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    GID friends, I hate to sound needy. But in all honesty, I’ve got a tough week coming up. This coming Friday I expect to work a sectional final someplace. That game will mark the end of my 40th - and final - season as an on field official. Officiating has been such a significant part of my life for such a long time. It’s hard for me to visualize what life will be like without it. As my last game approaches, I know I’m going to be bombarded with many different feelings, Although I’ve known this was coming, it’s still hard for me to believe. But it’s getting real now. I’m sure I’ll have more to say as the week wears on. I have an awful lot of people to thank. But right now I’m alternating between disbelief and a mild depression.
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    I want to thank the GID community for the outpouring of congratulations and good wishes I received in the past week. And I wanted to tell you about the greatest night any official ever had - my last game. The day started pretty well, with a personal letter from Commissioner Cox congratulating and thanking me, and also inviting me to “use my expertise to assist the IHSAA, going forward.” I’m going to find a way to take him up on that. Then it was time to get going to my game. The crew showed up at Penn last night to work the sectional final vs. Warsaw. As any official can tell you, Penn is a great place to work. They could put on a clinic for other schools on how to treat Officials well. When we got out on the field, the first person we saw was coach Yeoman. For those that don’t know him, this is not only a great coach, but a first class human being. With a sectional championship on the line, all he could talk about was how happy the people at Penn were to be a part of my last game. I should have expected something like that from such a class organization. The game proceeded uneventfully through the first half. As I was coming off the field at halftime, I heard my name being called and there was my beautiful wife. She had gotten off work early from her job in Chicago and driven 100 mi. to Granger with two of my oldest and dearest friends to see my last game. I was completely surprised. It got pretty emotional then. At the end of the 3rd quarter I jogged down to the other end of the field where we would start the 4th period and waited for the referee and umpire to spot the ball, when I realized everyone in the place was standing and looking at me. The PA announcer called my name and began explaining to the crowd that it was my last game after 40 seasons. He started running down a list of my accomplishments, honors, awards, etc. It was very nice, but sort of embarrassing because it seemed to go on and on. My crew chief had cooked this up with the Penn Athletic Department during the week, unbeknownst to me. And then, the most magical thing happened! All 22 of the players on the field came over to the sideline, shook my hand, congratulated me on a great career, and THANKED me for my contributions to high school football. THEY THANKED ME! It should have been me thanking them, and all the other coaches and players over the years who have granted me the privilege and honor of allowing me to be a small part of their high school football experience. I thought I’d seen everything that could possibly happen on a football field. But I never saw anything like that. And it was happening to me! The fans in the stands behind me would not stop clapping and cheering FOR ME! An official! So, I finally turned around, acknowledged them and tipped my cap. i have to admit, I remember very little of the rest of the 4th period, until there was about a minute left. As I watched the last 60 seconds of my career tick off the clock, Coach Yeoman walked over and put his arm around my shoulders and thanked me. I was, literally, speechless. My wife met me as I walked off the field, and we walked away into the night... as it should be. And now, it’s on to the next chapter, whatever that is. All in all, a fabulous send off that exceeded anything even my imagination could have dreamed up. Now, it’s on to whatever’s next.
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    I've seen this sentiment expressed several times, in several different ways ... that the 15 players who turned in their equipment were "standing up for their teammate," I can see that, but I can also see a different point of view. What if you were one of the 60-70 players on that team who didn't turn in their equipment, who didn't threaten not to play in their sectional opener? How would you feel about your teammates deserting you and leaving you to face the mighty Kingsmen at half strength. Didn't those kids have an obligation to the rest of their teammates, too?
