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    Angles, alignments, DL Shades, OL footwork steps per scheme your going against. Self Scouting. Gives you as a coach a view as the players see it as the game unfolds. Search Hudl End Zone Highlights and you can see teams that have it public and how much better it is for the coaching and playing communities.
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    DT is making up both sides of the arguments and debating himself.
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    Random account: my endzone camera broke @Tanka Jahari: holy smokes. My time is now!
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    Is it just me, or does the Penn football program appear to be going soft? Seems like whenever this team is involved in a big game, the results are not very good. There has been plenty of talk here about Penn possibly going independent, and adopting a more regional schedule with additional big names from out of state.. Typically, a program will look for tougher competition when it is dealing from a position of extended strength. Penn doesn't strike me as a particularly strong program, given results of the past 5 years, and the lack of higher level talent moving on to the next level. Based on regular season scheduling and post season geography, Penn and the Duneland Conference are starting to look like more of a matchup as time goes on. The consolidation of Elkhart Central and Memorial give Penn the perfect partner to move west and create a new 10 team DAC. The Duneland didnt appear ready for Penn over the past decade, but the gap seems to be closing. Valpo, Merrillville, and Michigan City are all at Penn level today, and several other DAC schools are showing signs of improvement. With Mishawaka leaving the NIC, and the new Elkhart considering its own options and future, Penn is no longer in the drivers seat, and not necessarily in control of its own future. A move west to The DAC looks like a much better option for the Kingsmen than staying in the small to mid size school NIC or rolling the dice on Independence.
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    Played at WW. It was a hard hitting fun game to get to play. Our kids battled. We had 19 on the sideline and they had 33. It was 20-8 with 14 seconds remaining in the game. Our kids played hard and showed some real potential for the future. To me JV is like my golf game, only remember the good shots so I come back to play again. We had some really nice moments against a school much larger than us that has had some recent success. Win-Win from a loss.
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    Can I hire you to come to Rensselaer for this!! I would love the visual!! I will pay you in Wagonmasters!!!
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    I think there are a few teams in the SIAC who intentionally set up their endzone cameras at separate ends. Then share the video so it can be intercut. One play with three views: Side, North end zone, south end zone. That's good stuff.
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    Today is national suicide prevention day. I just simply wanted to let all of you know you are all loved more than you'll ever know by the people in your life. There isn't a day in my life that goes by that I don't think about my friend. I've come to terms that I cannot change what happened in his life, but maybe.. this post will help someone or help you all help someone struggling in their life. Please ask for help if you need it, please.
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    They have the right men at Elkhart Central right now!! Nothing about Coach Yeamon that is soft.
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    Book me a room at the Osthof next time lol. Make it a deluxe lake view room
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    I didn't mean that to be a dig at SR or at Memorial. I know they are both good. IMO Jasper is a better team then they showed in week 1 and are getting better every week. I guess we will find out this week.
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    It is very rare for us to have a single grade that can carry its own team. We may have 18 playing, but to have the right combo of skills and line and a quarterback is rare. We are only pulling from grades with 55-70 kids in them, half of which are boys. When we are able to get 1/3 to 1/2 of all boys in each grade to play that is success regardless of W-L. If 3A schools did that they would have 90 kids and every team would have a C team. At a young age, we start to consider how grades will mesh together (even attending youth league games and practices to get our eyes of kids). This can be hard on fans and parents because they start to have concerns about W-L in Jr High and JV, but we know what we are building for...the future. When you have 2 consecutive grades that most or all of the pieces we are lucky. Typically we need sophomore through junior to get our pieces right. This is a rare year where our senior and juniors can fill nearly all the holes, but you have some standouts like freshmen McPheeters that need the level of competition immediately to prepare for the future. He would make a difference in our JV games for sure, but a 1A school more than others needs to constantly be planning for the current year, the next year and years down the road. Long story short, don't worry about the Jr High and JV records they are not indicative of our potential future success. Our current seniors had just above average success in Jr High and little in JV. Our current juniors (most complete grade level) lost a game or two each year in Jr. High and didn't have much time to play JV, but the ones that did had very mediocre success. Now as a varsity team they are having success. Last year 9-3, this year hopefully better.
