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  1. 6 points
    Pioneer's head coach is a PE teacher, but the remaining 5 varsity/jv coaches and 2 junior high coaches are all lay coaches. It works out well. The lay football coaches do what they love - coach football - and leave the teaching to teachers who are good at and love what they do. I think the worst situation there is, is when a teacher also coaches just to bump his/her income and doesn't really love it, doesn't do all the "extras" outside of the normal practice time or season to give the team the best chance to be successful... it's an injustice to the kids.
  2. 6 points
    As a guy who has been a lay coach for numerous years, as well as having a father who was a lay coach for almost 30 years, I firmly believe you couldn't be more wrong about your assertion. It's been proven over and over again on these boards you know little of what you talk about, and I firmly believe you would be utterly amazed by the number of lay coaches that are currently employed at schools of all level of success. I would go into detail, but you won't care. I would instead ask you how you would like these staffs filled out if teachers aren't interested/qualified? Most people go into the teaching profession because they want to teach and it has been well documented how much extra time a teacher has to put in outside of school hours if they want to be successful. Coaches have to put in even more for next to nothing in terms of pay (something you point out with your 'coaches leaving/retiring' rants, yet keep pushing for more of with your 'where's all the clinics and camps' complaining). In all actuality, I'd say it's probably even better to have lay coaches. Now you have the players exposed to people from various career paths they may never have known existed. instead of being exposed to only teachers, now they are learning about electrical work, police work, manufacturing, and others. Opens up their eyes to possibilities they may not have known were available. I will grant you one position that should be in the school, and that's the head coach. There are many reason's for that, not least of which is continued accountability off the field of the players. However, even in that instance, you can look at the track record of someone like Adam Hudak at Wheeler. His teams may not be winning sectional titles every year but he put out solid teams, that worked hard, at Lake Station and Wheeler. His Wheeler team made some good stride last year and had very good numbers. All this with a head coach who works in a hospital. I guess what I'm saying, which I usually end up saying when I comment on your crap, is: calm the hell down and stop painting with such a wide brush. One instance of a single lay coach not working out doesn't mean you scrap the hard work and ability of, probably thousands, of lay coaches working their tails off for the game they love every season.
  3. 6 points
    The '72 Dolphins always gather and pop champagne every season when the last undefeated team in the NFL loses. I envision DrivenT and Muda69 meeting in a basement somewhere in a similar celebration whenever a team drops football.
  4. 5 points
    Lol I like you @DrivenT, gotta have ya to keep content up and make people think. Appreciate ya. No doubt there are some horrible lay coaches and programs out there, but that coin flips both ways. There are some phenomenal lay coaches (specifically lay assistants) who may not be in the halls but are putting in work (you can take that to the bank), volunteering (sometimes with no pay) their time from families, work, etc. to enrich the lives of those young men that choose to play football. Some have been doing it for many years (10 yrs+) Having a balance between the two [[Lay and in-school coaches (gotta have in school guys, no doubt)]] seems to be best, if ya gotta have some lay coaches. So as most things in life, it's not all good but it's not all bad either, sir.
  5. 5 points
    How will the remaining 280 be stronger? Those kids wont go to other programs and provide depth at other schools. They just don't get to play.
  6. 4 points
    This argument drives me crazy. Columbus East doesn’t have super water to create these athletes. Part of being a great coach is to run a great program in all aspects and that’s what Gaddis does. Floyd Central has in the past had several big kids who start playing as Freshmen and aren’t there as Juniors and Seniors. Several transfer to play elsewhere or quit. I know what’s coming next is the “well it was too hard for them.” I’m not here to explain why they lose several every year but it’s not that simple. In my opinion if Gaddis has the same talent as the other team right now he’s still up 2 touchdowns on anyone in the HHC. It’s disrespectful and wrong to just say he wins every year because of better talent. That’s on the other schools. Figure it out and find a way to be competitive.
