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    I know I haven't posted on here in a LONG time and rarely am I ever serious... but I feel like this is as good as an occasion as any to make an appearance. Although I am not as seasoned as "Bud", I have seen my share of coaches through my years. There will never be another Larry Wright, he single handily put modern day Sheridan on the map. He has a complete section on Sheridan's Wiki page for the love of God... if that isn't bad A don't know what is. So this post is to you "Bud" Wright...
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    Mr. Faulkens, Our football crew had the pleasure of working at West Washington HS Friday hosting Indianapolis Washington. I just wanted to pass along what I thought was the best display of sportsmanship I’ve seen in many years of working. First of all, Indpls Washington only brought 12 kids to play, so it was safe to assume the game could easily get out of hand quickly. Early on, one of the Indpls kids got injured and did not return. Late in the second quarter, another of the Indpls kids had to be looked at after a tackle. In an effort to keep the player in the game, West Washington took a time out so the “injury” could be looked at without him having to be removed. He ended up coming out for a few plays anyway. Since Indpls was down to 10 kids, the West Washington staff pulled one of their kids so as to not have an advantage with numbers. West Washington continually ran underclassmen in and out of the game to give them experience, but to also not run up the score as they could have. During the contest, West Washington players were constantly helping the Indpls kids up off the ground. I believe we may have had a total of 5 flags during the game and three of those were false starts. The score could have easily been 100-0, even with a “running” clock in the second half. I just wanted to pass along my thoughts on what I observed working this contest. Bad behavior gets criticized and reported, but rarely does good sportsmanship get attention. I copied this on to the IHSAA Sportsmanship report on Arbiter. Regards, Craig T. Sparks, LUTCF
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    Perhaps they struggle with the English portion of the SAT?
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    It's the world we have ceded over. We have elected officials and emplaced bureaucrats that have nothing in common with those of us they rule. We have said nothing when the crazies began to dominate our media and journalism. We are reaping what we have allowed to be sown. Sorry....going all OOBs here.
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    Truly, truly going to miss seeing Coach L leading the Trojans. I'm an Indy import but he was there during the most formative times in my kid's lives. He IS the "Chatard" that both they and my family knows. His influence on the life of my children is indelible. An important part of what they are and will become is what he helped make them Seven State Championships in 14 years. That statement stands fairly alone in the history of Indiana HS football. It stands minimally in light of the future fathers he helped guide. Over half of Chatard's current State leading 13 Championships came under Coach Lorenzano's leadership. He's truly defined and left his stamp on the program. As incredible as that is, Coach L "brought a swagger" and "inspired everyone" to quote my oldest son....long since gone from Chatard. That same son, today, walks with that inspiration and swagger he got from "L". I suspect he will always walk so. Those State Championships dwindle in light of those truly, truly tough, inspired kids who swagger in his wake. Lives and generations beyond will be touched by that....long after the medals and rings fade. Coaches touch most of our lives as kids. They give us so much more than they gain...that's why they are such special people. They certainly touched and molded mine many years ago in HS and College....but much, much moreso in HS. Whatever they receive, they give back tenfold. Even so, it's a rare coach that touches the parents so deeply as well....as Coach L has done within our family...along with some other wonderful coaches at Chatard (other than Dad, perhaps the biggest male influence on my youngest son was his Freshman line coach). Though it's inadequate, all we can do is thank you Coach. Our family has a special place in our hearts and thoughts for you. Edit - apologies for the overlong post. I could have written a book, though, on his behalf.
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    I would rank them as follows: 1. LCC 2. Doesn't matter....
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    Shhhhhh Nobody cares about those facts because it doesn't sensationalize like the great sport of Football.
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    SERIOUSLY?? If you cannot achieve and earn a 2.0 then NO ATHLETIC TEAM should be a priority.
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    School boards do not hire and fire people. You have administration in place to do that part of the job. Your school board is in place as a system of checks and balances for your Superintendent and to make Corporation decisions. Extra curricular and teaching hiring and firing are not in their job description. However some boards show disrespect to their administration and over step their boundaries!
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    Here you go Stink, just for you. (Queue up Gin and Juice for full effect) With so much drama from the STC, it's kinda hard hangin' out on the TGD, but I, somehow, some way, keep coming up with relevant posts like every single day. May I say a little something on this thead dude, tell a little bit about the Braves crew? Third week o' November and the party's still jumpin' 'cause the Braves ain't done. We got 4 good kids that can run the ball, but which one has it will perplex you all. So what you gonna do? Quit? Got a pocket full of weapons and can throw the ball too. So turn off the lights and close the do', but (but what?) we do love them trophs! So we get on the bus with it, hands up, break it down, while you Tiger fans hide the kids. Rollin' down Fif-ty, with that trophy, sippin' on Gatorade, laid back. With our minds on the Title and the Title on our minds! Rollin' down Fif-ty, with that trophy, sippin' on Gatorade, laid back. With our minds on the Title and the Title on our minds!