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    I was thinking more along the lines of one of those small candle-powered hot air balloons with a cheap go-pro attached to it, tied to the ground with the appropriate length of rope. But the method you described does the job as well!
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    Back when we were at another school, we used to just put a camera on top of a lift. The school just let us use it and we didn't have to spend $5,000 on a EZ camera. So there are other ways since some people are so concerned about spending money that's not theirs.
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    As you can see, I'm really in to superlatives...
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    A couple of my clients swear by it. I was just up there for a golf outing and was hoping to go there, but the wait was 2 hours long! Elkhart Lake is an amazing place, the Osthof is an amazing hotel.
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    Reminder for Jasper fans, since this will be your 1st trip to HH since the renovations. There is now more parking available for visitors at the southeast side of the field. Since tennis was moved to the far western edge of campus next to soccer, the old tennis courts have been turned into additional parking. There is a newly renovated entrance at the SE corner of the field as well. Of course, you are still welcome to park behind the home grandstand & walk across. But just wanted to make you aware that your options as a visitor are greater these days.
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    Purdue faculty challenge promise of a Chick-fil-A on campus: https://www.jconline.com/story/news/2019/09/09/purdue-faculty-challenge-promise-chick-fil-campus/2261837001/ Hurt by the mere presence of a Chick-fil-A on campus? Really? The very definition of liberal snowflake right there.
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    Brownstown over Pekin in JV last night
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    Most importantly go to the Ale Emporium (County Line & Emerson) before the game and get an order of Hermanaki wings. Then go to Long's Bakery on Southport Road just east of Madison and get some donuts (cash only). You can thank me later.
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    Game has evolved, so has technology, most of it is welcomed and important. Such as not having to dub VHS/DVDs, then use your own gas money to meet a coach halfway point at 6-7 a.m. to exchange film. Though as a Fan, you can see it as a game played by children, which I understand your perspective, but for me this is my PROFESSIONAL CAREER CHOICE, and yes Football is viewed as Co-Curricular in my eyes and my #1 job is to teach lessons associated with football's X/O's life skills. which Football is just 1 avenue used to communicate and teach said lessons.
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    Most systems come in at or around $5k. If you can budget for that, I'd definitely go with the Hi-Pod. The mechanical tilt/pan is an advantage over systems that use the Bescor electric tilt-pan head (several others). You simply can't move left/right fast enough on plays 20 yds and closer to the EZ camera using an electric tilt/pan. The mechanical tilt/pan also means you'll need less external battery power (which is required at most fields). Whichever you choose, you'll want to make sure you have the same staff operating it throughout the season. None of these systems are plug-and-play. Even the most expensive systems have cable issues, because you're still relying on a consumer camera with consumer-quality cable inputs. As for Hudl Sideline, Indy Lutheran is using it for the first time this season. It's a great solution, but reliability is an issue. The system is based on off-the-shelf components better suited for a stationary entertainment center than being lugged out each week to a football field. We've learned the hard way that every plug and port needs to be secured with a velcro strap. This includes all the power connections (wall-warts plugged into an extension cord in each case). Every HDMI cable should be secured with a velcro strap when plugged in (both at the camera and inside the cases). You'll want to buy a second AC battery pack for the pressbox case (similar to what comes in the EZ case), as Hudl seems to assume that every pressbox has power available on the roof. As long as nothing comes unplugged after you're up and running, it works pretty well.
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    Hi Pod is great Hudl Sidline is Hot Garbage
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    It was 28-27 in freshman game, as I mentioned above. Probably a typo. Last time I was at Arlington, that field was a goat ranch.