  7. 4 points
  8. 4 points
    Live webcast with Greg Rakestraw and Lance Scheib on the call will be shown here... https://www.iscsportsnetwork.com/videos/2018-ifca-north-south-football-game As for watered down, I have 2 comments on that. 1) My oldest son was at Illinois State for summer school and summer conditioning after his senior year. He asked Coach Spack if he could go to the North-South week/game and he encouraged it. I realize Illinois State is not Ohio State, but I'm not sure how many of those top players WANT to play in it, or even ASK if they can. Obviously, there is some concern by the colleges of injury, which is understandable. 2) I personally choose not to focus on who is NOT there, rather attend and celebrate the kids who ARE there! They have all earned it, let them enjoy the moment, and just go support them! Other than the storm delayed shortened game in 2015, I have not heard of a player comment on a negative experience ever. It's a great week to be part of regardless if some top players are not there. Also, remember, this All-Star game is a representative All-Star game, meaning it's not just the best players period. It's the best players with respect to region, school, class, and position. So chances are you would never have the top 30 players in the state make the rosters even if they could play.
  9. 4 points
    A tremendous football family. Week 1 will be tough one for Momma Kirschner !!
  10. 4 points
    Sounds like Coach Getts, who has a blue collar work ethic ( 2 sectional titles at Belmont) couldn't get the rest of the staff on board. There are certain elements required to compete at championship level. From Admins down to families, all must share the same vision for success. Wish Coach Getts a very restful fall!! Hopefully he gets scooped up again!!
  11. 4 points
    you are thinking of Hudson who never played at LCC, his brother just graduated and was a 4 year starter at LCC, but his older brother never played HS ball in Indiana. Dad was former DC under Hazel. If Jack played in MIC (and he would be a starter on every team in the state of Indiana regardless of the name on the front of the Jersey) there would be ZERO discussions of is ND offer and subsequent verbal commitment to play for the Irish.
  12. 4 points
    Please tell me the new turf doesn't also have stupid yellow lines for soccer
  13. 4 points
    The schools closed. Odd way to look at "we dropped football"
  14. 4 points
    Unfortunately times have changed. Coaches getting to stay at a school for long durations won't be as common as the past. Parents/schools, whomever may be at fault do not support coaches as in the past. Yes, there are still some that do but as those long time coaches retire you start to see the turnovers. Another concern is the long time coaches who have had no parental issues for many year-- are now being accused of this or that. Times have come that schools will insist coaches coach the parents, not the players. Some of you will understand what I mean. When coaches are told whom to play or not play, when they can hold weights/practices etc., it makes the coaching professional life short lived and tough.
  15. 4 points
    GS might say the competition was there in 2014. Just a hunch ...
  16. 3 points
    I do agree with that so long as people have the right to move their kids. The fundamental function of a school is education...nothing more. I don't differ with you on that. But as parents, we made a choice as regards schools that the school had to offer two specific sports for our kids. If they didn't, then the school wasn't an option. Football and lacrosse were the only things that interested my oldest in going to school and maintaining grades...otherwise, I strongly question if he would have finished school. Kid ended up with a Masters degree in Accounting. I thank football and lacrosse (which he played in college) for that. But admittedly, even then, that is not always a realistic option for many. Urban areas have a lot more options than rural areas when it comes to parents making those choices. We drove our kids to school from 1st grade until they had the ability to drive...not everyone is able to do that - especially if it might be a county away. Going to a small rural community, my Dad literally bid on a bus route, won the bid, and effectively smuggled me to a school I wasn't supposed to go to from first grade until I could drive. That said, I do agree with your point above. I do disagree with you, though, as regards lay coaches. My youngest son's second most influential male figure in the world outside of his Dad is his Freshman line coach...a lay coach.
