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    Ill go ahead and address this as well. Ive been following catholic school football in the city for years and this just simply isn't true. Chatard and Cathedral have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. Ill agree, the balance tipped for 4-5 years up until last year. Those were abnormally GREAT cathedral teams with D1 guys all over the field. How they arrived at cathedral is neither here nor there. But before this run was Chatard winning in '12 and nearly winning in '13 if it werent some guy playing for the Redskins now. Heard hes having an OK season :P. Regardless, Chatard and Cathedral returned to its ultimate form the past 2 years and theyre 2 of the top 4 teams in the state this year. To say theyre not in the same breath is absolutely ridiculous. Gold helmets and a castle for a school doesnt warrant that nonsense. *mic drop*
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    What kind of dumb-foolery are you peddling? Since 2000 Batesville leads the series 15-5....is that not consistency? Are you actually implying that Milan should replace Batesville in the EIAC? What kind of fire-water are you drinking?
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    Lets face it, there were a lot of should of, could of, would of's in that game. On both sides. HH earned their victory. On a side note to Southridge. If you are ahead by a score and have to punt the ball late in the game, Punt it out of bounds...lol
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    14 and 20 points vs HH 22 points vs SR 35 points vs Southport in a loss. 1 good offensive showing vs a quality opponent.
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    I spoke to Coach Lambert that weekend and he too told me they couldn't find officials as well. Maybe we all are part of the Starke/Pulaski/Jasper county Illuminated...........
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    No, you actually did say that...
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    Wonder where Reitzguy played but now coaches? great game by two tough teams. Give credit to GS for correcting mistakes from game 1 and give tons of credit to HH for finding a way. Friday should be another great battle.
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    Correct. Tri West won in a route over Andrean 49-27 for the championship. HH lost to TW 14-6 in semi-state. I still can't believe that game on Friday night. Hats off to both teams for a game fans will likely never forget. HH could have easily rolled over as things weren't going their way, especially late, but they stuck it out kept battling. WOW! The Patriots turned the page and were back at it early on Saturday morning. Southridge will be another tough battle! Glad to be back in the The Jungle for this one! GO PATRIOTS!
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    It’s what we all wanted! Should be another amazing game! 2 great coaches. 2 great teams. Let the discussion begin. Will there be extra bleachers?
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    Valpo is currently #2 in 5A and could be top 5 regardless of class. They are much improved over last years team that lost to Carmel 14-10. Merrillville barely losing to Valpo this year tells me the pirates are pretty good.
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    I never said anything about Milan until you came into an EIAC thread talking a bunch of smack about Batesville, and how Milan beat them this year. I didn't initiate it, you did. Batesville was not great this year, I can't deny that, but to act as though Batesville is inferior to Milan is just ignorant. Like your comment saying Milan should replace Bateville, who won 3A Conference last year, in the EIAC. Again, ignorant. I never said Milan was a bunch of chumps, I said YOU were a chump...and I stand by that...chump!
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    Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha Go back a few posts, i clearly stated that when Winamac lost to Knox, Pioneer and LaVille i didn't feel that Winamac shot themselves in the foot. Those teams were clearly better. Winamac could have played an a++ game and wouldn't have beat any of those. Winamac played worse offensively friday night then They did against Pioneer in 2018 and our offense gave up 36 points!
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    Looks like I am dominating 5a!!! haha
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    So where exactly does everyone on here coach at? I'm so confused...
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    We did not cancel any game this year. Friday the game was suspended due to the weather. On Saturday we were at the school ready to get on the bus when we were called and told the game was cancelled because officials could not be found for the game.
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    Absolutely STOKED to see MG playing this late into the season. Don't think they'll match up well with the Starfires but seeing them playing in a sectional championship just two seasons removed from their horrific 2017 campaign is awesome! The CIC is much more entertaining when more than just Eastbrook and Mississinewa are having success.