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    The Eddies have had some real Jimmy's and Joe's lately. https://www.maxpreps.com/m/high-schools/edwardsburg-eddies-(edwardsburg,mi)/football-fall-18/schedule.htm
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    And humiliating your kids is the best way to do that?? No wonder numbers are down.
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    Paoli 20 Valley 0
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    Just to elaborate a little more on this game - Probably the two most accomplished programs in the Wabash Valley over the last 10 years. I'm sure there has to be a sense of frustration for NV in this game. They've dominated all other opponents on their schedule from a win/loss perspective during Crabtree's tenure. Linton is the exception to that. They get physically overwhelmed, and not much can be done about that. Against other opponents, even if the NV talent is not as good, they can negate it with being sound in their approach and scheme. I'm sure the Linton people feel similar about a team like Southridge. Most years they are going to better than Linton, which is what makes a game like this year between the two even more frustrating. Sounds as though Linton had every opportunity to come away victorious, but did not. You still have to respect the fact that Linton has played a very challenging schedule. And really that is the best thing about this game for NV.....they learn a lot more about themselves in playing Linton than any other game throughout the year. They get the acid test when playing Linton. Even if this does result in a Falcon defeat, which is the most likely outcome, they know that they've played the best team on their schedule. I hope I'm wrong but until they prove otherwise, it is what it is. I will say that a program that has been as successful as NV will not take the field thinking they are beat. They have kids that expect to win, and usually do. Unfortunately, if recent history is any indicator, Linton is the exception to that rule. Linton 45 NV 15
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    Definitely a big game for both teams.. I'm sure the Falcons would like to turn the tide on the last several years in this series. Linton has put over 50 on NV in 3 of the last 4 games..but I think last year's 34-7 Linton win was the biggest surprise of them all. I think most people thought NV would come to the Roy and get revenge on the 54-18 and 55-0 routs in 2017 and 2016. Linton came in 0-3 amid a lot of concern and questions.. but put up 317 rushing yards (357 total) and held a vaunted Falcon offense to just 75 rushing and 72 passing (5 of 14) in a 34-7 dominant Miner win. THe only loss NV would suffer til the state final game. Linton would lose in overtime to Ritter the nextv week, and get big margin W's over NK, ND and EG the next three weeks before finishing 5-6. The names are about the same for Linton coming into this meeting. Lance Dyer ran for 137 yards and 2 TDs in his first game back after a shoulder injury had him on sidelines the week before, but he was a WB not QB. Luke Lannan ran 19 times for 123 yards and 2 scores. Cash Howard got in the action with 40 yards on 10 touches. TRey Goodman was in his 2nd start as a soph QB, and was 3 of 6 for 40 yards. Devyn Robertson and Clayton Hauser each had a catch. Brennan Ellis returns at QB and presents quite the challenge to the Miner D. IN last year's meeting you could not ignore that game condition involved, and how that affected the Falcon offense. I think Linton played inspired football for sure...but I know the muddy and wet field wasn't the most conducive for passing... and Ellis was just 4 of 12 for 56 yards and a pick. The same conclusion could be said for Linton's passing game...but Linton was a run orientated team compared to the wide open attack Coach Crabtree has with Ellis at QB. And it seems 2019 seems to be no different despite having to replace some big names the last couple seasons-- Jonathon Kilgore (who caught all four passes complete from Ellis last year against us); Christian Myers (50 yards on 18 carries), receivers Corey Buchhaas & Kirk Carron and 2-way Linemen Derek Foncannon & Gage Woodard. Kilgore (8 tckls), Buchhaas (9 tckles) and especially Myers (14 tckls, 4 for loss) were defensive studs for NV last year. Back is #52 Josh Little at LB. He ha 8 tackles as a soph against Linton, and 11 last year. He