  17. 3 points
    I totally disagree with your conclusion and statement that “lay coaches are a bad idea.” I am entering my 25th season of coaching IHSAA sports (football, wrestling & baseball) and have felt like I have had a great opportunity to be what you called “role models & mentors” etc. You would have to ask some of my players & wrestlers their opinions on what they got from a “lay coach” but the experience for me, as their coach, has been nothing short of amazing. With not having a teaching license, I have had a very difficult time landing a head football coaching position. I somewhat understand the argument for a head football coach in the building but that doesn’t always work either. I interviewed for the head football position at this same school where I have been the head wrestling coach, entering my 12th season, also an assistant varsity baseball coach on the state runner up team and a varsity assistant football coach at both the middle & high school level. I was in a pretty good position to take over the high school football program after the interview process was complete after the 2016 season. I was then brought in and was told I was not their choice only because I did not have a teaching license. In the building there were at least 3 other coaches on the high school football staff that were in the building but had no interest in becoming the head coach at this time. So they reached out a second time to a licensed teacher that didn’t make the first round of interviews and hired him from outside the state to come in and take over our program. It was really late in the process and when they brought him in, he completely destroyed the morale and momentum the players built from the years before. The administration was more than patient with him and his so called rebuilding process going into year two. The week before spring break, last week in March, this teacher had 15 players show up for the call out meeting at our 3A “football school.” Obviously that wasn’t going to work so the teacher was not retained as the head football coach going into this upcoming season. Also, your comment about dropping a football program because you don’t have a teacher to head up the program is, in my opinion, NOT an option. It is definitely not the players that are in the program or coming up through the programs fault and they should always have an opportunity to play football and be coached up at a high level. Sincerely, A long time “Lay Coach”
  18. 3 points
    I agree that lay head coaches can be at a disadvantage and present a few more challenges than having a teacher as a head coach, but I do not believe that it impacts one's ability to be a mentor or "teach life lessons" to these young people. If you are engaged with your athletes teachers and have great communication with those teachers and administrators that effort can cover what a teacher head coach does during school. Having the knowledge not just about the sport but about what goes on in your athletes lives shows a willingness to go the extra mile and earns the kids' trust and respect. Any person dedicated to putting in 20 plus hours a week to make the student athletes better as a WHOLE PERSON will do a great job whether they are lay or in school all day
  19. 3 points
    Driven T........ devil's advocate here........very successful program since early 90s.......for 25+ years winning percentage of 80% and for the most part only 2 coaches as you say "roaming the halls". Academics are monitored daily and are not a problem. Personally I've been a lay coach for 30+ years and the other lay coaches on our staff have an average of 10+ years experience......we also have about 25 hours a week of contact with those kids, I'm not sure how much more contact someone would have during the school day. Sure....like anything whether its a high school football program or making widgets, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.........in the end, it can work and here it does!
  20. 3 points
    Ergo, the expenses and time for travel would likely be greater in such a massive state. Yet, it seems to be working there. Illinois is more densely populated with 58,000 sq. mi. and 12.8 million (220 people/sq. mi.). Indiana has about 183 people/sq. mi. They use co-op's in Illinois. They are used in rural as well as urban areas. Why wouldn't they work here? Allowing schools to co-op athletic programs would improve the quality of play by allowing schools to pool resources for equipment, coaching staffs, training staff, off-season camps, etc. No one would force a community to do it, but for those communities who struggle with low enrollment and or participation rates a coop agreement with another nearby school can provide opportunities to the students in smaller communities commensurate with those in larger districts. I believe we should allow communities to endeavor to provide those opportunities to their students. This isn't a football only issue, the coop model could be used to allow schools to participate in all sorts of additional sports. The coop model is already used in Indiana for special education and technical education cooperatives. I'm pretty sure that there are purchasing cooperatives in Indiana where schools can collectively purchase equipment and maintenance materials. Cooperatives between schools is not a uncommon thing in Indiana. Coop's would actually accomplish what you have advocated for, DT. Reducing the number of teams and thereby improving play, but this would actually do better by allowing schools to combine resources and participants.
  21. 3 points
  22. 3 points
    Any data to back this up? You have also advocated for football to become a club sport. Do you think that won't involve greater cost and travel for families? Have you seen youth football and the costs, travel and time commitments by parents to be involved in that (or any other youth sport for that matter). There are 45 Co-Op football teams in Minnesota. Some are small schools combining resources, some are big schools with a small school under it's umbrella, and some are actually public/private. I counted 53 in Illinois and 36 in Michigan (for just football) DT, I'm coming to believe that you actually don't like football. Those of us who actually enjoy the sport and see it's value to communities and the players that participate in it will continue to try to support efforts to increase safety and participation regardless of how much you hope for the demise of the sport.