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    The school board does not have every right to weigh in on hiring decisions. The school board's role is school policy, not administrative. The administration is responsible for interviewing and school board DOES have final say. But if the school board declines a hire, they are showing not only lack of confidence in the hire, but a lack of confidence in administration. That is a major problem. The ultimate decision to keep a coach or teacher should ultimately lie with the principal, AD, or superintendent.
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    Coach Wright is 1 game away from earning his 400th career win as HC, living legend does not even come close to explain his impact at Sheridan and Indiana High School Football. I will always remember our games in 2000's with his teams. Coach Wright and his Sheridan Blackhawks will be in action this Friday looking for win #400 vs Taylor. I wanted to start this thread to express my gratitude, and congratulatory remarks to Coach Wright and the Sheridan Program. I would love to hear any great Coach Wright stories from folks out there, I know there are some doozies and I have a few of my favorite memories I will eventually share. Cheers to you Coach Wright and the Sheridan Blackhawks
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    These guys went undefeated in Middle School!
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    Clearly on a page devoted to HS Football we here are going to take notice but if it is unjust, shouldn't the attention it has drawn generated by the fact it happened to Wimmer be a good thing for all teachers.
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    1994 - Urbania Giants 27 -21 over the Urbania Cowboys. Giants win by scoring on the game's final play using a trick play called "The Annexation of Puerto Rico".
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    I would start the player who gave my team the best opportunity to win a game.
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    Nice article about John Harrell, it focuses on the basketball side, but the Football community owes this man a great deal of gratitude. http://www.ibj.com/articles/62140-lopresti-the-unlikely-nerve-center-of-indiana-high-school-basketball
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    I don't understand this move. Granted they're independent, but the don't have to put together the schedules they do by consistently playing some of the best around in Indy and Cincinnati. IMO, stepping down to 5A is like saying they want to seriously challenge themselves in the regular season, but not in the playoffs when hardware is on the line. They'll probably run through 5A next year with an average margin of victory around 25 ppg.
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    I would put significantly more value on the opinions of the coaches than the opinions of the media.
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    Haha, way to introduce yourself to the forum and represent your school in a positive manner. We are working hard on the field, I think it's almost ready for you...
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    They've outscored 3 opponents by 1700? Wow, how did they not get listed on the run up the score thread?
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    Thank you for your service. I was US Army 86-90 but I believe we serviced so Americans can have all freedoms. Do I like the idea of players kneeling? No, but that is there right that was fought for them.
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    I wasn't at the game but rumor has it that WW was up 41-0 at half and someone yelled "what would Muda do?" Running clock half later we won 41-7. Kept it at 34.
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    Just found out that, due to an injury to one of the officials scheduled to work the game, I've been assigned as a substitute and will be working the back judge position. Throwing a bone to the old guy in his last go around. Very nice. Should be a lot of fun.
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    Says arguably the most prolific posting user on a website catered specifically for extracurricular activities. Go figure.
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    It is with heavy hearts that we say good bye to Jim Daily, a long time member of our Pioneer football family who passed Monday morning after an unexpected heart attack on Friday. A 1980 Pioneer graduate, Jim had never played football himself, but joined the youth staff in 2000 when his middle son Evan (2010 graduate) began playing, grabbed onto the details of the wing-T that then head coach Mike Johnson taught, and made a huge impact in our youth program, coaching 13 seasons from 2000 thru 2012. Those efforts in youth league are still filtering thru our Varsity program yet today. In addition, Jim volunteered as our video man, filming from on top of press boxes in wind and rain and cold for the last 15 seasons and counting, of which he was named All-State video man by Pioneer coaches for his quality of work (I'm sure many of our opponents can vouch for our film quality they saw when scouting us). Jim really enjoyed the success of the 2014 and 2016 IHSAA State Runner-Up teams, and filmed those from high above Lucas Oil Stadium. Jim was a tremendous supporter of every kid that passed through our system, and he eagerly awaited watching the Panthers compete the next 2 years in particular. Jim was a great man who volunteered many, many hours for the benefit of the program, and he will be truly missed by all of his football family. God bless Jim and let his sudden passing be a reminder to all of us that everyday is a blessing in itself, so make the most of each and every one!
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    I can confirm The TW will be remaining with the Indianapolis Fire Department and not heading to Bishop Chatard.
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    I dont care what anyone says, but seeing the 60 and 70 and 80 year olds still coming out to High School football games is where it is at. No matter what KingTut, you personify what high school football is all about. The days you cant come to a game will be a sad day in high school football. Anyone dedicated enough to a program to come out for that long is someone I would want supporting the team.