started on the line last year as well.. but I don't think he is this year.. saving him for Defense only perhaps. However I see 4 seniors on the Oline, 2 returning starters in RG Ethan Watson and C Kale Flynn. A huge Tackle in Junior Matthew Jackson (6'5 270). A huge difference will be with #12 Wyatt Reynolds on both sides of the ball. He was a transfer in last year who couldn't play until later in the season, and made an immediate impression. He was key to their post-season run coupled with Myers in the backfield. Ellis is also a potent runner, but only had 12 yards on 16 attempts last year.. He was held in check on getting out of the pocket, and sacked twice and accounted for 19 negative yards, but don't doubt his ability to run..and pass. BOth teams can light up a scoreboard and both can score quickly and from anywhere. Both defenses are going to be tested, and both likely to surrender yards. I've seen NV in a couple defensive formations.. so not sure on what they'll do against a Miner O that now passes with more confidence than in previous seasons. It still is close in rushing (189.33) Passing (138.33) for 327.67 per game. Little looks to be joined with fellow seniors Watson (#54) Reynolds (#12) and West (#24) and Ive seen a couple sophomores on the Dline with former LB starter as a freshman Edney (#44) and Rowe (#75). They'll have to contain a lot of weapons in Dyer, Lannan, Howard in the backfield, Puckett at TE, Hauser and Robertson at SE, and Goodman throwing and running the ball. Same scenario for Linton on D. Soph LB Eslinger (#2) merged as leading tackler, while last year's leader Lannan (#8) has been free to blitz and reek havoc. LInton has been using a 5 man front most of this season headed by Senior DE's Mongeau (#79) and D.Smith (#51). However...both Southridge and Sullivan put up big yardage in the pass game... 267 from the Raiders on 9 of 18...and some huge passing TDs, and 258 from the Arrows on 19 of 33. Sullivan did hit on a few deep routes but nothing went the distance. Still, the Falcons run the same type of wide open offense as Sullivan. Monrovia certainly didn't last week. It will be key to see if the Miners can pressure Ellis, but yet not let him run out of the pocket for huge gains. They will line up 4 wide, even 5 wide with#21 Lucas Cook, #24 Colby West, # 44 Carter Edney and #42 Nick Myers... and #12 Reynolds as well. There can't be blown coverages or bites for the run.. or it's a quick 6 for the Falcons. The Arrows QB I don't think is of the same running caliber of Ellis. Miner DB's will have their hands full-#23 House, #11 T.Dyer, #18 Robertson, #43 Howard..as well as #8 Lannan and #5 L.Dyer . Another area to look at are Kickers... I know Elmore is 10-11 with the one miss a block. I know NV's kicker is McKenzie Crowder...and I don't have any numbers on her. Another thing of interest for me is 2-way starters. Linton seems to have depth this year... 5 guys are always 2 way players...and a couple others are in rotations one way of the other. 8 or 9 of the Falcons play both sides of the ball...that I've seen. Will that play a factor. I know both teams are always in excellent football shape as always. I hope to have more Falcons stats in an update later in the week...
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    Tailgate starts at 5:30p. Come one, come all. Also, big week for the Irish and Trojans in the NFL. Everyone must know it’s Cathedral - Chatard week. Terry McLaurin goes for 125 yards and a TD in his first NFL game last Sunday and Nick Martin gets a $33mm extension for the Texans! https://www.chron.com/sports/texans/article/Texans-Nick-Martin-3-year-33-million-extension-14428438.php Muda - where are you now with the hegemony whines?!?!
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    Seymour has some decent athletes in the 8th grade. I'm not sure how that translates into V wins in 3-4 years. Juniors and seniors are a long way from 7th and 8th graders, a lot of things change in those years. I had SMS teams last week, and honestly I don't remember if they won, lost, or who they even played.
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    Probably another inside out jersey day next week for Winamac after the Laville game...
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    And I won't deny this. You can ask anyone (heck, even DT) about my integrity though. I'll let my 13 years on this board as a member stand for itself.