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    A fight appeared to break out between some BR players with just under 9:00 in the 3rd. People remarked they were fighting on the field. Never saw the start of it but people pointed it out to me. I stopped paying attention frankly assuming it was resolved....and just not wanting to watch it. Shortly afterward there was a fight on the sidelines. I saw one person down...there could have been more. Per folks around me, at least one person that was down was a coach who had been punched by a player (didn't see a punch.....just saw someone down). To be honest when something like this happens it's difficult to tell those who are fighting from those trying to break it up. About that time Chatard coaches began to flag (somewhat urgently) their players towards the buses (it appeared the officials had called the game). Chatard players began running toward the buses. About the same time, several BR players began running in the same direction (towards the BR locker rooms). Chatard coaches then tried to flag the players back. Ultimately, they headed toward the buses. The game was clean but was lopsided and I'm sure frustrating for the BR players. No PFs on either team. A couple of holds and a couple of off-sides on both teams but absolutely no chippiness that I saw from either team. I know that some might want to make some assumptions about this but frankly, there were 21 BR players (total) that I counted -and they were terribly overmatched. I counted two (yes.....two) people sitting in the stands on the BR side. Bear in mind, BR was potentially looking at the last FB game ever to be played at the school along with 21 players and yet only two people (at least from what I saw) there to watch. I'm not making excuses for something inexcusable but I can't help but have a lot of sympathy for those kids and coaches. I've seen it in other places in the past (Northwest, Manuel) where the kids are out there playing a game they literally have no chance in and the stands are empty just emphasizing that no one except they and their coaches gives a d@mn about them. Frankly, I was there as much out of respect for both BR and what that football field meant to my kids that had considered it their (shared) home field. It was going to be a sad evening for me but I was terribly saddened to see BR football end that way. I'm no bleeding heart....but what I see in games like this and what I wonder what it must be like for some of these kids breaks mine. Edit - my wife tells me there were 8 people on the BR bleachers. 6 more people were located at the end of the bleachers that I, apparently missed. Per the Bob Lovell show, at least two were media folks. .
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    For what it's worth. Take this for what it might be worth. A Birdie told me that the School Board got involved and forced Coyle to reinstate a player he had dismissed from the team. If, and I say "IF", this is true. As a present School Board Secretary, we Board members should stick to doing our job, and let the Administrators, Teachers and Coaches do theirs. Our job as Board members is to develop policy and assure that school employees follow said policies. Not get into micromanaging every employee's decisions. Rant off.
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    Those officials must’ve really held GS back. No way Memorial would win otherwise.
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    I wonder what would have happened if the school administration had told the seniors that turned in their gear in protest that they had in effect quite the team and were no longer eligible to play in the Penn game and that by quitting the team they also did not finish the season in good standing and thus would not be eligible for any post-season awards such as varsity letters etc. I feel like if the coach had to be held accountable for his actions then these senior players should have been held accountable for their actions.
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    Nobody gets into teaching and or coaching for Money NO ONE
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    Outside of 4A what class has really been affected as regards P&Ps? 1A-3A have the same teams. Frankly, 5A is simply the old 4A. Cathedral and Roncalli play in the first round of Sectional. The winner plays Columbus East (occasionally East Central or Reitz who remain in 4A). The winner of that game usually wins State. Columbus East was the better team this year and should win. The story would have been the same if they all were still in 4A. At this point, if P&Ps aren't winning it has nothing to do with the success factor. They simply are getting beat by better teams. If people want to magically attribute that to the success factor then you are simply disrespecting the quality of teams like Columbus East and Pioneer.
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    Man, I got a "downvote" for a question.....rough crowd!!! If the coach acted in an unprofessional manner that warranted a termination, then I have no problem with that. I was not there, so I have no idea. I would think that maybe there was some bad blood there to begin with but who knows. All I ask is if the student who clearly and knowingly was in the wrong with his action also received a consequence. To be honest, I would be okay if they fired the coach for his actions, suspended the student who refused to honor the coach's wishes and school board appointed rule, and put away the seniors pads who turned in their stuff early. Athlete's have a right to have their voices heard but saying "if I don't get my way, I quit." is unacceptable. If you want to threaten to quit, I will hang your pads up for you. If you want to have a mature conversation and talk about what we can do as a team to make this better, let's grow and talk together. Teaching kids that they can threaten to quit and give them what they want is a horrible example to set. Not knowing all the exact details. this is just my opinion based off of what I have read and what I am witnessing with the youth of today.