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    That actually could have been a correct enforcement, but only by coincidence. If the holding took place 10 yds. in advance of the spot of the interception during the return, enforcement would take it back to the spot of the interception. But that's not because that's where it's supposed to go, but because that just happened to be 10 yds. from the basic spot, i.e., the spot of the foul. You beat me to the punch by about 5 seconds.
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    Hmm, other news maybe two Gordos in Paradise this weekend? Gordon Engelhardt from the Evansville CP and Jim Gordillo from the Bloomington HT. Again a big maybe, but both have given decades to their respective communities and I believe both should be in the Indiana Sportswriters Hof. Let's see who gets the assignments. Proud to call both former colleagues.
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    I plan to attend the game. I am hoping for some good weather!
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    You are absolutely right! It was questioned by everyone there. Why you kick when your kicker struggled the week before at elwood made no sense. The tigers moved the ball easily down the field on most drives only to take what was perceived as the safe play. This is the decision making that took a 9-2 or at worst 8-3 team and made them a 6-5 team. You had Metz, Vernetti, Orick and Stewart who where making plays and didn't have the trust in them and what carried you all year to finish drives. It was sad to watch Alexandria out play Eastern on the field only to get beat like they did!
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    LOL.. well ... lemme clarify something--- I was born at Deaconess in Evansville... way back. But my youngest years were spent in Henderson Kentucky where my Dad was 1st Assistant to Bull Dawson at Henderson City High.. home of the Flash. Dad was set up to take over for Bull.. but every year he'd decide to stay another year. Finally Dad took a head coach job in Sullivan. I was in the 3rd grade. Everything was different. Henderson City was a serious football team, and dad was a serious coach. He lasted 3 years before getting the axe. We ended up in Linton... 15 miles to the east, as Dad was Athletic Director/Ass't Principal. So quite naturally, and despite having several close friends from Sullivan... I goal was never ..ever.. to lose the the Golden Arrows. Which I'm proud to say in my years never happened. So.. yeah.. I might not root for the Arrows ALLLLLL the time, but I not as stringently full of hate as I was all those years ago either!! And I like Blaine Powell.. so that makes it easier!
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    Alex Tigers faithful, did the attempt of kicking 2 FGs make any sense to those of you at the game? Or how about the fake punt in your own territory? From what I've read, it seemed like the Tigers could've actually won that game against Eastern, but there were some questionable coaching decisions. Hindsight is 20/20 I know, but with such an explosive offense I didn't understand attempting FGs, especially after missing the first one, why try it again? Just think, if they had made those FGs, they would've only lost 20-13. SMH. Please someone try to make sense of these decisions. Thanks in advance.
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    I guess I have the same feeling...you cant help that your from Greene county...wont hold that against you...lol...jk...
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    7 - 2 and you know the bowl invites are growing. At least one more win and they will be playing in a respectable bowl game this year. It is still going to be hard to get win #8. The bucket game can go either way in this rivalry. The other 2 games? A puncher's chance? We'll see.
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    You can bet the Kings will not be overlooking Laville at all. They are good football team with only 2 losses. They seem to have fewer than usual 2 way starters for a 2A program, a kicker who can kick 40 yard field goals, and a potent passing game. This should be a very good football game. Cass hosting the championship game is huge. Our community is really fired up and will more than likely be a full house. Looks like the temps will be in the 30s - perfect November football. Friday can't get here soon enough!!!
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    #5 North Vermillion vs #6 Parke Heritage. Played earlier in the season in what was the best HS game I’ve seen in person. I believe 4 lead changes in the 4th quarter. Wolves have the states leading passer in Logan White and leading receiver, sophomore Noble Johnson. The falcons have a great offensive line and running back Reynolds. Will be worth the price of admissions.
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    That was my freshman year at Castle, I had to tickets to the game, but ended up staying home, because of being sick, but ended up listening to it on the radio .Castle had like a 24 in a row winning streak and also ranked #1 in class 3 A.The senior class was shocked, they pretty much didn't know what it was like to lose from their 7th grade year and up until that game.That also, was the same year the Stanford, Cal. game where the band ran out on the field, thinking the game was over .Such crazy memories, it was a great game in 83, just wish i could actually been there, even though we lost.Hoping the game is a great one, just hoping Castle comes up with the W Friday night.I guess Mule you aren't making the game ? That is to bad should be a good one .