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    enter Mike Leach in response to "balanced"
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    I believe Herb Kings favorite song is Zombies originally done by the Cranberries and covered by the group Bad Wolves!!!!
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    LOL the wolves aren’t even sectional favorites. They have played teams with a record of 1-8 I believe. Lutheran in regional right? Panthers did same to Austin Petrillo last year on a kickoff 25 yards away from play. He never went back in the rest of night. Typical Riverton Parke tactics. Have always been , and always will be the little brother in Parke County. Hope the falcons and wolves put up 120 if that’s how they play.
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    Appreciate the Booster status for @1st_and_10
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    another multi year booster: Thanks @1st_and_10
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    Please, for the love of God, do not hijack this beautiful, incredibly satisfying thread. Every time I read it I need a cigarette.
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    The term contraction appears to have caught on and become a part of the everyday lingo here on The GID. DT strikes again!! The straw that stirs the drink.
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    Coach Radtke has reffed a few of our boys games through the years. I had never officially met him until this past year. I was walking past him and Coach Barr during half time of jv game (he was just waiting for our jv game to end so he could ref our varsity game) Coach Barr grabs my arm and goes kreigh, i want you to meet someone. This is Russ Radtke. He told Coach Radtke that I know a lot about schools and coaches from diff schools. Coach Radtke asked whatever i heard about him was a fib haha. I said well sir all I know is where ever you go.. You win and your former Jays and Panthers respect the heck out of you. I told him it was an honor to meet him. Pretty nice guy.
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    He could break his leg/arm going down the stairs in the morning. He could break his arm or leg in Soccer too. Do they have to wait for those old timers to die? Or what? Do they realize it might increase enrollment?
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    you know what is FREE and you get the same information that Hudl Sideline give you? IPAD, upstairs next to your coaches filming the game as well. We have a Middle School guy right next to me on every Friday night. He live shoots via Hudl App. Our staff wants to see something/anything, I review the clip, relay the information, then we communicate to the coaches/players what is needing to be done. It coast $0.00 and has been reliable "replay" system now going on 5 years.
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    If anyone would want to leave the SAC, it would be Northrop, Wayne, North Side, or South Side. They might have a good season once or twice a decade but it's hard to overcome the size and tradition of a Snider, Homestead, Carroll, or Dwenger or the advantages of being a private school like a Luers, Concordia, and Dwenger. I think Northrop has the potential to be on that level and compete due to their size, but there's just not a lot of wiggle room to move up unless you have the perfect storm of good players and coaches.
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    We have had Hi POD going on 5 years I believe, maybe 4, Customer Service is outstanding, even being in California. Very easy to get with and communicate with.
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    Liberal Author: ‘Normal’ People Must Stop Wearing Any Kind of Red Hat Because Red Hats Are Scary: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/09/liberal-author-normal-people-must-stop-wearing-any-kind-of-red-hat/ Now just a color triggers these snowflakes.
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    There is no room for this on GID. You are entitled to your opinion, and when I suggested putting a face with a name, there was ZERO intention in any physical altercation. Regardless of how passionate I am in regards to my son and his team! You obviously spoke to quite a few of us at the tailgate. Unfortunately you failed to mention to me who you were. However, if you had, we could have had a simple conversation and agreed to disagree, but you didn’t. You failed to follow through with my simple request! Now I will lay it out there so you don’t have to wonder which parent to mention things to. I am one of the two dad’s you have mentioned by name. Feel free to come speak to me on Friday, I will not be making any special trips to come meet you, however I will be glad to talk to you at Arlington. Have a great Sunday, I hope you celebrate in the Eucharist and pray for Archbishop Thompson and his wicked ability to ruin people’s lives.
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    I just wanted to point out that 2 East players were on the field today for Indiana. Obviously Crider is their starting LG. But Cam Wilson saw the field a lot in the 4th Qtr at WR.
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    This is why the 5A winner will be decided on the field and not the Gridiron Digest message board.
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