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    My first question with these type of things that are being said from fans/parents of current and past players is this: Was any of these concerns that are being lobbed about after the fact brought forward during the fact to the Head Coach himself by any parents of said players? Did Administration conduct end of the year review of HC ? Does HC give end of year review of his assistant coaches? Had their been other conversations with admins and HC prior to this season? During the season? Any issues during Baseball seasons? I guess I get jaded how easy it is after the fact, when you go onto the ole social media machine and now EVERYONE has a story or didn't like this or that about a Coach, how he did this and that to their kid. How much value does that actually have AFTER the fact? If there were legit concerns, did those concerns ever get communicated to people prior, during any season, practice, game? I have never heard a bad word spoken about Coach Coyle amongst other coaches and multitude of family members of mine who have resided for many years in Valpo community. Seeing these type of things go down over the years I find it interesting to say the least how many voices show up after the fact. For the record, only thing I am basing this off of is the 2 articles I read in the Times/Post no other information or "insider" stuff like its being reported on comment sections and twitter responses and also in this thread.
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    A sincere thank you to the brave men and women that have served and continue to serve. Your service and sacrifice are greatly appreciated!
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    That doesn't count. That was before the current GS coaches invented football.
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    Here I was thinking it stood for "irritable bowel" :)
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    I'd generally suggest reading all of the posts first though it might not change your opinion....but, at least, act like you are paying attention. Thoughts as regards some of the other "great" points having been made: 1. Lots of stupid rules p#ss me off...some a helluva lot more consequential in my life than not being able to go to a game I couldn't play in. Some cost me 100s of thousands of dollars. Some cost my kids more than you could possibly imagine in hurt and pain...newly made up rules in their case. Life is jam-packed full of stupid rules. Believe me, missing a football game in the stands is pretty miniscule. This "standing by my "bros" crap" excuse I have seen from others is...well crap. Some of this drama/tragedy seems like something I'd attribute to a bad soap opera. 2. Reschedule the surgery if you want to stand by your "bros" - it would appear your season is over anyway. If you can go to the game that same day it must be minor surgery...kind of like wart removal. Though, apparently it is season ending...apparently. 3. The season had at least one more game at home. Didn't Penn play Valpo AT Valpo (maybe I am wrong)? It wasn't like the week prior was the last game he would EVER see his "bros" at his home field. NOW, I have made just as an uninformed response as some of you. I admit it is just as fully uninformed...but, at least its logical based on the information we have seen cited. As I have said, there is likely SO much info we don't really have here. I am arguably the biggest sentimentalist, teary-eyed guy here but I think Gonzoron may well be right as regards an "Entitlement Attitude". I truly wonder what most of the kids on the Valpo team will say 25 years from now. Will they say "We had a team that had a chance to make it to a State Championship except for a bunch of "prima donnas" who forced our coach to resign because he refused to break the school rules for a player who wanted him to break them "? Will they say, "I am so proud that we lost a chance to go to the State Championship because I threatened to quit the team because the coach refused to let a player sit in the stands because the coach was following the school rules and we forced him to resign"? Extreme alternatives, maybe. But don't tell me its about the "kids". My guess is there might be a few more kids on that team than the one who wanted to sit in the stands (and could have stood on the home sidelines the following week) and those who walked out - and they ain't the Founding Fathers. Sorry. I get teary-eyed about the rest of the team.
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    That isn't the issue. NOBODY wants to see two 9 - 0 teams playing each other in the first round of ANY sectional. THAT, is what nobody wants, Mr. Commish.
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    I like that Shotgun Wing T stuff, I hear it works out pretty well.
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    Ditto on your own post? Meaning that you still agree with yourself? Or did you #1 have to convince you #2 and now both of you are on the same page?
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    MD did indeed play @ Danville in 2000 Semi-State. I can tell you from that experience, you will not find a better bunch of fans & hosts. Everyone we met was a class act and went out of their way to be friendly and helpful from the ticket takers to the concessions folks. Mater Dei was fortunate to come away with the win and at the end of the game, the entire Danville team formed two lines and made an exit for the Mater Dei team. Danville held their helmets up while MD players walked by and they congratulated the entire team. I have never seen a classier display of sportsmanship on a football field and will never forget it. Best of luck to the Tigers next week. Wish I could be there but it will have to be in spirit only. Hopefully this game will be streamed online as well. Anyone with info, pls post.
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    A bunch of fans with a chip on their shoulder.