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    I will be the first to personally apologize for my role in getting this thread into the dumpster. 21 Banners, I apologize for attacking you and your intelligence level. That was immature on my part. I get tired of a lot of the same narrative about LCC and fans always looking to jump overboard if anyone even sarcastically takes a shot at the Knights. You have a tremendous program, one that 99.9% of the state would love to be a part of or match in success level. Be proud of it, you don't always have to start firing back even if the shots are meant to be serious. The play on the field is so loud I can't hear what you are saying anyway. Most people will admit they are jealous of the success LCC has had, which leads to the hate. Now, the thing I hate more than anything is the enrollment argument and complaints by LCC fans looking for some kind of sympathy or something...When you play in 1A ball and have players like Anthrop, Cronk, Denhart, George, etc. etc. you are going to win regardless of your enrollment. I've said it a hundred times and I will always believe it. I have seen 5A schools with 5x the number of students as LCC not have 4 athletes the size and talent level as those 4 I named. The LCC coaching staff is tremendous as well and would put a competitive team on the field even without athletes at that level. Would they dominate the state? Probably not, I am a firm believer in it being about the Jimmy's and Joe's over the X's and O's. I can draw up an offense right now that is schematically better than any defense you put on the field, but without the players it simply won't work. LCC also has the benefit of great feeder programs in youth ball and junior high ball that prepare their athletes for what is going to be expected of them if they want to succeed at the varsity level. That is huge, again I have seen 5A programs that do not have this luxury. These 2 areas are where I believe LCC and Linton are similar. Both coaching staffs are great. Both youth programs and junior high programs are great. Would I say one is better or worse than the other? No. I have no way of measuring that as I haven't experienced LCC's youth programs first hand or seen their coaching staff in action in the offseason or in practice. But I know they are both great examples for their players and great mentors of the game. Now, am I saying Linton is as good of a program as LCC? Absolutely not. Nobody in their right mind would say that is true. Linton doesn't have the athletes LCC has, plain and simple. They don't have the same level of success, although Linton has been a very good program for a very long time and has a lot to be proud of in their hillbilly neck of the woods. Everybody has room for improvement, Linton and LCC included. Linton just has a little bit more improving to do in order to get to the LCC level. Now, for the love of God, can we just enjoy the rest of the season and hope that the 2 best 1A teams in the state meet week 15 and play a helluva game whether it be Linton, LCC, Pioneer, West Washington, Lutheran, Fountain Central, or whomever? *disclaimer: nothing in this post was meant to be in anyway disrespectful towards any high school athletic programs in the state of Indiana.
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    Cheering wildly for a nice tackle or hit when clearly converting 3rd or 4th down.
  31. 9 points
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    I was on a first name basis with several teachers paddles. Thank you for your service.
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    When are administrators going to get a back bone and tell these little ....... I am sick of the threat of litigation by adults, who don't know how to raise a decent, respectable human being.
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    Please add the University of Louisville to this list. What they did to Florida State was straight dirty!
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    In the hopes to bringing awareness to teams that aren't quite up to the level of their opponents, the IHSAA should allow more practice time for teams that lose in the previous week by >35. This list has been forwarded to the IHSAA, to hopefully open their eyes to the need to allow these teams to improve themselves. Please sign our Change.org petition. This weeks list includes: Alexandria(2A) Benton Central(3A) Bloomington North(5A) Bluffton(2A) Brown County(3A) Caston(1A) Clarksville(2A) Covington(1A) Edgewood(4A) Elkhart Memorial(5A) Elwood(2A) Evansville Bosse(4A) Franklin Central(6A) Frontier(1A) Indianapolis Broad Ripple(2A) Indianapolis Marshall(3A) Jennings County(4A) Lawrence Central(6A) Leo(4A) Martinsville(5A) McCreary Central(Ky.) Mount Vernon (Fortville)(4A) Noblesville Home School North Daviess(1A) North Judson(1A) North Vermillion(1A) Norwell(3A) Oldenburg Academy(1A) Pike(6A) River Forest(2A) Rochester(2A) Salem(3A) South Bend Clay(4A) South Bend Riley(4A) South Bend Washington(4A) South Dearborn(4A) Springs Valley(1A) Taylor(2A) Triton(1A) Turkey Run(1A) Union City(1A) Western(4A)
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    Carroll in Fort Wayne.
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    Not everyone will agree but, in my opinion, clean (hang clean, power clean) are incredibly important.
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    This is not intended as a knock on the many coaches who have dialed down their involvement because of family concerns, or to seek a different career path. I would never question that sort of decision. But it is very refreshing to see someone who has had tons of success still trying to stretch himself, still looking for that next challenge.
