in the regular season. A shame that people on here ostensibly to promote the game of high school football don’t — or won’t — recognize the real opportunity cost of the present system.
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    First you have to know who has all those guns and where they are. I would assume when that process starts, there will be a huge increase in boating accidents.
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    Eastern is basically a complete rebuild. Coach Hudson has been around long enough to know this. He inherited a feeder program with few bright spots. Whether he should publicly state this is debatable. Hard truths might be necessary to motivate people to recognize the problem. I'm not sure people realize the amount of quality people and coaches it takes to establish a feeder program. When a program invest in their kids like that... paired with some improvement/success at the varsity level... you begin to see some of these kids move into your school district. Lincoln will be fine at ISU. He isn't at that upper D1 level... yet. That isn't to say he might not get there in the next year or so. You also have to figure in opportunity... I haven't looked at the Sycamore roster, but there may be an early opportunity to play. Whether he is upper or mid D1, He is still expanding his game. I'm sure he will be asked to get stronger. The last year or two... he was primarily a shooter who occasionally went to the basket. This year, he is taking the ball to the basket with authority. His ball handling has improved and he has had moments where he is a capable passer. Who knows where he will be this time next year. Right now... I would say the physicality of an upper D1 program could be an obstacle. When he has struggled it has been in two ways... athletic physical defenders and how to impact a game when he isn't hitting shots. Defense may be another place to improve. Regardless, he is one of the better kids to ever wear a Miner jersey.
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    So I have to assume in your world, the govt was successful in collecting the mass inventory of guns that are already in the hands of users? Why would I need to make a ton more? You don't think a market would be created of an ample supply already in existence? Germany and the former Soviet Union was fairly successful in collecting citizens firearms....how did that work out for them? Far more people will be killed on roads and highways this year....why are you not advocating much lower speed limits, ban of mobile phones in cars, banning of alcohol and weed, etc? It would seem you pick and choose your risk based on politics.
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    RETIREMENT MUST HAVE BEEN GETTING TO THE MAN!! With that being said congrats to Clay... Im sure he is in for the long haul and I am confident he will do great things with the KINGS!!
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    Lets get it done!! Lewis Cass vs Kokomo Mannering boys vs Colby Boys 😀
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    Stinky, Stinky, Stink 1.2.3. Spartan Town has some fresh meat! Coach Jackson STC will say congrats but just know....week 8 the Tigers will want to kick your....... Tigers FOREVER-Spartans NEVER!!!!
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    Announced tonight: Clayton Mannering, son of Hall of Fame coach Scott Mannering, was announced to follow in his dads footsteps and took the job at Lewis Cass. Bring a bright future to Lewis Cass for the future.
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    Top to bottom the SIAC is more physical, more athletic, and more talented than any conference in SW Indiana. Not close.
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    great to hear...nice to see you on the schedule again...and not the first game of the season!
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    Great news for PAC football and PC!
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    I agree with Bauer here:
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    I'm guessing a public school teaching/coaching job would pay more than a Catholic school teaching/job...
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    Go Knights! Thank god Tom Allen didn't get involved.
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    I can promise you, none of those scholarships had anything to do with being an athlete. Once I went back there and coached for three years, this confirmed it because I can't tell you how many times I'd call up a person in our Financial Aid office and ask them if there was anything extra available for them to apply for, etc. and be told that was all that was available. But I'll submit to your statement that I am sure it varies student to student, school to school. My main point was, do not let sticker prices of D3 schools in the state of Indiana scare ANYONE away from possibly attending. Many of those schools have a number of financial aid possibilities/offerings that can make the overall cost very competitive against the public state schools within the state. Also - while I am on my soap box - to any current seniors and/or their parents reading this - PLEASE check in with your local county's community foundation and apply to as many/all of those scholarships you can. Even if you don't fit the exact criteria, it's possible there are NO other qualified candidates as well! I'll never forget my parents making me fill out no less than 25 different scholarship applications (I was so tired or writing most of the same things over and over again), but I probably received an extra $5,000 or so in various scholarships (ranging from $100 - $1,500 each). For example, the Kosciusko County Community Foundation has over 100 scholarships avaiable and $500,000 to award to students in Kosciusko County every year!
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    I've updated sectionals for 5A and 6A this coming year.
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    So Dante, apply your logic to other goods and services that people wanted and government tried to take away. How did that end? I'll tell you: A failed prohibition on alcohol, a failed "war on drugs", and back-alley abortions. Now tell me how government prohibiting certain individuals (aka in your quote "the people") from possessing a firearm will this time turn out any different.