  23. 3 points
    This is crazy. Cutting out the bottom schools will only lead to other teams becoming the bottom. For every win there is a loss. If you eliminate the programs that consistently go 0-10, you will find that other teams that used to go 3-7 or 4-6 begin going 1-9 or 0-10 because the teams they used to beat are no longer playing. And their football interest will begin to decline. The mismatches will still exist over time. You're looking for a fantasy world where everyone goes 5-5. Just ain't going to happen.
  24. 3 points
    You didn't answer the question. How will it make them stronger? It eliminates lopsided games. Ok, maybe. Makes scheduling a sport that is already difficult more difficult. Takes opportunity away from kids and a community. Those things are fact.
  25. 3 points
  26. 3 points
    I heard pregame meals added baked beans. Just a rumor. The Moms are pretty tight-lipped about this stuff.
  27. 3 points
    https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Football/RecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=HighSchool&Position=OC #1 Josh Fryar Beech Grove #5 Gus Hartwig Zionsville
  28. 3 points
    Western's Tyler Knepley and West Lafayette's Luke Staton were selected by their teammates as captains of the North All-Star team! Congrats to them, the Hoosier Conference is well represented!
  29. 3 points
    Yeah, but that’s too much of a hike to take on if the DAC is option. I think they need each other. The thought of going independent for football may sound intriguing, but that’s a scheduling nightmare for the AD. The DAC needs Penn to remind them how to play football. Maybe Penn winning the Duneland every year would put a fire into the bellies of some of those dormant programs.
  30. 3 points
    WHEWWWW!! Only took 1 page to get the good talk going, and didn’t even take me to spark the fire!! LOL
  31. 3 points
    I think everyone is just going by what the article said. Pretty much about the assistant coaches not the players. No need to prove it. Getts has a proven track record. I'm pretty sure there are a few here that could say what went down. As a fan do you know, or what you were told? I'm pretty sure Coach Getts will coach again. No desire to retire from what I was told. As far as proving it, I'm pretty sure Coach Getts has plenty of text messages from the players to prove whose a fool.
  32. 3 points
    Think Penn would do well to win 1 of the 4 games . But win or lose , it will be a win for Penn because they get to see MIC caliber talent(or better) early in the year .
  33. 3 points
    Hope u whoop them. They were some sore losers when they lost to Warren 2 years ago.
  34. 3 points
    speaking of pants... does anyone else not wear pants while on the GID ? asking for a friend....
  35. 3 points
    Using this article shows how little you understand Michigan. This article states a 53 team drop in 11-man teams in roughly a five year span. (Article written in ‘16) That is a statiscaly accurate statement. But the key part of that statement is “11-man”. In that same time span Michigan implemented 8 man football. Guess how many teams were playing 8 man in ‘16..... 52. For a whopping net loss of.....1 football playing school. It also stated a loss of over 4,000 in participation in 11-man We can safely assume at least 50% were playing 8-man Making Michigan’s stop in participation nothing to get excited about. When you factor in population decline/stagnation in that window of time, it’s barely worth mentioning. Luckily football coaching hasn’t fallen as far as journalism has.
  36. 3 points
    This is what happens when adults forget that the game is for the kids ... not for them.
  37. 3 points
    a LOT of futbol on tv these days actually tried to watch it to give it one last chance.....waked up 3 hrs later and womens tennis was on....I guess some good came out of it
  38. 3 points
    If you are going to call people racist, please actually understand the terms you use. Maybe you meant "inherent" racism or even "institutional" racism, but internalized racism would mean the Evans brothers are racist against other African Americans. Regardless of what type of racism you are acussing these folks of, I think the real problem people have with this family is with the lack of accountability. They try to run from the consequences of their actions rather than facing punishment and learning from their mistakes.
  39. 3 points
    http://gridirondigest.net/topic/53688-tim-adams-memorial-thread/ Thanks again Tim !!!