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    man this looks like it could be a 6A schedule and the Irish are just a tiny 4A school. How ever do they survive.
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    There may be something I’m missing here, but I wanted to offer the following as food for thought: change the JV eligibility rule from 5 quarters to 3 halves. The current rule is often sighted as to why starters have remained in the game late into blowouts. This would easily solve that issue at seemingly no cost. Thoughts?
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    Man it's like crickets in here. Some need to come eat their crow.
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    Myself, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Play till the whistle blows and the clock shows 00:00. Don't forget that there are seniors on that losing team. That in all likelihood have just played their last game of organized football. Maybe it was for the chance to get some of them in the game, or just one more play. One thing I do know is that both schools have pride and class!
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    Memorial got "lucky" again. Pulled out a win against the far superior team.
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    I would love to see those in support of the player, try to be a coach. Sounds like you would give special privileges to some and not others... See where that gets you... It's so much harder than you think. Lets just agree that the situation stinks for all involved. None of us really know how we would have reacted in the situation.
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    Jeeez people, Jim Crow? Comparing them to the Founders? Dial it back a bit. Some of you guys must need an oxygen mask to breath on those high horses. My guess is there is a ton more context here than any of us know. Aside from that, just when did Coaches get to make the call on what school rules they follow on any given day? Can the principal? Can the superintendent?
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    Or the “work harder” phrase the public teams were told.
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    They should make Southridge play in their own tourney.
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    I had no dog in this fight, but after reading 5+ pages of comments, I have one question, has the line for the crow burgers started forming yet?
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    This is funny , When we lose to an MIC team , it's because our schedule is weak, we're not used to playing good teams . When we beat an MIC team it's because our schedule is weak, we have an easy road in the Playoffs . I would Bet Penn's Sectional opponent (Valporaiso)is better than Noblesville and just as good as Lafeyette Jeff , Carmel's 1st two playoff opponents .
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    Stinky, Stink, Stink 1.2..3... Late response I know but I was recovering! It was a good time down in the Ville, & STC will be the first to admit, those blue & white Tigers are for real! STC would love to go to Danville this week...but the crew and I are not allowed back there after last year when we destroyed their Tepee! Stink will go on the record and say, the crew and I will take the Memorial Tigers all the way! If you all should make it to the Oil Can, know this....we will hook up and party hand in hand! For this weeks game: Blue Tigers Forever - Warriors & Tepees NEVER!!!!
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    This guy's tale would make Odysseus blush. Click on the link below to see all that this young man has attempted to overcome in the past year. http://circlecityconference.com/2017/11/09/delumpas-story-determination-is-hard-to-comprehend/
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    The Ridge has brought more tears to Catholic eyes than the Spanish Inquisition.
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    "IB" the PAC Champs win this battle. And "IB" this will be a battle. The Titans were tested by a tough VL team last week and that is what they needed to convince themselves and all the "IB" chatterers to really believe and eventually be "IB".
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    Deleted all of my remarks. I simply give up. Go Valpo folks! You are the (very sensitive) future! I'm buying Chinese language lessons in preparation.
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    A few years ago, I had a contest where the HC (still coaching now) said the same thing to us in pregame. I was floored and astounded. If we ever cross paths again I will NOT bring up that situation, as is NOT my intent to put him on the defensive. Why, is an extracurricular activity so important to parents and students? Neither one of your lives is THAT dependent on sports....ACADEMICS is the answer!
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    So because it wasn't covered heavily it wasn't a big deal? There's a murder a day in Chicago that doesn't get near the coverage that kneeling NFL players get, does that mean one is a bigger deal than the other? Let me put it this way, how many times have you seen a player (especially at the high school level) punch out his own coach on the sideline and then subsequently have the game called because of it? If you've seen it a lot than yeah I can understand why it might not be a big deal. But the fact is this doesn't happen often, it's a big deal and a black eye for the school and IPS in general.
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    So the HC in your opinion, who was reportedly following the school rules, deserved to have to resign due to multiple players making a stand by "quitting" but they wouldn't quit if he quit first is a good way to handle this situation in season.
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    Haven’t you heard? It’s no longer acceptable to use that metaphor. Hurts peoples’ feelings.