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    Example of letting AAU mentality get into school sports.
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    Cathedral has one of the very best programs in this state....look at the number of D1 offers from last season's team. This feels like hardware is more important than competition. They are without question a 6A program.
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    The Vincennes Community School Corporation Board of Trustees voted 3-2 last night to not renew Coach Jon Heiden's contract for next season. This came despite the Principal and the Athletic Director's recommendation to retain Heiden. Heiden was 40-64 in 10 seasons with the Alices. He was 31-29 the last 4 seasons. This past season, the Alices started 3-0, but were then decimated by injuries and limped their way to a 4-6 record. Heiden developed the Vincennes Football Association, which in its 3rd year, has over 200 youth football players that the high school program will soon reap the benefits of. While it is not a complete shock, as a few members of the SB have gone after him once before, but were unable to get a 3rd vote, it is disappointing that a classy, respected coach and wonderful family man was the victim of nothing short of a witch hunt for many years. The board has made it clear that it is about wins and losses, despite low numbers and a small talent pool. More so, and not only because I disagree with their decision and not considering that attributes he brings to the school and program other than a rough start to his career's W-L record, it has become even more concerning that a board of 5 people not associated with coaching, teaching, etc., who are private citizens that may or may not have personal vendettas or even a current player on the team, can overpower the recommendation of the AD and principal. I know this has, and will continue to happen everywhere and not just in Vincennes. I, along with many others, watched Jon Heiden as one of the best athletes in Lincoln history handle himself with class as a player and now for 10 years as head coach. He acted the same whether he lost by 30 or won by 30. Whether he lost to NK or beat Jasper. He was cool, level-headed, and classy at all times. I am proud he was our coach, and disappointed that he isn't our coach this morning. I certainly feel as if we have done one of our own wrong in this case. That said, I hope Lincoln fans get behind the new coach and support his efforts to continue building it back to what it once was.
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    Are you sure Coach H? I mean, Hoosier 98, eeerrr KH in disguise, says he heard its a possibility? Maybe your wife put your name in a hat and you don't know it. I'll go ask her right now... well, after I get off the phone with my realtor.
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    Problem has already been solved. Dude who lives on the other side of the visitors pressbox is going to let me climb the tree in his front yard. Maybe the crowd out there will spot me a few beers during the game.
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    One of the funniest things I've ever seen on a football field was during the South Newton @ Sheridan semistate in 2006. I noticed Coach Wright sprinting down the sideline for some reason. He tripped and fell forward, did a complete forward roll, and popped right back up on his feet and didn't even break stride. Try to blow a whistle sometime while attempting to suppress a belly laugh. You can't do it.
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    You can't go wrong with the old standards. One I seem to hear frequently is "you suck!"
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    I agree that anyone has the constitutional right to protest something that they disagree with depending on how they comprehend/translate the Constitution and their human rights of association, assembly and speech. My issue with this type of protest is the fact that millions of men and women have served this great country and many have died for this great nation so we may live freely with those certain unalienable rights. If you feel that there are injustices in this world, Kaepernick, then do something about it. Give up your $15 million a year contract and everything that goes with it like fame, glory and fortune. Then go back to law school and become a civil rights attorney working pro bono for everyone that you feel has been wronged. If young men playing high school football feel there is oppression running rampant in this country and want to have a voice that can be heard, my advice is this: live your life actively to end all oppression. Whether it be by ministering, educating, or getting into law and politics, serving this country’s military etc. but never disrespect the generations of people who have given the ultimate sacrifice so you can play a kid’s game. Furthermore, under no circumstance will I ever agree with the act of kneeling, or raising a fist during our nation’s anthem. In fact, the only thing I will ever deem acceptable during this song is to stand at attention and cover your heart with your right hand or salute the flag. It is my opinion that Kaepernick did what he did to draw attention back upon himself because he was no longer a starting player in the game, his fifteen minutes of fame had gone away. Consequently, his actions have suddenly blown up into a national rallying cry, the voice if you will, of oppressed people. This voice has been fueled by the media that shows their unpatriotic acts before every game, in any sport, as often as humanly possible. Do I feel that there is racial injustice in this country? ABSOLUTELY. Do I feel that many people of color have been demoralized and discouraged? WITHOUT QUESTION. But it is my humble opinion that you never gain and ends to a mean by disgracing and disrespecting the actions of those who have given their lives to allow each and every one of us to live a life with the freedoms that we enjoy daily. Proudly USMC vet
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    If this is the whole story, it is indeed unfortunate. Had this been me, whippin from dad for being disrespectful to an adult. Then I would have to go back and apologize to the teacher for being disrespectful. I have the same expectations for my children as well. Not sure when things got so turned around in our society.
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    Boy o Boy Muda is going to have a field day