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    I think it's a simple as this.... Those senior kids wanted to play every play to the bitter unfortunate end. We had timeouts...we took them so they could maybe get a couple more plays. Sure they wanted to score. The same way teams did against us when we had long taken our #1's out in running clock blow outs. I know that if this were a regular season game it would not have happened. I know if roles were reversed and Linton was up 44-7 it wouldn't have happened. It's a simple as that. They knew the game was out of reach, but no senior player wants it to end. It was a very disappointing end to a terrific season, and I know in my 20 years of broadcasting I've never seen a worse opening quarter start by the MIners. I think Mater Dei was the better team...their defense really shut us down. Very Disciplined as we knew they'd be. I honestly thought the D played good...but they were put on their heels to much by the turnovers. It does hurt because you know this game meant a lot to the Miners, and the seniors in particular. We had to climb the hill in 1A, seemingly always having that nemesis we had to get over to get to the next level... Now it's 2A and a whole new set of hills to climb...Southridge, Mater Dei.... We just have to keep working. I have no doubt that Mater Dei's schedule prepares them well for when they play 2A post season. We have beefed up the schedule at Linton...but I don't think we would ever have the schedule MD, or Bishop Luers, Andrean etc are going to play in the bigger cities. So back to the issue... the timeout and score... don't take it too seriously. You are advancing with a pretty solid thump of the Miners. I'm sure it was a matter of letting these kids have as many downs as they could before it was all over. Maybe I would have a gripe in a meaningless game in week 4 with a team leaving their starters in late against our uber subs... in fact I've stated it many times... but I also know coaches are trying to give their team anything to build on in those situations... and losing 44-21 is better than 44-7... especially when looking back on it in 10 years! But I wouldn't have a problem with it happening to us in this situation.. Last game. Last time any of these seniors will play this awesome game for the Red/Blue. Congrats to Mater Dei. Their defense took it to us. And special teams took it to us. I wish it would have been a better showing for my Miners... but it happens. I'm sure when I go back to double check stats that the two games we've lost to Mater Dei will show us turning the ball over more than another other 2 games I've covered....I don't know what the heck was happening.... That opening tip and Pick 6 just set the tone....
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    Not too concerned—had to get the bad game out of our system
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    Tough loss today. Plenty of mistakes. Officials were not good!
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    My earlier statement still stands! I will be donating $50 to the cause, but will up it to $100 if Warsaw can claim their first ever sectional championship this Friday night against Penn!
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    Obviously a homer here, but the Penn @ Warsaw game is intriguing in the sense that Warsaw is seeking its first ever sectional championship. The Tigers are 0-6 all-time in sectional championship games, and I would argue this is their best opportunity to win when compared to their previous six matchups. However, in order to do so, they will have to knock off the mighty Kingsmen. Penn is 9-0 against Warsaw all-time, but this is exactly the reason why the Tigers hired Bart Curtis two years ago. Not only to compete for an win NLC championships, but compete in the state tournament year in and year out. Should be an exciting atmosphere with Chuck Freeby and WHME Channel 46 on hand for the game of the week broadcast!
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    Homestead’s survival over Noblesville Friday has sparked widespread panic among 6A north schools not named Carmel.
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    Guaranteed a PAC vs. EIAC Regional. Has anyone worked out where it would be played? I don't believe Heritage Hills or Southridge have ever played Lawrenceburg or Greensburg. The PAC has much respect for the EIAC dating back to the Batesville days. The bus rides? Not so much.