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    I’m happy to look at anything you send along, and give you my opinion. But I have to say that reporting that it is “fact” that the officiating crew had a “vendetta” against one team makes you look like a dope. But by all means send me some video. I suggest you do it in a private message, and I’ll reply the same way, so you’re not publicly embarrassed any further.d
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    What’s interesting to me about LaPorte football is that they’ve done it in a way that is exactly opposite the direction most other high school programs are going. Instead of spreading it out and throwing it, they are going full house, double tight, and just pounding it. Really throwback football. Sort of refreshing...
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    Actually, stick Penn in the MIC, and they get better--maybe they don't win conference or state every year, but UNDOUBTEDLY, they would be better off.....Chris Geesman knew that playing Ben Davis would make Penn better--and, after the first BD-Penn regular season meeting, PENN won state Now, Penn doesn't see a MIC team until late in the tournament...and 14 of the last 16 big school titles(since Penn last won state) were won by MIC members--Fishers and Lawrence Central are the exceptions, and LC has since joined the MIC. Coincidence that MIC schools playing each other has aligned with the run of state titles?....or just Indy mentality?.......
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    I know there a lot of coaches on the GID, many who don't post but simply follow what others are saying. This is for all high school football fans, but especially for you coaches. It's a little wordy, but I think it's really important. It is now clear that there is a crisis in football officiating. Here in the Region, we have moved some games to Thursday night, and in some cases worked varsity games with a crew of 4 instead of 5, all because the numbers in the officiating ranks are decreasing past the critical level. There are two reasons for this. First, we are not recruiting young officials well enough. There are many reasons for that, and I’ll address them in a future post. But the second reason is that we are not retaining officials. Young officials work a few years, but then they get out of officiating long before age forces them to do so. Some of this is inevitable, as job and family situations change, and make demands on our time. But some of it is for reasons that are within our control. Coaches realize this, and are generally supportive of efforts to address this crisis. Many have asked me “what can I do?” Well, I’ve got a bold proposal for you that will go part of the way toward addressing the retention problem: Give up the coaches’ vote. For those that don’t know, officiating assignments and advancement in the playoff is largely determined by the annual coaches’ vote. Technically, the coaches’ vote accounts for 50% of a crew’s “score,” by which advancement in the playoffs is determined, Practically speaking, the coaches’ vote accounts for more like 90%, as the other factors that go into the score, such as meeting attendance, certification, completion of the rules test, etc., are pretty easily controlled and are almost the same for every official. Officials leave the ranks for a variety of reasons, but clearly one of them is dissatisfaction with their prospects for advancement. We all understand that almost everyone thinks their crew is better than it really is – officials have the same human biases as anyone else – but it is also clear that the coaches’ vote doesn’t work well. In fairness, by the time you get to the semistates and state finals, the cream has usually risen to the top. But where the rubber meets the road for younger officials is getting to that first sectional final, or finally advancing to the regional level. And it’s there that the system breaks down. It’s there that the most disappointment and disillusionment occurs. And it’s there that we are losing officials who say “what’s the point of all this hard work when we never move up, but crews that don’t work as hard as us do?” I assure you, this problem is very real. Any system of evaluation must, in order to actually work, not only be objectively fair, but must also be perceived as fair by those who are being evaluated. The coaches’ vote process fails this test miserably and is, therefore, almost universally perceived as illegitimate by officials. Why doesn’t the coaches’ vote system work? There are many reasons, and I should mention at the outset very clearly, in most cases, it’s through no fault of the coaches. They are asked to do an impossible job. The standards they are given for rating crews are impossibly vague. They have no training in officiating. Most coaches don’t know the rules as well as even an inexperienced official. Even the best coaches do not understand officiating mechanics, nor are they schooled in the philosophy behind rules enforcement. They are simply not trained in these aspects of officiating, which really make the difference between a good crew and an excellent one. It’s unfair to ask coaches to do something they are not equipped to do, as if they didn’t already have enough on their plates. The coaches’ vote also doesn’t work because coaches are not objective … nor can we reasonably expect them to be. For the 25+ years I served as a crew chief, I solicited written feedback from coaches after every game, supplying a form to the coaches for that purpose, and then tracked the results. It was crystal clear