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    US Mandatory Spending Projected to Increase Over a Trillion Dollars by 2023: https://mises.org/wire/us-mandatory-spending-projected-increase-over-trillion-dollars-2023 Agreed. The federal government needs to be reduced in size, scope, and power by at least 25% across the board. That means defense, education, and federal entitlements just to name a few. Think about the country we are leaving for our children and grandchildren, because our electives officials in Washington sure aren't.
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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/02/13/trump-budget-presidents-1-raise-government-workers-fair/4742634002/ President Trump this week proposed a modest 1% pay increase and less generous retirement benefits for federal workers. The proposal, included in Trump’s fiscal 2021 budget blueprint, is reigniting a longstanding debate over whether federal employees earn too much, or too little, compared to their private-sector counterparts. The president’s budget cites a 2017 Congressional Budget Office study that found federal workers’ total compensation on average is 17% higher than private-sector workers in similar jobs, chiefly because of their benefits. “CBO found that, in comparison to the private sector, the federal government continues to offer a very generous package of retirement benefits,” the budget plan says. Federal employee advocates disagreed. “For an administration that has added $3 trillion to the federal debt, gouging federal employee pay and benefits in the name of deficit reduction is ridiculous,” Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, said in a statement. “For the fourth year in a row, President Trump’s budget proposal would starve federal agencies to the point of paralysis, pick the pockets of middle-class federal workers and their families, weaken our nation’s nonpartisan merit-based civil service, and deprive Americans of the basic services and protections that expect from their government.” The Federal Salary Council – which includes experts in labor relations and pay policy, as well as labor union representatives – found last year that federal employees earn an average 27% less than their private-sector counterparts. That analysis, however, did not take benefits into account. Here are the issues: Is Trump’s proposal likely to be the final word on federal workers’ raises? Probably not. Under legislation introduced by Democrats in both the House and Senate, federal employees would receive an average 3.5% raise in fiscal 2021. For the prior year, Trump recommended a pay freeze but eventually agreed to an average 3.1% pay increase after negotiating with Congress. That included a 2.6% across-the-board bump and a varying premium based on locality. How does Trump’s proposed 1% increase compare with private-sector raises? Hourly wage increases for private workers across the U.S. averaged 3.1% in January, according to the Labor Department. Pay gains averaged 3.1% in manufacturing, 2.9% in construction, 4.1% in retail, 3.7% in financial activities, 3.4% in leisure and hospitality and 1.5% in education and health services. What’s the main argument in support of Trump’s slight pay increase and retirement benefit changes? Chris Edwards, an economist at the libertarian Cato Institute, says a 1% raise is reasonable considering many federal workers get wage bumps as they periodically rise through 10 steps, as well as across-the-board raises. He also says the modest increase makes sense in light of the disparity in benefits between federal and private-sector workers. Edwards also back’s Trump’s proposal to curtail federal retirement benefits and require workers to contribute more toward those benefits. He notes that federal workers receive both a defined contribution plan, like a 401(k), and a defined benefit plan, such as a pension. “The administration’s proposals to trim the federal defined benefit plan are a modest step given that such plans have mainly disappeared in the private sector,” Edwards says. What do opponents of Trump’s plan say? Daniel Zhao, a senior economist at job posting site Glassdoor, notes that employers are struggling to attract workers amid historically low unemployment. “The federal government isn’t immune from today’s highly competitive labor market and must battle for the same qualified workers as their often higher-paying private sector counterparts,” Zhao says. Sudarshan Sampath, director of research at PayScale, a compensation software and data firm, says federal salaries are significantly lower than private wages for high-skilled jobs in fields such as cybersecurity and intelligence, potentially putting the country at a disadvantage. “You can’t just expect their desire to work for the country” to prompt skilled workers to accept lower pay, Sampath says. The CBO has found that from 2011 to 2015, federal workers with a high school diploma or less earned 34% more on average than similar private-sector workers. But federal workers with professional degrees or doctorates earned 24% less than comparable employees at American businesses. A cut? FYI - it's a PROPOSAL he didn't "cut" squat.......most likely there will be a negotiated agreement between Congress and the President......BTW - How many of us already know what we are guaranteed to earn next year? Also, don't fail to note that there was a 3.1% increase this year.......
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    So back-alley engineering/machine shops will make firearms. There are lots of engineers and machinists out there who believe in the 2nd Amendment. Now please give us your detailed plan on catching, screening, and treating people before they are allowed to own a firearm.
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    ? So every individual in the United States of America will be forced into "Medicare-for-All" and a subsequent mandatory psychological evaluation to determine their "mental fitness" in regards to owning a firearm?
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    If the only way to beat China is to become like China, then we've already lost.: https://reason.com/2020/02/12/corporate-socialism-bill-barr-suggests-the-u-s-should-counter-china-by-buying-nokia-or-ericsson/#comments
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    The Democrat Party is a criminal organization. No one is elected by Democrats. They are appointed by the establishment.
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