  40. 2 points
    Hearing noise in northern Indiana that 4-team jamborees are making a return, kicking the scrimmage to the curb. Hearing that Elkhart Central, NorthWood, and Lakeland at Northridge AND Bremen, Fairfield, and Jimtown at Goshen. Anyone else hearing similar rumblings in your part of the state? as always, the game is better from_the_sidelines007
  41. 2 points
    The fact that Gaddis's credentials are even being compared to anyone in the HHC is absolutely preposterous, just as ridiculous as to question his coaching ability simply because Columbus has talented athletes. All bias aside (I formally played for him from 07-11 and coached against him from 12-14), Bob Gaddis is far and away the most quintessential model of a coach that I have ever been around. The expectations that he holds for his players is the reason he has been so successful, and they've won because his players have bought in and worked their tail ends off day after day. He adapts his play to the personnel that he has. Early in his coaching years at East, it was the option with Jimmy Weddle and Stevie Brown. When I was in school, it was the spread with all three Kiel brothers. After that, he switched to a more pro-style zone read with Cowan and Jones, and ran it to extreme precision last year with Major and Hogue. They're also one of the only schools that I'm familiar with around the area that has hired a full-time strength and conditioning coach, which has maximized their performance in the weight room and translated to a game that's significantly faster in just the seven years that I've been out of the program. I was genuinely surprised watching the semi-state game against Cathedral last year. BUT, he hasn't gotten there alone. The group of assistant coaches that he's had has been insurmountable to East's success. You're going to be hard pressed to find a better offensive line coach in the state of Indiana than David Miller. You can hold expectations to coaches all you want, but expectations don't win football games. It's not the coaches or players singularly that make a program, but rather a synergistic effect of enthusiastic coaches, kids, AND parents that invest. East has all three, and it's why they win. Plain and simple.
  42. 2 points
    I will agree to disagree my man. I believe IFCA has been progressive in recent years when you look at the conversations being had about Seeding, Mercy Rule, piloting of the 40 second clock with IHSAA and NFHS. IFCA 100% has led the way in the current Football by-laws on summer schedule/competition days and current Pre Season (August/ former 2 a days) practice policies. No other sports in Indiana is currently legislated as far as contact and competition days are concerned. This past All Star game, IFCA worked to have the Colts sponsor a FREE clinic for youth and also for Parents. IFCA has also led many other free youth clinics and provides a top notch state clinic . As far as the All Star game is concerned: I think it really is just a great experience as is and fun to watch players from All Classes, All Conferences both in North and South come together and compete for 1 week in this game. I can watch the George Karlaftis, David Bell, Jack Kiser's and go down the list of our State's top recruited players on Saturdays in Ross Ade, ND Stadium, and my Television screen.
  43. 2 points
    A school that size (275 total students) should not be trying to field a boys football team, boys soccer, and Tennis in the fall. There just are not enough athletic students to go around.
  44. 2 points
  45. 2 points
    Been a lot of undefeated state champs , Doesn't mean you should be considered with the greats of all time (top 5 ) . Both of bhss big school titles were undefeated yet i would not place them in the top ten best teams of all time . I would consider bhss' 1998 a top 15 of all time . It could be one of those 4A teams from pre success factor years may belong. There are a lot of years/teams to consider , Penn , Carmel , Snider and a few others have had some dominant teams. Your criteria may be that CG went undefeated in the MIC that's why they should be on the list. In 15' BD was 6-5, Warren 8-4, Lawrence C. 3-7, Pike 4-6, Carmel 10-3 Not an outstanding season for the mic.
  46. 2 points
    I have good information that the NLC invited Mishawaka only to be a doormat for the rest of the NLC powerhouses in all 19 varsity sports in which we attempt to compete. I hope some of the "lesser" NLC schools allow us to score a point in a game/match/meet or two. I'm not sure we should even field a baseball or wrestling team in 2020. It all seems so hopeless....
  47. 2 points
    PENN will dominate any Northern Indiana conference they join.
  48. 2 points
    Sounds like a difficult situation all the way round. I have always had a lot of respect for Coach Getts and the programs he coached at Wayne and Bellmont when I was up in Fort Wayne. We played some intense Columbia City-Bellmont games in that time period. I always admired how he would have his 3A Bellmont teams competitive in a conference with 4A and 6A teams, and then often go on a run in the playoffs. Best of luck in the future Coach.
  49. 2 points
    Pass for a 48 yard TD, or a run play for 48 yard TD. Coach Berry is in a tough place, because if he doesn't throw, he doesn't get to throw much at all because he is up by so much!
  50. 2 points
    Easier job... Pioneer Punt team coach. Pioneer only punted like 4 times all last season.
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