that the winning coach had a very different appraisal of the job we had done when compared with the losing coach. This is not particularly surprising, but simply provided objective evidence that the system is ineffective in providing an accurate assessment of officiating proficiency. Further, when coaches cast their annual vote, they are encouraged to restrict the vote to crews they have seen in the last 3 seasons, but not required to do so. The crews are identified by the name of the referee, but no allowance is made for turnover in the other positions on the crew. Nor is a coach required by the IHSAA to cast a vote for every crew that he has seen over that 3-year period. This introduces a selection bias into the process that any first-year statistics student could tell you invalidates the result. So, if it is clear … and it is hard to see how it could be any more obvious … that the coaches’ vote is not a valid way to select officials and advance them through the levels of the tournament, and if it is also clear that officials’ disenchantment with the process leads some of them to leave officiating before they would otherwise have to, what’s the answer? It’s both simple, and complicated. The simple answer is to have officials evaluated by people who are objective and well-trained in how to evaluate officiating expertise: other officials. This may not eliminate officials' disenchantment with their own ratings, but it will at least give the process much needed legitimacy. The complexity comes in how you go about it. The IHSAA has an observer program right now. There are some issues with it, but it’s clearly a valid concept and those issues can be fixed with a few adjustments. The main problem with the current observer program is it counts for very little. Basically, a crew might be observed one or two times a year. Each observation counts no more than a single coaches’ vote ballot. So, if a crew is observed twice, and gets 35 coaches’ votes (not an unrealistic number by any means), the IHSAA drops out their two highest and two lowest votes, and then averages the rest. The observers’ votes, which are the only ones really qualified to assess officiating proficiency, get diluted accordingly. The longer a crew has been around, the more likely they are to get a high number of coaches’ votes and, thus, their observer votes are diluted even more. That’s why you see some (not very many) crews working semistates and state finals whose chief virtue is they’ve been around a long time. In conclusion, I believe one step on the long road to better retention of our younger officials is to do away with the coaches’ vote. The impetus to do so can come from only one place: the coaches themselves. The IHSAA is a member institution. Officials are not members. Schools are. If the Indiana Football Coaches Association were to go to the IHSAA and tell them that the coaches’ vote should be eliminated and a full-fledged observer program instituted, it would happen very quickly. So, the next time a coach asks you what he can do to help alleviate the shortage of qualified football officials, you have a ready answer.
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    Sorry, I was unaware that NP was incapable of scoring 14-28 points on a defense that has given up 13 points a couple of times...how stupid of me. Not to mention the fact that NP has one of the best offenses in the state. three 1,000 yard rushers (by a long shot), 554 points this season, and 11 games in a row scoring at least 40 points. Yeah what a ludicrous comment to think NP will score HALF of their average.... But seriously Lowell's D is stout and I wouldn't be all surprised to see NP struggle on the offensive side of the ball. But NP will get theirs and Lowell will too, it's going to be a dog fight!
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    If I felt I was right and that I was doing what's best, then I'd be more than willing to stand on my principles.
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    With the big Roncalli vs Cathedral game on the horizon, I took a look at a proud Roncalli tradition that often goes underappreciated. Take a look at it at http://circlecityconference.com/2017/10/25/strykowski-maintaining-roncallis-strong-legacy-of-great-kickers/
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    I have zero attachment to either team, and decided with a friend of mine to drive to this game as we were close by. First it was a great game both teams were pretty well matched on the field between the whistles. We sat on Eastbrook side the first half and was surprised by the attendance from RC so we moved over there at halftime since half of stands were empty. Between the whistles it was an evenly matched, but after the whistles I have to agree with a previous writer. RC was very very unsportsmanlike, starting with us noticing not shaking hands before game also. After every tackle they seemed to talk and push Eastbrook players away. There was many times that Eastbrook would help 7 up after tackling him. Credit to 7 though, we did get hit hard every play and got back up. That eventually what cost RC the game with penalties. Eastbrook is a great team and a classy team, they were smaller than I thought but just a sound team and a fan base that travels and even they were respectful during the time sitting with them. Good Luck to them the rest of the year.
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    Do not forget the expectations in the classroom are totally different from the previous generation.
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