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    you sure do "hear" a lot
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    Before the Guerin/West Lafayette game fades out of everyone’s attention in light of the upcoming Sectional Championship, I want to give kudos to Tom Dilley and the kids at Guerin. I watched the game last night and it seemed like Guerin executed their game plan almost to perfection but still fell short. I really can’t say enough about how disciplined they were as to following Dilley’s plan. Guerin generally controlled the clock and was able to limit WL’s number of possessions. They also ran the ball very effectively - particularly in the first half but needed to take to the air later with good result (although WL always had heavy pressure on the Guerin QB). WL, when they had the ball, would take great gouts of yardage at times seeming to cover 70-80 yards in 3-5 plays. Guerin got a few stops but I remember when WL punted in the first half a commentator saying it was only the 8th time WL had had to punt all year. Only the 8th punt for WL all year!?! If accurate, that is insane. My sense is that the difference was special teams. Guerin mystifyingly seemed to give WL short field opportunities by design. Particularly near the end of the 2nd Quarter after Guerin scored late to take the lead, they kicked short to WL who only needed to cover less than half the field to score in the last 1:40. WL ended up scoring and went into the locker room with a lead following a half that Guerin largely controlled. In the 3rd Quarter (I believe) Guerin gives up the Kickoff return TD. Guerin also missed an extra point. Could be wrong but I really think Guerin wins last night if their special teams’ play matches (or comes close to matching) that of WL. I could go on about WL but figure we’ll be talking about them all week. I just wanted to give Guerin credit for the truly great game they played before we move on. For any fans of the game it was streaming free last night if you want to watch it.
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    Guess I was prophetic in my post huh? Western Boone is an EXCELLENT defensive team...it sets up their offense perfectly! I can only say that I was right....LOL
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    West Lafayette I would say could pass the ball but Cass still managed to get multiple INTs on them. I have to feel that West Lafayette's QB is better than LaVille's.
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    It’s in the Section entitled “How to Screw Over Non-Indy Schools”. Can’t believe you missed it.....
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    Yeah, I can't deny that. I've seen a lot of football Robert. The SAC's top 4 is pretty good. Honestly, I just don't think Homestead knew what they were getting themselves into with a 1-8 team. But that lesson should have been learned a long time ago. Records out of Indianapolis can be misleading. But you are right, I've talked the SAC up this year.
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    Might want to reconsider that. The Falcons have something the Wolfs don't, and it's a game-changer ... a Hi-PodX31 endzone camera.
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    Gonna be a tough, tough matchup next week for Franklin Central traveling to CG. (Thanks, Mr. Obvious!) Like usual, the FC defense propped u the offense last night in the 14-11 victory over Col North. PICK-6 late 2nd was the only score of the half. Won turnover battle 3-0 thanks to D & S/T. DESPERATE PLEA TO FC COACHING STAFF. When you took over on downs with 2:04 & North holding 0 timeouts, you could have gone to Victory formation with 3 kneeldowns. You did not need to take the risk of 3 running plays. I almost had a heart attack when the ball was given to your big Soph RB with under :40 to go & he FUMBLED. FC was lucky to recover that. Can you hire a math teacher to join your staff for clock management purposes?
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    coming to your senses?
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    I only seen one guy block the kick. You can say they wernt wore out but watching GS take that last drive down the field the majority if that defense was exhusted. With that said I think Hart made the wrong decision even if the kick would have been good. We will never know but with 7 yards to go and two downs and one timeout GS would have been better off going for the TD than putting it up to a high school kicker. I know the score is the only stat that matters but in this case the game stats showed that GS offense pushed HH around all over the field after the first quarter, thats why I think you go for the TD. I give HH a lot if credit, they won a game they probably shouldnt have. Probably the toughest team the will meet till State.
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    Do I think Milan is an overall better program than Batesville, No but they have beat Batesville 2 out of the past 3 years and they beat you bad (3 TD's) this year! Your boy K9 is delusional and thinks Batesville was good this year and he keeps on ragging on poor Milan like they are some chumps, but they have an 8-2 record and are playing in the sectional championship this weekend while the Dawgs are putting on their basketball sneakers. And yes Batesville would have finished 3rd in the Mid-Indiana conference this year behind N. Decatur and Milan, no doubt about it!
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